Mission: Human Termination

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It was already the second week of school and I still find it quiet boring even if all the teachers already made a lot of things to let us do.

Since all the activities prepared by the teachers were groupings, we get to group the three of us and could easily do the tasks given.

As we sat on our seats, Cassandra suddenly opened a topic that made us look at her direction.

"Do you know the rumors that are spreading in our school, girls?" What rumor is she talking about? I don't even know that there are already issues going around in the school.

"What do you mean, Cass?" I asked now turning around to face her. Sishy did the same thing as I dead and was full ears interested in the conversation.

Cassandra was about to speak but was cutted off by our classmates who arrived and was very noisy about the said rumor.

"Girls, this school year is really creepy." One of them said as she went to her seat to put her bag and things. Her friend sat beside her, "Why is that? Do you somewhat know the rumor?" the girl who she's talking with nodded.

"Would you share it to us? Actually I have heard the rumor but not the entire story." A girl with a ponytail approached the two girls and sat with them. I was eavesdropping, not only me but also the two girls beside me.

Who could've known these rumor they're talking about? None of them shared it in the group chat in the messenger app maybe because they are afraid to be caught by our teacher talking about it.

"The Zedlers are back." My mouth literally opened because of shock.

What the hell are these kiddos saying? "What?" both of the girls said in unison.

"It was reported that these past few days, students in this school are missing. They have been kidnapped for an unknown reason." The girl explained to them. We just listened intently to what she will say next.

"The only people or what you call them on who can possibly do these things are the Zedlers."

I suddenly smirked with what she said and stood up.

"How sure are you with that assumptions of yours, Erika?" I raised an eyebrow to her that made her laugh with what I just did. Really?

"100% sure, Madison. Wanna know why?" I shrugged so she continued.

"The Zedler's heiress is here." I faked a cough. Geez, they even got these informations?

"Are you serious? Why would she even be here? For what reasons?" I asked continuously like I was too interested with our matter. I don't want these things about us to spread just like this, one-sided again.

"Why don't you ask them, Madison? Aren't you afraid of them? Or maybe... you are one of them! Hahaha!" they laughed as they heard her say those. What's this girl up to?

"What's with your mindset, Erika? Have you fed your brain?" I asked sarcastically.

Cassandra tapped my shoulder giving me a signal to stop. "Don't stoop down to their level, Maddy." She said, Sishy just smilingly agreed and looked away when I stared at her.

What's wrong? She's getting even weird.

Erika just rolled her eyes and sat down, when I was about to go out, I saw Kiara in the doorway peeking inside our classroom. Seriously? Tsk.

I just walked out and didn't even bother to greet or even regard her presence.

I heard Cassandra's voice calling out my name behind me but I didn't look back and continued walking until my feet brought me to an unfamiliar place in this school.

Is this a garden? A lot of flowers are blooming; different kinds of flowers I think. I sat on the ground and felt the freshness of the air.

If only these things never happened, if only I got here earlier then I should've done my mission well.

Am I a failure? I just sighed simultaneously and closed my eyes. I felt the breeze of the warm air touching my skin. The weather today isn't really hot, it is cloudy. Hm...

The school wouldn't think of me cutting classes right? Okay there is a gate her but why would I ever go out of the school campus? For what reason?

I half opened my eyes to see the gate, it was still open yet I felt some presence, I closed my eyes again and just let them move, just for now.

There sure are a lot of them in this area and I can't just stand this anymore! I opened my eyes and stared at the flowers blankly.

I stood out only to find someone behind me bringing a baseball bat. I smirked, he was going to hit me? I punched his stomach and kicked his right foot that made him knocked down.

The bat he was holding was thrown far from him so I direcly went near it and got it. I don't want him hitting me these kind of things, is he a coward?

"Are you even a man? Why hold this when we can fight with barehands?" I mocked him and saw him slowly standing up.

This is a great show, some of them were just watching from a far and didn't even went near to our area to attack.

When he finally stood up, he positioned himself like he was really a true boxer. Wow! I laughed with what I was thinking inside.

He stepped forward and was about to throw a punch but luckily I was able to avoid his hand so I then held it and twisted it.

He yelped in pain and then I headbutted him that made him collapsed. I touched my forehead only to see my blood, tsk. They are still here yet they didn't even move an inch.

I saw in my peripheral version that there is a man standing behind me, without second thoughts I turned around and was about to kick him right to his head but was suddenly stopped by his arm.

"Woah,woah. Easy there, Madison." It was Otis! I slowly moved down my leg and apologized to him.

"It's okay, actually I am thankful to you to caught this one goons of these terrorizing people." He added and went to the man who has been knocked down by me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him and didn't mind what he said.

"Of course, to help you." He answered and carried the man.

"I can do it alone.By the way, why are there a lot of them here?" He stopped and looked at me seriously.

"They are the ones who kidnap students in this school." He continued walking after he said that so I followed him on wherever he's going.

"Don't you know these guys?" He suddenly asked me that made me scratch my head because of confusion.

"If I have known these guys, that man shouldn't have attacked me from the first place." He simultaneously nodded his head until we arrived in the guard house.

There were two guards that are present this time, he talked to the guards and gave the man's body to the one guard.

I didn't eavesdrop anymore; I think I got an idea of what they were talking about. Few moments later, Otis went back and walked first. What the...

"Let's go, I'll come with you to your classroom." He said without even looking at me. How rude.

"Why bother?" I surly said, he made a 'pft' sound like he was in the verge of laughing. I rolled my eyes with what he did.

"It's my responsibility to ensure your safety, so I needed to bring you back to the classroom and have me as an escort so that none of them could ever lay a finger to you again."

Ew, he was too overprotective. As we arrived in the classroom, I saw everyone standing up like they were fighting.

The room was literally a mess. They stopped when they saw me and the SSG President beside me.

Erika went near us and grabbed my hands and brought me in front. What's going on here? What's with this girl?

"Hey, what's with you?" I let her go of touching my hand and then glared at her. "Shut up! You innocent little devil." She blunted out. My eyes widened hearing those.

"What? Shocked? It's because of you why all of this is happening!"

She shouted so I just closed my eyes to calm down my nerves. "Why are you saying this? I know I haven't done anything to deserve this." Erika laughed with what I said.

She was about to grab my hair but I slapped her hand that made her frantically mad. "Why won't you tell them? That you are Zedler's heiress?"

Cassandra stepped out and slapped Erika so hard that made her sit on the floor.

"How dare you accuse her? If you're afraid and wanted to find this heiress, then don't accuse anyone easily."

Erika was trying hard to stand up and successfully she did, she was about to attack me but then my view was being blocked by a man, by Otis Hughes.

"Ms. Salazar, stop this already. You are not helping in the school's situation right now." He coldly said and turned around to face me. He removed his blazer and put it around me.

Is this really the SSG President beside me? I saw everyone's expression. They were totally shocked with what Otis did, even me, I was shocked.

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