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Have you ever heard about the village that prohibits it's resident and tourists from going out after midnight till 7 the next day? Jonathan, a 23 year old who just graduated returned to Ravendale village after his only friends' plea. Alexander, 24, the university's prince charming who stayed there for a year as assistant lecturer after graduating to wait for Jonathan to graduate, and also Jonathan's only friend. After finding about Jonathan's village, he'd been wanting to go and begged Jonathan go bring him along. The duo may face danger and find out the truth behind it all.

Mystery / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The Tale

Main Characters

Jonathan Adler

Age: 23

B'day: July 11th

Nickname: John

Height: 160cm

Weight: 47kg

Features: Greyish blue eyes, short black hair with bangs that sides to the right, nearly covering his right eye.

A too innocent male who looks cold and scary, but is actually a cute, shy sweetheart on the inside. And is actually scared of many things, along with lack of confidence.

Alexander Fernandez

Age: 24

B'day: April 17th

Nickname: Alex

Height: 182cm

Weight: 63kg

Features: Blue eyes, Short Dirty Blond Hair

Looks innocent but ya know..... Don't judge people by their looks. *Wink wink*


Have you heard of the tale? Where going out at night in Ravendale Village would bring unfortunates or deaths?

Well, Jonathan certainly has. For years since he was found outside the orphanage, he was advised and told to never exit his home once the clock passes 12am midnight.

Feeling bored in the village, he moved out into the city once he hit 18, getting scholarships for universities since he was quite smart and hardworking.

He had the regular university life, without the partying and dating, being the not so tall person who looked cold and vicious, he was, actually, a kind, warm-hearted guy.

"Hey! John! Come on!" His one and only friend, the school prince, Alexander shouted as he pulled Jonathan across the snowy field.

"Jeez. Slow down will ya?" Jonathan huffed as he quickened his pace to keep up with his energetic hyper friend.

They, apparently, were having the time of their lives, a week after graduating from University.

Alexander wanted to see Ravendale Village with his own eyes since he heard about it, so he had been bugging his best friend about it since the begining of their last school year.

"But dude! I still can't seriously believe that this place is so cool! It's snowing but not as cold as it should be!"

"Well yea... It's been like this since forever so I kinda underestimated the chills during my first winter in SKY University. Ain't that how we met anyways?" Jonathan said monotonously, but Alexander saw through the i-have-no-feelings look.

"Memories huh?" A hand was flung over Jonathan's shoulder as they walked on through the forest.

"... Don't go out after midnight." Jonathan said after a while.


"Once after midnight, never exit the house no matter what the hell happens. Unless there's a fire. That's what I've been told. Before you start asking." Alexander looked at his friend weirdly but clamped his big mouth shut, curiosity filling his stomach.

A couple of hours later, the duo came back with some twigs and dry branches to start a fire for the fireplace at the house Jonathan bought a month before returning. Not like he could go back to the orphanage anyway.

"Alex? Go take a shower first. I'll cook." Turning on the gas stove, he heated the the frying pan and added some oil into it.


15 minutes later, Alex got out of from the bathroom and got lured to the kitchen by an aromatic scent, making him feel the hunger that just appeared.

"Damn! That sure smells nice." Alex tried to steal a piece of cut meat from the plate but got his hand smacked by Jonathan's spatula.

"Just wait for a while longer. It's gonna be done soon." Alexander glared playfully at his friend but complied and instead, set the table.

During dinner, the male couldn't hold back his curiosity and asked.

"Why can't we go out after midnight anyways?"

There was a moment of silence with just the sound of utensils clanging on the plates while Jonathan hesitated.

"Well.... How do I say this? Look. There was a legend. A tale. A myth. Whichever you think suits it better... Many years ago, this village belonged to the Raven family." The black haired man started.

"You mean the Raven Family that owns Raven Corps?! The one that doesn't have a heir?!" Alex cut in and John gave him a glare.

"I'll take that as a yes." Alex said, unfazed and motioned for John to continue.

I don't understand how he can actually not be scared of me. Not complaining though. John thought as he shook his head slightly.

"*Sigh* When William Raven, the 3rd generation was in charge, he fell in love with a breathtakingly beautiful woman, Adelaide Star. Adelaide meaning the noble one, her whole name meaning the noble one from the stars."

"..." Alex was engrossed at the story, or rather, legend, he was hearing.

"They were said to be the most lovable and respected people within and outside Ravendale Village, deemed as match made in heaven by others who saw or heard. It was until that unfortunate day, when Duke William Raven went for a meeting at the Royal Palace, an assassin broke into their house."

"Oh no. Something tells me that this won't be a story with a nice ending." Alex muttered.

"Yea. It's kinda sad. Duchess Adelaide was brutally murdered with her organs all taken out after being.... Uh... Raped. The Duke broke when he returned to the stench of the rotten corpse and the organs that were separated from the body of his beloved. He used all power to find the assassin. When he did, the assassin only told him that he was ordered to do all those horrible things before ending his own life."

Jonathan took a deep breath and a sip of his juice before continuing.

"Adelaide's organs were put back into her body, and her corpse was buried in the forest we were in earlier. It was said that 2 years after, wailing and cries for help was heard. One day, a male farmer heard around 2 in the morning and went to take a look. The next day, he was found dead, floating on the pond in the forest. Not long after, similar cases happened. If it were females who went, they'd face lots of unfortunates, like family all suffering from illnesses that were incurable at the time, or they themselves having cancer and stuff."

The air was thick and the tension along with fear could be felt within the area.

"That's... Kinda creepy. And that's why we aren't allowed to go out after midnight?"

"Yea. Kinda. Can you wash the dishes? I want to take a shower." Jonathan put his plate in the sink and walked to their share room, seeing as there was only one bedroom in the tiny house, and the only bathroom was in the bedroom.

"Sure. Go ahead." Alexander took the rest of the stuff and washed them.

After drying the dishes and putting them back in place, Alex connected his laptop to the television and started an Avenger movie.

When he heard a creak from behind him, he turned around, wanting to tell John something, but instead gulped at the sight.

Jonathan's tiny figure in an oversized sweater with tight black leggings that wrapped itself perfectly around his legs.

It wasn't anything revealing but it was adorable on his crush + best friend. He had liked the other male since he first saw him in the university halls, lost and alone, not knowing where to go being a first year.

Alex volunteered to help John and had stuck with the male ever since.

"Alex? Are you alright?" Jonathan had a look of worry on his face which was rare and Alex felt happy that he was the only one who could bring that side out of him.

"I'm fine~ John, you wanna watch the movie with me?" Jonathan nodded and yelped when Alex pulled him onto his lap, cuddling him close.

"A-alex?..." The poor black haired male was blushing madly while the other was smirking internally at how his crush fitted perfectly in his arms.

"I'm cold.... You're warm..." Alex said into Jonathan's ear, making the latter shiver.

"F-fine. But only this time." John said while looking away from his friend, missing out the evil smirk.

Oh? That's interesting~ The blonde thought as he just focused on the smaller figure on his lap, not on the movie.

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