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This is a story about a girl named May who goes to perfect academy,a boarding school where everything is perfect in every way. May doesn't realized the schools dark secret at first and its hidden it plain sight. May meets Anna who doesn't seem so perfect and the 2 try to find out what the school is hiding.

Mystery / Horror
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Tied Strings

The chilly air blows from the AC on the bus on this gloomy tuesday. May sits alone, in the back of the bus,dreading the moment she gets off. The silence on the bus is unsettling, because at her old school the bus was loud and full of life. The summer days have seemed to fall out of May’s grasp. Then the huge building appears. The sign reads: perfect academy. From the day she was told that May was accepted, she knew that the name was not not joking. The bus stops and every student is perfectly arranged into a single file line. May stays in the back as they walk to the gym where the sign marks 11-33. May bus number. May never really liked her name because she was an emo teenagerWhen everyone was seated, the principal made his way up to the stage.

“Good morning students and welcome to Perfect Academy. Today we will assign room numbers. Please stand when your name is called.” said the principal. Name after name when finally May’s name is called. Floor 3. May stood up as told and walked to the stairs in the “perfect” single file line. The line gets shorter,as people leave when they arrive at their floor. When May reaches floor three,she goes to the desk in the middle of the hallway to receive her room number. 3-11. The cold key is in May hands. She reaches 3-11 and unlocks the door.

The rooms’ blue walls and wooden floor are plain. On the wall is a shelf with school books,a schedule,a calendar. May lays down on the pale blue bed. Is she ready to become “perfect”?

May sits on a chair in her room. A desk in front of her, staring at the schedule. Day 1 and 2 are no classes so you have time to settle in. May stood up to go and explore. She takes the stairs down to floor 1 and goes outside. The grass was cut perfectly and there was no vandalism in sight. May decided that she would definitely rather go to a public school. Here there were so many rules and everyone was like a robot. May looked around and saw a sign that said “Library”. She entered and she stared at the deep blue book shelves that reached to the ceiling. A teacher walked in also and headed to the textbook shelf. May avoided talking to the teacher and left. The sun began to set and the stars appeared, the only thing from home.

The alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. May tried to hit the snooze but soon realized that there is no snooze button on this alarm clock. She felt extremely homesick and wanted to go home so badly. But she knew her parents would surely scold and punish her if they knew she ran away from school. May walked over to the wardrobe. When she opened it there was a white collared shirt with a tie and a navy blue sweater to go on top.

She changed,brushed her hair into the mandatory braid. Every girl must wear two braids for the whole school day. May slipped on her white sock and black buckle up shoes. Classes start tomorrow. May opens the door and heads to breakfast .

Who knew that breakfast was part of the schedule! Ouch... 10 minutes late! May dashed down the hall and arrived at the cafeteria. A teacher notices her late arrival and pulls her out into the hall and lectures her! When May is finally allowed to eat she grabs her tray and sits down at a table. A bowl of oatmeal in front of her. The homesick feeling tells her to not eat,but she manages to finish half the bowl.

Later that evening May sits in bed. Thinking about her new home. Suddenly a knock on the door. She walks over and opens the door. A boy stands there. He hands her an envelope with her name on it and leaves. May opens the envelope and reads the message.

Dear May Olowaski,

You are in class 1-2. Please dispose of the old schedule and replace it with the attached paper on the back of this message.

Thank you

The dreaded alarm goes off. May gets dressed in her uniform and heads to breakfast. A backpack sat on the floor in front of her room. May swung it around onto her back and headed off.

After breakfast she found herself in another “perfect” single file line with her new fellow classmates from 1-2. Memories of her old class piling into the class and fitting over seats. When the door opened everyone remained in the line and found the desk with their name on it.

It was weird to not see people shoving for seats,laughing and having food fights. She sat down at a desk and pulled out a book . Suddenly May heard a thump next to her. She turned her head and saw a girl with red curly pigtails. She smiled at May. The girl hugged May and said her name was Anna. Anna didn’t seem perfect at all! May was glad that not everyone was robot in this school! Apparently,Anna was new here too and came to this school because her father did when he was her age.She looked sad about it and May made sure to speak of it again. A teacher,perfectly dressed of course, walked into the room and started taking attendance. She called out all the names in a robotic voice. Class began and only ten minutes in Anna leaned over and whispered in May’s ear.

“ I’m so bored” she whispered,

“We literally have only been in school for ten minutes” May whispered back.

“I know but I am still bored.”

The class was silent except for the teacher’s voice,so hearing Anna’s imperfect voice made May smile. She started to like Anna and hoped they would be friends, and she wasn’t wrong.

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