The Mysterious Ritual

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Jamie Kurtney, at such a young age showed interest in gadgets. He loves playing with his mother's phone without asking for permission. But as he grows up, his Grandma died due to unknown cause and after his seventeenth birthday, Jamie's parents decided to split and filed for divorce. After knowing about it, Jamie was forced to live with his Dad's new girlfriend and moved onto his old Grandma's house. He got bored staying all day at his room until one day, Jamie was added by a stranger into a group chat named. He read the conversation and they discussed the mysterious ritual of "Barang" done by an expert warlock. Jamie imitates the ceremonial ritual at midnight, alone, because of his boredom. But after doing the mysterious ritual, Jamie didn't wake up, the next day and he was prisoned in the world of magic. Is it possible that the mysterious box and the book of his late Grandma are the key to Jamie's come back in the real world? Or Jamie's spirit will be in hell forever? Let's find out what are the consequences of Jamie's boredom.

Mystery / Thriller
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It was a fine day for biking or a good walking for me and Grandma. We were in the park, just nearby in our house.

"Grandma, can you tell me another story?" I told her. As a seven years old kid, I love hearing stories from Grandma, especially about rituals and magics.

I was looking at the beautiful girl, playing on her iPad while waiting.

Grandma laughed and said, "Do you want to hear about the black magic that my late Grandma had?" It didn't make me started or even frightened.

Upon hearing it, I clapped my hands as I was very excited about Grandma's new story.

"I would love to, Grandma!" I replied enthusiastically. Grandma pinched my rosy cheeks before she began.

"In a far, far village there was a crone living in a simple and minute house. She was alone for a long, long time."

"Grandma, if I was there can I help the pity crone?" I ask confusedly but Grandma burst into laughter. "Of course you can, but you can't see the outside world anymore.

Her house was filled with magic and curse, once you entered against her will, you will automatically dead and your spirit will be imprisoned forever, at the glass bottle.

I listened, playing with my fingers. "But, one rainy day, there was a group of people who came to her house.

They are blaming the crone for dying of their first son, they were twenty, and all of them are carrying flaming torches."

"Did they burn her house, Grandma?" I don't know, but I felt pity for the crone. She's too old to be blamed. Grandma continued, "No! The twenty men with torches performed a ritual to break the spell.

The crone did nothing, she let them do the ritual in front of her house. The ritual was successfully done but not until..."

"Jamie! Oh my goodness! I've been looking for you." Mom hugged me and she saw Grandma sitting beside me.

"Oh! I was so worried, Grandma. You brought Jamie here in the park with you." Grandma laughed bitterly said, "I'm still strong, Kylie. Don't worry about me.

"Mom, I'm fine," I told Mom and hugged her tightly.

I looked at Grandma disappointedly, I wanted to hear the whole story. "I'll continue it, once we get home Jam." Grandma tapped my head and play my black hair.

Mom was talking with Grandma so I looked up at my mother's back and behind her there she is, the girl that I'm watching earlier.

She's not playing with iPad anymore, I wondered where did she put it. She walked to the muddy part of the park and she's holding a small branch of a tree.

I became curious, so I kept my eye on her. The girl draws a big circle, inside of it was a triangle and in a triangle there is an eye.

A demon's seal? How did she know it? I was about to ask her but I'm too late, Mom held my hands and walked away from the park, away from the girl.


"Jamie, go back to your room now and read your English books." Mom told me. "Yes, Mother!" I replied, wiping my mouth with a napkin.

I giggled when I touch Mother's phone in my pocket. She wouldn't remember it since she's too busy with the household chores.

It was after supper, I walked into my room and brought my books to Grandma's room. It would be my alibi just in case mom caught me up.

Our house is a two-story building. On the first floor, you can see the living room full of paintings and portraits of my family and the kitchen on the left side.

As you look up and walk to the right part of our house, you will see a stairway to the second floor.

As soon as you step in it, on the left side was a hallway and on its opposite side, you can see a lot of room painted with plain white. At the end of the hallway, there's a door.

If you have wanted to unwind and relax you can open the door and stay on the terrace.

My parents' room was in the very beginning, the next two rooms were empty since I was five. The next room was mine, and the next room was empty again.

It's Chloe's room, my older sister but she moved in a dormitory two years ago when she placed first to international competition. Next to Chloe's room was Grandma's room. Next to her was our storage room.

I walked quietly to Grandma's room. I was about to knock but it was already open. I push the door slowly and I heard Grandma talking with someone. But, when I entered her room there is no one in it.

I search for her but I couldn't find Grandma. As I roamed around, I saw an old box under the bed. I put my books on the table beside the bed and get the box.

"What a creepy box!" I said, looking for a keyhole. But I didn't find any, so I don't have an idea how to open it. I put back the box and fetch Mom's phone from my pocket.

Ironically, a signal under Grandma's bed was awesome and fast!

I was hiding on my favorite spot in Grandma's room when my Mom, knocked on the door.

I wanted to be alone, I wanted to search about the "crone with black magic" that I hearsay from my Grandma but it was ruined all of the sudden.

"Jamie!" Mom would call my real name when she's getting angry and serious. Most often, or often, she would call me Jam, if she's not stress and mad.

I didn't mind answering her and I continued playing with Mom's smartphone. "Jamie! You always used my phone without asking for my permission! Jamie!"

I laughed sweetly when I heard footsteps walking away from my room.

Mom was tired certainly since she does the laundry earlier. It was one of the most perfect times to sneak out her smartphone without knowing.

I was busy looking for an interesting game when I heard someone entered my room. I closed my eyes, and I felt a sudden fear in my chest, a goosebump.

"There you are, little boy!" Dad carried me like a ten months old baby and kissed me on my cheek. "What are you doing there, huh? It's scary, Jamie."

This is the second time that Dad saw me, lying down at my favorite place, under Grandma's bedroom.

"Daddy! Daddy!" I smiled widely and kissed him too. How I miss my father so much, but I can't do anything since he's working away from us for my future.

"Talk to your son, Chris! He's too young for smartphones!" Mom told father, raising her eyebrows at him.

I always heard from her that when she's young, Grandma would never allow her to use any gadget or smartphone until she was 18.

"For pete's sake Kylie! Don't compare our lives to our son! He belongs to the new generation, called the generation "Z".

Jamie is an intelligent boy, and he can learn everything without anyone's help!" Father, as always saved me from Mom.

That's why I like Dad more than my mom, he would help me to organize with my exciting game called, "finding the magic within" in my room.

"Mom, I'm sorry. I just... I just like playing with your phone." I stepped closer to her and touched her legs. I would always do this every time Mom gets angry at me

. But I lied! I'm using her phone not to play withh nonsense games but to find a real ritual. Magic! I wanted to try it on my own.

"Shhhh, don't cry baby! Mom was trying to teach you a lesson. Using someone's phone without their consent is not good. Do you understand, now?" I felt my mother's hand rubbing my back to comfort me.

But I couldn't stop myself not to use her smartphone, I want to know deeply about magics, black magics.

I wiped my tears with my little bare hands and Mom whispered, "Where is my phone?" There's something wrong in the room, I felt cold but I'm sweating.

I can sense that someone is watching us, right now. In my horror, I pointed out where the phone was and hugged my mother's knee.

"Chris, can you get my phone? It's in Grandma's bed!" I heard father's footsteps walking closer to the bed.

I didn't want to open my eyes, I never wanted to but there's something pushing me to do so.

I saw Daddy get the phone. He smiled at me when he finally gets it on the floor. "Ohh! You're chatting with someone now, Jamie!" Dad said, looking at something on the phone.

I'm confused! Why Dad didn't saw the box? It was there, besides the phone!

I couldn't breathe, the room was filled with a strange energy.

As soon as father turned on the phone and let us see what he's been looking at, my eyes widened in shock.

There were cards and inside of it was him, grinning at me.

His name was death and he added me into a group chat.

Leave or you will be dead...

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