Legend Of Ravendale Village (BL)

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Chapter 3: Into the Woods

3rd POV

They duo had a light breakfast consisting toast, a sunny side up each, and a cup of coffee for Alexander and a hot chocolate for Jonathan.

Jonathan was putting the dishes into the sink when Alexander got some supplies from the shop a few houses away, putting them into a spare back pack he brought.

After cleaning the dishes, Jonathan wanted to just rush out and start searching for clues since it was making him anxious, but Alexander stopped him and helped him to put on his coat and gloves, along with a scarf, and handed him his combat boots.

"Jonathan. Next time, don't do that or else..." You're gonna get punished...

The last part Alexander said in his mind to not freak out his already nervous crush.

"Hmph." Said male pouted and Alexander gulped at the sight of his cherry red lips.

"Come on. The later it gets, the more dangerous it is." The older male slung the back pack over his one side of his shoulder, and put on his combat boots.

The duo first went to the edge of the forest, which was only a couple meters a way from the bathroom window, where the figure was seen.

There was no sign of anything, living or not, there. If it weren't for the fact that there were some claw marks... Or more like scratch marks on the metal bars on the SECOND floor, the two would've thought that they were hallucinating, and the so called "figure", never existed in the first place.

Jonathan shuddered at the thought of the blood red eyes that haunted him for years. How no one believed him. Or more likely chose to think that it was him hallucinating rather than actually going to find the truth behind it all. Then Alexander came to mind. The man next to him who was a year older, gave him support when he was at lowest, and chose to be by his side despite being someone who could conquer the universe with a just a mere smile. The older male could've found a better job that gave thousands of salary a month but declined those offers just to accompany him.

It brought warmth to Jonathan's heart and soul and made him think of what both of them would become if they never met in the first place. In the crowded halls which drowned him in noises and rumors and scornful glances which were filled with disdain. It hurt. Really. Like stabs of sharp knives into his body or straight at the heart. Yet, not killing him. Leaving him to suffer the sorrows all by himself.

Alexander though, was different from those other seniors and those of the same stage. Jonathan, being bullied and stuff, was always being pointed to the wrong classes and had missed the first 3 days of class already, wandering the halls and entering wrong classrooms. The older male at that time, took pity on the younger and offered a hand.

During the short time span while they walked, Alexander got to know Jonathan slightly, and came to understand why those other people treated him as such. After a couple seconds of hesitation, he handed out an olive branch and offered to be friends. Their friendship had held on till now, and they could understand each other very easily. Maybe just by looking each other in the eye.

Alexander's POV
"Jonathan! Jonathan!! Jonathan Adler you dimwitted dummy!!!" I yelled into his ear while shaking him wildly.

"...??" Was his expression when he finally came back to his senses.

"The hell were you thinking about?" I said while laughing a little.

"You. And me." I froze and a slight firework show was going to be held in my heart when he continued

"When you first helped me and how we became friends.... Thanks..." Well, the fire was extinguished, but at least I still hold a place in his heart, not that I won't try to upgrade that.

"Gotta thank you too! You ain't like those people who come to me just cuz I look good and come from a considered wealthy family. You are friends with me because. You wanted to. For that, I am, very thankful."

I saw him smile and I held his hand.

"Alex?" He asked, tilting his head slightly to the right.

" Come on! We're not gonna make it by sundown if we don't go now!" Pulling him along, we both entered the forest.

At first, it wasn't as thick and had lots of sunlight. But after what seemed like an hour or two of walking, according to my watch, the trees gradually got thicker and it was darker, the sunlight being covered by the leaves.

"Alex... Can we go back?" Jonathan tugged at my sleeve and said in voice that made it seem like he was about to cry.

"Sweetie. No. We can't. I'll make sure we return before 7. Ok?"

He hesitated before slowly nodding. "Alright. I trust you."

3 ๐™ท๐š˜๐šž๐š›๐šœ ๐™ป๐šŠ๐š๐šŽ๐š› --- 2:38๐š™๐š–

"Are you sure we're not lost?" I laughed nervously at what Jonathan said and looked at everywhere but him.

"Uhh... Yes?" He rolled his eyes at me and snatched the compass away.

Apparently, we accidentally strayed the path thanks to yours truly,.... Me. I got attracted by the scenery and walked down another path. Jonathan followed me. And now, we're lost. We've been walking in circles probably, since that tree with claw marks has been seen for at least 3 times already.

"Hey Alex! I think I found som- Argh!.... Owie...."

"Jonathan! Are you alright?!" I rushed over to him who had clumsily tripped over his own feet.

"..... Ow.... *Tears up* It huwts.... *Sobs*" my heart ached a little but still. He. Was. Cute.

He had tears in his eyes and was pouting slightly, lips quivering while trying his best to hold back tears.

Well, that's just how he is. An innocent smol bean. Just thinking about it makes me want to baby him.

"Hmm.... You might have scraped your knee..." I gently sat him against a tree, and checked his wound.

Frowning, I took the first aid kit from my backpack๐ŸŽ’and found some antiseptic and plaster.

"No! No Dettol!" My sweetheart whined while trying to scoot further away from me if possible.

"Hey now. I know it hurts. But if you don't, your wound might get infected. And you'll hurt more then." Trying to persuade and console him, I kneeled on the dirt and grass and patted his head gently.

After finally applying the meds and bandaging his wound, I gave him a small hug, refraining from a kiss on the cheek and helped him up.

"What did you find. Anyway?"

"Well. There was this glowing thing but... It's gone...? I don't see it anymore. Maybe just me dreaming."

"I guess."

I held him for the first few minutes of walking before he shook me off. I laughed lightly, and followed him.

Eventually, I, broke my promise. It was 7:01 pm and we're both. Still. In the oh so beautiful woods.

Luckily I brought a tent and some sleeping bags and some changing clothes. And I got to rummage through Jonathan's drawers. I thought while snickering.

"Hey Alex. Doncha think that it's really too late? I wanna go home..." He gripped on my sleeve and I rubbed my hand on his back.

"I think we should probably set camp first though. If we can't find the way, being in the forest and walking in the wild might be much more dangerous. And if the legends and rumors were true, then we may be in more danger than we are now." He thought about the pros and cons and finally decided that we could camp for the night.

???'s POV
Oh? What's this? Two little dolls?! I should tell my brothers and sisters.....

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