Mission: Human Termination

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Sishy still can't believe with what that Otis guy did to me, while I was just here hearing all her blabbering and stuffs. That Otis guy is just so full of himself, he is showing too much of his skin and I hate it.

Okay I was intimidated and just speaking of his presence angers me the most. Ah! I just can't take it but maybe I should just mind my own business and never bother him again or any of his connections. So as much as possible, I should be careful not crossing paths with him ever again.

After the said Welcoming Ceremony, we went back to our classrooms to start the first day as students and classmates. There are still a lot of students in the corridors and I think teachers were still not around this time.

In the said raffle, there were three of us being chosen and I was very lucky that I was chosen because when it comes to money, I don't really want spending lots of them for it is very wasteful.

Not like other people who are materialistically obsessed with wealth when in fact we can't ever bring them to after death.

That's what made them so wrong, they weren't contented with the things that are already enough but because of the thought that they want more, they became greedy and selfish.

That even if I have a blood of a devil or a demon, there is this one fact that I can't forget, I was raised well by my parents and I won't ever forget the teachings they have taught me.

I brought with me the hatred towards the people, I brought with me my mission to terminate them, to invade humanity.

That's why right now, the first thing I need to do was to find the stone.

"Maddy, we're almost there." Sishy held my hand and sticked to me real close. "Are you nervous?" I sarcastically asked, she was just too preoccupied a while ago with her admiration to this Otis boy and now she was showing that she's nervous with just meeting few people.

She suddenly released my hand from and looked at me seriously like she was inspecting me. So I raised my eyebrow, "It looks like you are also nervous. Why even hide it? Maybe later you'll experience more than what you're feeling right now."

"What?" I furiously asked that made her giggle.

"You know, I know what you're thinking." I rolled my eyes and continued walking. It was already the 3rd floor and our room is now visible.

"No you don't." I said and she was still behind me, I walk hurriedly so that she can't take my pace.

Right now, I was literally annoyed with this girl, but not to the point that I'm going to hate her. I am not the kind of a person who easily hates people around her, it's just that I don't sense something different about her.

Maybe I just wanted her to be my friend but right now, I still needed the time to adjust in this school.

"Yes I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that there are only few of students in our classroom, right? Well you're wrong Maddy, there are more than 30 of us in one classroom." My eyes widened with what she said.

She's not kidding right? So what I actually thought was wrong? "It's not fun only having few classmates, Maddy. For sure you'll realize that soon."

And that hit me. Maybe, I don't really know because I still haven't experience having a lot of classmates or people around me.

I was still wondering why she's nervous when in fact she was already in this school for years?

"I'm curious." I suddenly said but before she could even answer we already are in front of the room's door so we knocked and opened it. There was no one answering our knock so we directly opened the door and saw everybody doing their own business.

There were students holding their phones and chitchatting, but when we stepped inside the room their eyes and attention were placed on us.

Sishy was right about what she said, I can't look at any of their stares for I am getting more nervous than before.

"Hey guys!" Sishy cheerfully greeted everybody. A lot of them smiled with what she did and one of them finally spoke while sitting and smiling ear to ear.

"Still the same, Sishy." Many agreed to what she said and Sishy just laughed and replied, "Of course." Sishy signaled me to follow her so I did what she ordered. She went beside the girl who spoke and sat beside the vacant seats.

"Who do we have here?" the girl looked at me, still smiling. "She's a new student as you can see." Sishy interrupted. I just tsk-ed. I should've been the one answering the question.

"By the way, I am Cassandra Lim. A friend of Sishy, nice meeting you."

We shooked hands but after that the door suddenly opens and the teacher showed up bringing her stuffs. "Good morning everyone." She greeted so we stood up, "Good morning ma'am"

"Without further a-do, let's start? My name is Liza Cruz and I will be your homeroom and Math teacher for this school year. So may we proceed to everyone's introduction since it is my very first time handling you." Mrs. Liza said and then we started the introduction by row.

Again, I got nervous since it was my very firsttime to have a lot of audience and my very first time to introduce myself to alot of people.

Sishy looked at me with a concerned expression. "Hey, you okay?"I just nodded and looked back to the front and paid attention to everyone whois introducing theirselves.

The introduction didn't really take a lot of time, right now it was already Sishy's turn so she stood up, before proceeding at the front she looked at me and said, "Don't be too nervous. Everyone here is our friend." I hope so. If I could really treat all of you as a real friend.

She went to the front and introduced herself, "A very pleasant morning to everyone! My name is Sishy Caccini, I hope we get even closer this year and make new memories together." The teacher clapped and gestured for the next one to introduce.

The next one is me, I gulped and took a deep breath before standing. Sishy gestured like she was meaning it that I can do it. I just smiled at her and then immediately went in front and faced everyone.

"Good morning everyone, my name is Madison Forne, a new student. Nice to meet all of you." I said and plastered a smile on my face.

My classmates just smiled at me so I also smiled back, when I was about to return to my seat the teacher suddenly stopped me by a question.

"How are you related with Lauren Zedler?" I faced her and answered her with a straight face.

"I don't know who you are talking about, ma'am" I saw my classmate's reaction and it was pure shock.

"I'm sorry, it's just that you really look like her but well maybe it was just a coincidence or what."

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