Mission: Human Termination

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I was confused with what this Sishy girl showed, why is she so excited? After the announcement, she then faced me with a big smile.

"Let's go?" she grabbed my hands and we started running but then I suddenly stopped.

"What's the matter?" she asked scratching her nape. I was sensing something; it was like a connection.

I don't know and I can't classify what is that actual thing or person. I don't know if it is one of my kind. She snapped her fingers in front of me and then was back from spacing out. "Hey!"

I looked at her and saw her puzzled expression. "I'm sorry for spacing out, something just popped inside my mind."

"Hm... like what?" she asked and looked at her watch. "It is almost time! It is bad to be late for the Welcoming Program, the President will surely be mad." I saw her stressingly paced back and forth.

"How about our bags?" I asked. Sishy sighed and rolled her eyes. Wow what an attitude!

"Fine, go and put it in the room first. See if it's already open." I turned back and started walking.

Geez, I just needed to put my bag in the classroom, so why is she even in a rush?

As I saw the classroom, the door was close so when I went near and twisted the doorknob and realized that Sishy was right, the door is locked.

I disappointedly walked back where Sishy is waiting and saw her annoyed face. "What?" she furiously asked.

"Well I'm sorry but maybe we should go now." It was actually embarrassing for me to act like I was right a while ago.

While walking, she spoke laughingly, "So I was right?" Now, it was me who showed an annoyed face.

"What?" she continued laughing like it was really funny to be laughed at. "The door was locked right? How about your bag? Hahaha!"

I leered and then looked away and started to walk pass her, she giggles as she saw students entering the gym.

"We're on time!" she happily ran towards the entrance door of the gym.

Woah, it was very gigantic! Is this even a gymnasium? As we entered, a lot of students were walking around to find their seats.

The bleachers were visible and saw the mini stage wherein there were tables placed and some students that are sitting on the chairs provided.

Maybe they were what Sishy said as SSG? Sishy pointed at the side bleachers where the stage will be surely visible for us.

She then started walking so I followed her. Again, the sudden feeling hit me again and made me stopped from walking.

"Hey, you okay?" I was at it again, I suddenly spaced out as I felt this weird chills, this place gives me goosebumps. Geez...

"I'm fine, let's go?" Sishy nodded and continued walking until we arrived in our seats.

As I roam my eyes around the school's gym, I felt a lot of auras. It was said that if you are the successor of your ancestor's genes, the strength from their blood would also be passed down to me.

My ancestors were devotees of some devil or what others called as evil or demonic activities. It was never new to me, being called by people as the unlucky ones in the world.

When in fact, they were worse. They kill their own kind, they rob things, they do harassments and others rebelled against their own God.

People are hilarious! All along, they were the same as my family, they were one of us but just can't accept it.

My heart suddenly beats fast as a man walked up the mini stairs of the gym's stage and directly went near the microphone to greet the students.

"Good morning, dear students especially to our transferees, I am Otis Hughes and I am your SSG President for this school year."

The students started whispering and chitchatting, "Isn't he hot, Maddy?" the girl beside me looked at me with admiration in her eyes. I then rolled my eyes with the expression she's showing.

"He's not even on fire, Sishy." I seriously said and stared at this Otis boy. I can't sense his aura, why's that?

"I didn't mean about the literal one, Maddy." She said in an irritated tone. This girl is funny, she easily gets mad and it enjoys me to tease her. Hahaha!

"Hey! What's with that expression?" her eyebrows met as if she really wanted to know about the expression I'm showing.

"Nothing, you're just funny. That's all pft." She then made a funny face so I just giggled and returned my attention to the said Welcoming Ceremony.

"Today, as we welcome our new students, free black cards for the cafeteria will be raffled. Black cards serve as a free coupon for students, for you to be discounted." He got so many things said and I wasn't really interested with any of it.

The only thing that is bothering my mind was his simple stares being thrown at me.

What's with him? Have we ever met before? Again, the same feeling that I felt everytime our gaze met was felt again.

I looked away and shrug those feelings and thought that kept on bothering me. Sishy held my hands and was totally shocked.

"What?" I asked, her eyes got big and her smiles was ear to ear.

"Didn't you saw it? He looked at our direction!" I know and he isn't actually looking at any of you, he was surely looking at me. Have I done anything?

Until now, they were still not yet done with their business. I was back in the reality when Sishy tapped my shoulder so I directly faced her.

"You have been called, girl." I was confused so I looked at the stage. "Madison Forne, are you present?"

I glanced at Sishy who is now raising her eyebrows to me like she's saying that it's my time and should grab it.

Well... I stood up and went to the stage not minding everybody's stares. They were all looking at me, but I was nervous with this man's stares. Otis Hughes, who really are you?

A man assisted me as I went up the stairs, he was smiling so I smiled back to return his generosity.

"Madison, huh?" he suddenly uttered that made me look at him.

"Congratulations." He added and went to Otis' side.

As I got closer, I know that I was intimidated by his stares and I just kept on reminding myself to be calm.

He handed me a card so I slowly accepted it even if my hands were trembling because of nervousness.

This was my first time. Never have anyone ever intimidated me the way he did and I just can't accept it!

"Our lucky student for today is Ms. Madison Forne! Hope you enjoy your stay here in our school, Ms. Forne. Don't forget to approach us, the SSG officers when you need help." Otis winked at me that made a loud noise from the students.

The only thing that I can't forget was his smirk and I'm sure of what I saw. After I got this card thing, I then thanked him and went back to my seat.

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