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Really..does our good deeds and bad deeds really affects our life...?? OR It is just a myth about KARMA that we believe in... It all started from a Hindu mythological story...so UNFOLD THE TRUTH..

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The concept of karma is linked to different things in a person’s life. The concept of ‘Karma’ was born out of some Hindu mythological stories and nowadays people in America and Europe as well as people of every religion have come to believe in this concept.

From Hindu mythology we are told that when a person dies, his sins and good deeds are accounted for and accordingly he is sent to heaven or hell. A god named Chitragupta is doing the work of keeping account of sins and good deeds. Chitragupta is the psychic son of Brahma. Chitragupta decides whether he will go to heaven or hell on the basis of the number of sins and virtues of man. If you go to heaven, your life after death will be very happy, but if you go to hell, some demons will fry you in hot oil and make your life after death difficult.

Some people consider this to be the story in the above stories while some people follow another ‘concept’

Pay as you go. According to this concept, you will have to experience the fruits of the sin and virtue that you commit in this life.

However, from these two examples, it is clear that the concept of “karma” does not have a basic form of truth and also has no scientific support. The concept of karma depends on such things.

The karma we know depends on two things, good deeds and bad deeds. It is said that those who do good deeds get virtue, their deeds are good and those who do bad deeds get sin and their deeds are bad.

People are living their lives only on the basis of this concept and in the name of karma.

You know that killing or killing someone is considered a sin. It is also a good thing to help someone in need financially.

Suppose there is a thief who has no money to eat and has nothing to feed his family. For this reason, if they kill someone, it will be considered a sin. But on the contrary, if a policeman kills a thief, why is it considered as a virtue? ..

If the gods had decided to reckon with sin, they would have sent a rule along with it.

Therefore, I believe that the concept of sin, virtue and karma has been created entirely by “man”. I think this concept should have been born for the purpose that a person can live a happy life if he does his work according to the circumstances in his life.

If the act of taking life is “declared” as a sin, then it is wrong to “consider” the life taken by the police as a virtue.

In the same way, when a rich man gives money to a beggar, he thinks that he is earning merit.

On the contrary, the beggar drinks the money and squanders it. This act would certainly be called sin. So should the help given by that rich man be considered as a sin or a virtue?

If he had told a straightforward man that this is a good deed and a bad deed, then perhaps man would never have done it, so using the word karma in the name of God and fearing it forced him to do good deeds, which I don’t think is wrong in any way. .

But I want people to know the difference between these things.

If the gods had decided to reckon with sin, they would have sent a rule along with it.

Therefore, I believe that the concept of sin, virtue and karma has been created entirely by “man”. I think this concept should have been born for the purpose that a person can live a happy life if he does his work according to the circumstances in his life.

Some people say that we get the fruits of our good deeds in this life. And the fruits of the evil deeds we suffer in this life.

People know that we are going to do good or bad. The human brain has the capacity to distinguish between the two. But when a person is in a situation where he commits so many sins that he does not even know the virtues like “childhood and old age”.

If a five-year-old boy breaks a very expensive item in the house, his parents will surely suffer a lot. In the same way, we can call it a sin. But because the boy is young, he doesn’t understand things, so he ignores them. It was the same with the elderly.

But in other words, there is an ‘age’ for a person to understand. So when exactly do we start the “countdown” of our sins and good deeds?

“You get what you give” .. A lot of people believe in this concept too. So why does a five year old child go home to Deva .. why does the bus going to Devdarshan crash into the valley ... why do famous gangsters, thieves and terrorists live their lives comfortably in places like Dubai ... why a child is born in a poor house. ...Why are these children picked up from this world before they see sin or virtue ... or are they already taken to a situation from which there is no way for them to do virtue.

Then it is said that it may be a sin of their previous birth or it may be the sin of their parents and ancestors .... Then your concept of “You get what you give” fails.

Therefore, how a person lives his life is entirely in his hands.

Like Karma or like Dharma .....

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