The Ripper

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Everyone says that the Ripper Murders were planned and executed by a man or woman whose identity was never discovered. But what if it was neither a man or a woman. What if the killer was something much worse? Please note that not all the events might be chronologically right, and that the places and descriptions might not match the original. This is historical mystery fiction after all.

Mystery / Horror
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The shadow of a humonoid figure trailed after a young girl. A prostitute. There are many women, young and old, forced to sell their bodies so that they could afford the bare necessities. The girl was drunk and stumbling as she hummed a tuneless rift. She rounded a corner a collapsed onto the ground, curling into the fetal position. The figure loomed over her and her eyes widened in horror as she began scrambling backwards. The figure simply followed her until her back finally reached a dead end. She opened her mouth to scream but black smoke poured into her mouth, turning substanial. She gasped and choke trying to spit out the intrusion. More black smoke began coiling around her pinning her arms to her sides. Suddenly a glint of metal caught her eye. It was a curious looking dagger with demonic carvings all it. And it was in the creature's grasp. She flailed wildly trying to elude its deadly clutch. The blade flashed and she choked as her own blood poured into her throat. The figure did not hesitate as it thrust the dagger into her sternum and dragged the blade down and it seemed to smile as its heinous emaciated claw of a hand plunged into the girls body.

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