Mission: Human Termination

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It was a very long day for him and he was very unsatisfied with the information he got. Whenever he thinks of that matter, he directly gets pissed off.

He parked his car in the parking lot and then went out to see the guard staring at him. He stared back and scratched his nape.

He is thinking if what's the problem with the guard, who is deeply staring at him. He didn't mind about the guard's stares and continued walking until he reached the gate.

"Good evening sir." The guard greeted at him and he just nodded. He doesn't care what'll the guard think of him but he just can't stare at the guard for he thought as him very weird.

The man walked into the house's door without even knocking, he saw everyone in the kitchen sitting down and eating.

When he arrived, all of them stood up and made a half bow. "Proceed eating." He said and everyone did what was told.

"Boss, about your father!" Someone in the table exclaimed and shouted.

He turned around and looked at the direction of the boy. "What about my father?" he asked still looking at him. The boy looked down as if he was scolded by his master even if he's not.

"He said that he still got some business to do so you don't need to wait for him anymore."

Again, he nodded and waited upstairs to get some of what he needed. He was still going to eat but he remembered that he was still full, he went back to the kitchen and already saw everyone standing and cleaning the area.

His lips suddenly moved an inch as if he was smiling, he turned back so that nobody could see his current state.

"Boss, what's wrong?" one of his comrades appeared in front of him so he directly fixed himself.

"Nothing, by the way we're going to have a meeting about what you've noticed these past few days." he just nodded and went to the others who is still in the kitchen to disseminate what their boss said.

"They said that this girl is found at the Crimson High, sir." His boss got surprised and shocked with what he said.

"Have you seen this girl's face? Tell me more about her." The boss added continuously like he was too excited with the knowledge he got today.

"Unfortunately, no one saw her face. But we have a bad news for you, boss." Hanzel, one of Angelo's friend retorted. The boss raised an eyebrow as to what he said.

"What is that bad news Hanzel? Is it that bad for you to make a loud noise?" the Boss seriously said that made Hanzel apologize.

But their Boss suddenly laughed at what he saw."I'm just kidding, Hanzel. Don't be too serious I know we can surpass this bad news of yours." Hanzel sighed and looked at their Boss who is now also looking at him.

"Boss, few students of this school had been kidnapped for days."

"What? What did you say?" their boss' eyes widened to what he knew.

"Do you know the surnames of the students being kidnapped?" all of them looked at each other and shaked their heads.

"Boss, we don't know their surnames but the camera behind the school gates caught the van and students being taken." Their Boss cupped his chin and was thinking deeply while staring at the table for a few minutes but his comrade caught his attention.

"Boss, don't you think this is the Zedler's doings again? It was said that they will be back right?" all of them stopped and did agree to what he said.

Their boss just stayed quiet and focused on thinking about what went up to his mind again. The Zedlers... could it be?'

After they are done doing their duties, everyone went to the secret room intended to them every time they do a meeting.

There was a circular table that was enough for them, a sofa, a white board and a transparent glass that has markings drawn.

"Anyone have news about the Zedlers?" their boss asked pointing the pictures being taped on the glass.

"Sir, we have a lead to where they are." Michael, his very loyal comrade spoke out. He looked at him like he was saying to continue.

"There are rumors around that one of the Zedlers are studying in a school." Michael added that made their boss be interested in the news he is telling them.

"What school is that? Do you know the name and face of this Zedler?" their boss sat down with them and was clearly listening on what Michael is about to share to them.

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