Legend Of Ravendale Village (BL)

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Chapter 2: Something Was There

Alexander's POV

The credits were rolling and I looked down to see my sweetheart who had fallen asleep during the movie.

Cute~ I thought as I turned both the TV and my laptop off.

Gently, I stood up while carrying John, taking him back into our shared room.

"Sweet dreams..." I muttered after covering him with the blanket.

Getting on the other side of the bed, I kissed his forehead and went into a dreamless night.

Soon, the clock stroke 3am in the morning, and I felt the bad shift. Opening my eyes tiredly, I saw John sitting up, rubbing his eyes.

"John?" I asked, my voice hoarse, coming out as a deep rumble.

"Toilet." He muttered as he got up and went for the bathroom.

A couple minutes later, a scream was heard and all my sleepiness disappeared.

"Jonathan! What's wrong?!" I pushed the half closed door open and saw my poor sweetheart on the ground, shaking with fear.

"John? What happened?" I hugged him closer when I heard him whimper.

"T-there was something.... Someone... There...." He stuttered, pointing to the small window in the bathroom above the shower which had steel bars on the outside to protect the glass, same with all the other windows in the house.

I looked closely but couldn't see a sign of anything. Not even a small clue that something had existed.

"John, are you sure? There's nothing here. Plus. Maybe it was just your imagination?" I tried to reassure him but he shook his head.

"B-but... I saw something like this back in the orphanage too! There were times that I couldn't fall asleep, and when I looked out the window, there'd be those bloodshot, glowing red eyes staring at me. And it'd disappear before I could tell anyone. Once, I told Grandma Prix, the owner of the Orphanage, but she just said that it'd be my imagination running wild!"

I felt my heart beat quicken as I realized this THING that had my crush shivering may very much be real.

"Go back to sleep. We'll talk bout it tomorrow." I lifted him off his feet, flinging him over my shoulder and threw him onto his side of the bed.

"Jonathan Adler. I'll only say this once so listen well. Sleep. If there's really something there, it won't be able to get in. Plus. I'm here aren't I? I'll protect you." I said while looking at him dead in the eye, making sure that we never broke contact.

"..." Finally,he gave up and fell limp onto his pillow, closing his eyes tiredly.

"Good night John~" I whispered as I, myself, fell into a deep sleep once more.

Jonathan's POV

I woke up, feeling tired when the sun glared at me through the windows.

Damn. I forgot to pull the curtains!

I tried to sit up but was restricted by something around my waist.

"What the..." I stared at the 'things' restricting me for a couple of seconds before becoming Mr. Tomato.

What the- Alex?! Why?! When?! This! Arghhh!!!!

"You're so damn noisy you idiot. I stayed up the night to make sure you could fall asleep and not have god damned nightmares after seeing whatever that was there... So shut up and be a good boy and pillow for a while..." I blushed even more when I heard that but felt shivers up my spine when I thought about the red bloody eyes.

Whimpering slightly, I snuggled my way back to Alex's warm chest and into his embrace.

For some reason, I felt at ease when Alex was there. I had anxiety and slight depression plus getting panic attacks from time to time. But whenever Alex got close or was just in sight, it'd be better or not happen at all. As if those things never existed in the first place.

Burying those scary nerve wrecking thoughts while thinking about the times Alex and I had together, I calmed down and just daydreamed until my best friend woke up.

Startled when I felt him shift, I looked up at him as he did so as well, but looking down at me.

"Morning Sweetie." He said in a deep, husky tone and guess what? My face went full out kaboom.

"W-what?!... M-morning? Uh... Erm..." I stuttered while fumbling over the millions of words that could be used.

"Pfft. Hahahahahaha! Y-you! Damn! Should've recorded it! Hahahahahaha!" Alex went doubling over and I frowned.

Meanie. Idiot. Jerk. Bastard. Piece of Sheet. Fudger. I cursed in my mind, avoiding some too extreme words by using some others that sounded almost the same to me.

(I don't swear so... Haha...)

"Sorry sorry. Ahem. Let's go wash up and stuff. We can go into the forest for a while and see if there's any clues about the 'thing' you saw? Maybe it's just some mean kid's prank or some stalker." He said jokingly.

"The latter doesn't sound any better...." I pouted and he laughed even louder.

"I know, I know. Just kidding dude. Anyways..." He said and stopped.

"Anyways?..." I urged him to continue and he grinned.

"Anyways! We might find some clues or something of the sort don't cha think? I mean, the forest is practically right next to our house and right beside where you saw those eyes." Sighing in defeat, I nodded and he smiled brightly.

"Alright then! Let's go wash up and have breakfast and we can go!!" I seriously do NOT know how he can be so active in the morning.

I mean, I'd rather stay at home and sleep till noon if anything, but I guess it's better than lazing around.

Sighing, I took a change of clothes from the wardrobe which consisted of a tight fitting black jeans and a white turtleneck and entered the bathroom. Alexander was showering and I blushed knowing that my best friend was naked right next to me with a shower curtain as the only thing between us.

Shaking my head slightly to remove those thoughts, I splashed down water onto my face and brushed my teeth.

"Hey Alex?" I asked after wiping my face dry.


"Don't get out of the bathroom. I'm gonna change my clothes." I said, while walking out of the bathroom and closing the door on my way out.

Alexander's POV

"Hey Alex?" I heard Jonathan say and I froze for a moment before answering.


"Don't get out of the bathroom. I'm gonna change my clothes." He said and I got hard. Seme.

Oh god. Nonononono!!!! Bad brain! I thought of Jonathan's perfect yet small figure and the devil came rushing to my mind.

Snickering evilly, I washed the remaining soap off my body and wrapped a towel around my waist.

Stepping out of the shower, I realized that the door wasn't closed completely and had a small crack. And being the sort of pervert I am, I peeked through it. Of course.

To my joy, or rather, exceeding my expectations, Jonathan was standing there in all his glory, body bent slightly, putting on his boxers. I was even more turned on if possible and another thought popped up.

Waiting till he finished with his clothes, I called out to him.



"Mind getting my clothes for me? The whole set." I smirked when I saw his face flush.

"Y-yea. Sure. What do you want?"

"I trust your taste. Whatever is fine.~"

When he knocked on the slightly ajar door, I opened it and his face was on fire after seeing my figure.

Heh. Thank God I work out a lot. Worth it. I thought as I accepted the garments offered and asked Jonathan to make breakfast.

"Damn. He does have a nice taste after all." I smiled at the mirror.

Jonathan got me a white button up and a dark blue sweater vest, along with a pair of jeans, coloured black.

It was then I heard a small thud by the window where Jonathan saw the 'thing'. I didn't turn around as to not startle whatever that was there, but from the corner of my eyes, a saw a hand. A wet, sickly thin, awfully pale hand. It was holding onto the metal bars, as if wanting to climb up to the window.

Frowning, I breathed in deeply and exited the bathroom.

Whatever this is. It's after my love. To the very least. I'll have to be alert.

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