Mission: Human Termination

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For me, it was just another common introduction yet very nervous. After we got dismissed Sishy and her friend invited me to go to the cafeteria to eat and I just agreed because I was also hungry.

It was my very first time again to enter a cafeteria this big with a lot of students, with different people around me. Together with Cassandra and Sishy, we fall in line for us to order the food we want.

"Hey Maddy, you were one of those lucky three who got the lucky card, right?" I turned around to meet her gaze. "Yep, why?" I saw the excitement in her eyes.

"Maybe this is the right time to celebrate, Maddy." She raised her eyebrows like she was teasing. "Celebrate what?" Geez, I really don't have any clue of what she's talking about.

"Celebrate our friendship, Maddy." Sishy winked at me and pointed at the black card I'm holding. Oh, I get it!

"Free snacks?" both of them laughed and nodded so I just shrugged and turned around to see if it's already our turn to order.

When it's finally our turn to order, I let them choose what they want and just followed the foods they wanted to eat. I am not really picky when it comes to foods.

The vendor gave us a number and told us to wait in our table since the food is still not yet cooked.

The girls ordered pasta, fries, some tuna sandwich and drinks. So we just nodded and thanked the vendor then went to find a vacant table.

Cassandra placed the number on the table so that it can easily be seen by the vendor. We sat and Sishy opened a topic that made my heart beat faster.

"Hey Maddy, I haven't asked you this but where are you from?" I know that this is just a simple question but it seems like I already got nervous.

"Actually I stayed in Barangay Salvacion, specifically in the Zedler's house."

"What? Are you serious?" I saw the surprised expression in Cassandra's face and the serious look at Sishy's face.

"Why even live there, Maddy? You know it's very dangerous to live in that place." SIshy said without even changing a single bit of her expression.

I was confused and curious but I just can't ask her, I don't want to involve any of the things she know about me... about us.

"I can't. We don't have a place to stay and my mother is the caretaker of the mansion that's why we can't leave." I said without stuttering.

Wow, I was totally proud of myself right now. But still, I don't need to be complacent about their questions and the matter regarding our family's issue.

I know one of them is going to dig informations about me and I won't let that happen.

"Are there Zedlers left in the mansion? You know how dangerous they are, right?" Sishy asked a lot of questions and I really don't know if I have to answer those.

"Whoa, calm down Sishy. We know what we were up to and there were no Zedlers left in the mansion. But my mother said that the mansion was already entrusted to us."

Sishy then raised an eyebrow like she wasn't really convinced with what I said. Really?

"The important thing is that they are safe so you don't need to worry now, Sishy." Cassandra butted in and made a wave to the vendor who is looking for our table.

"I'm sorry for that too much of a question, Maddy." Sishy looked at me apologetically while sipping her drink.

I smiled at her and said, "It's okay, I understand. I know that you're just concerned."

We ate like there was no tomorrow, both of them were opening topics and I was just silently watching and listening them; I was also laughing and throwing jokes with them. I just can't forget Sishy being so caught up about us, the Zedlers.

While eating, I just can't help but secretly stare at Sishy and remember her serious expression talking about the Zeddler's matter a while ago.

"Is something bothering you, Maddy?" I looked away when Sishy caught me staring at her. Damn! Is this girl hiding something? But I hope not, because I know that Sishy is a different girl, she is a girl who is never likely to the people and I like her.

When we were about to stand up for we are finish eating, a familiar face suddenly showed up and approached us. Who is this again? I don't know her name but I just remembered her face.

"What is the SSG President's assistant doing here?" Cassandra asked the girl in front of us. She just faked a cough and didn't mind Cassandra's question.

"Ms. Forne, Mr. Hughes is asking for your presence in the SSG's Headquarter. Will you come with me?" she politely asked.

My eyebrows got wrinkled with what she said. What are they upto again? "But I still have a class." I answered and both my friends agreed in unison.

"You are already excused and since it is the first day, none of this affects your grades." I looked at my friends who are now staring at me and waiting for my answer.

I sighed, "Did I do something wrong to be called at your headquarters, Miss?"

She just smiled at me and answered, "You didn't do anything, Ms. Forne. There are just things that he is curious about you. By the way, I am Kiara Favin, nice meeting you." I smiled at her and shook hands with her.

I think there's nothing to worry about since he just wanted to ask and say things to me. I don't need to eat up all these negativities but I just can't stop myself from wondering.

As we almost approached the headquarter's door, I suddenly stopped and stared at the knob.

Kiara stopped as she felt me stopping along the way. She turned around and asked me, "What's wrong, Ms. Forne?" I shrugged off all the nervousness and all the things I'm thinking and smiled at her

"Nothing. You don't need to be formal, Kiara we're just in the same age. I think." I heard her laugh and saw her nod so again, I half-smiled.

She knocked at the door and opened it when someone from inside answered 'Open". Kiara went inside so I followed her, I roam my eyes around and saw the cleanliness and the modern style of their headquarters.

There is a wide table seen in the center with a projector, a white board and some sofas.

There is also a single table that is like other tables in an office, together with the table is a swivel chair. Cool! "Let's sit first, I think Otis is still grabbing his coffee outside."

I just nodded and followed what she said. "Where are the others?" I innocently asked.

"They are also students like us so probably they are in a class right now." Yeah right! Why haven't I think of that? Tsk, dumb girl!

When I heard the tweaking sound of the knob, I hurriedly sat properly and stared at Kiara.

"Everything will be alright; he is not going to bite you." Kiara giggled that made me glare at her.

She is thinking of me as a child! I crossed arms and didn't even look at any of them. "Good morning, Ms. Forne. Sorry for bothering you to come here." I looked at him when he spoke. "It's okay, Mr.Hughes. Is something the matter?"

"Please sit." He pointed the chair I was sitting a while ago and then he sat on his swivel chair. I also sat on the chair together with Kiara.

"And please, don't call me Mr. Hughes anymore you're too formal. Just call me Otis." He added so I nodded at him.

"Otis, what do you want from me?" my question was straight to the point and I realized, I don't need to be nervous anymore we are just equal but okay he has an important position in this school and well I respect that.

"I just wanted to ask you about some serious matters, Madison."

"About what?" I confusingly asked. "This is about you." He said that made me stopped for a while.

"What?" This is just too sudden. Why is he even so interested about me?

"Why do you live with the Zedlers?" he asked. I stared at him blankly and annoyedly. This question again?

"First of all, don't take assumptions okay? I lived in that house because my mother is the mansion's caretaker." I proudly said.

"You sure? Then where are the Zedlers?" he asked again. Tsk. "I don't know! My mother told me that the day I was born; they were already missing."

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