Legend Of Ravendale Village (BL)

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Chapter 4: Confession

Jonathan's POV

Sighing, I helped set up the one big tent that Alex brought. There was only 1, sleeping bag, one big blanket just in case it got too cold, lots of food, a few sets of clothes for us each, 3 first aid kits, and a few bottles of 1 litre water. There were also 2 torches, a few dozen pieces of battery, 3 lighters, 5 boxes of matches, and some regular must needs for camping.

I also changed my clothes since they were all covered in mud and grass from the fall.

I was now in a big white sweater and grey sweatpants.

It was like he planned it all. And also, how can his backpack fit all these?! Is he Doraemon?!

I heard a rustle suddenly and jolted, getting into a fighting position. Soon, the grass rustled and a bunny jumped out, and I let out a breathe I'd never knew I was holding.

Why is Alex so slow? There should be lots of dry twigs and stuff here for a campfire right?

Getting nervous, I fiddle with the hem of my big oversized shirt and sat on a log. It was freezing since it was nearing winter.

I whimpered while negative thoughts raced my mind. And calmed down when a familiar warmth and scent embraced me.

"Alex!" I looked up to Alex who was standing behind me

He had draped his thick jacket over me, and hugging me from behind while kneeling on the ground.

I smiled and nuzzled my head into his warm chest, while he wrapped his arms around me tightly, yet gently.

"You were so slow!" I whined while curling up slightly in Alex's arms since he picked me up bridal style.

"Sorry. I wanted to check our surroundings. Just in case. Sorry for leaving for so long..." I blushed when he gave me a kiss on the forehead and lay me on the thick sleeping bag.

"I'll go light a campfire first. Then, I'll come back in. Kay?" I nodded and he ruffled my hair, making me pout. He chuckled while walking out of the tent.

Around 20 minutes later, Alex returned and zipped the tent.

"Hmm... It's late now. We should go to bed. I'll keep watch first?" He suggested.

I looked at my watch and gave him a blank look.😑😑

"Alex. It's 8:48pm. We usually sleep at what. 12? 1? 2?... Come on... Tell me if something's wrong. Please?" I gave him my best puppy dog eyes and he sighed, rubbing his temples.

"You know like. I've just got this bad feeling and all..." I frowned and used my fingers to cease his furrowed brows.

"Sorry... I shouldn't have brought you into all this crap." I looked down at my crossed legs, feeling a pang of guilt.

"Hey.... Hey! Jonathan don't look like that. Enough with the sad look." He forcefully pulled my face to face him, and looked at me dead in the eye.

"I just... Need to say this. In case. Well... Something bad happens..." I looked up into his azure blue eyes while he stared down into my onyx ones.

"Can you promise that you'll still be my best friend after that?" He asked me pleadingly.

"Alex, you and I both know that I'd never be mad at you an-"

"Jonathan! Listen!" He snapped and I was taken aback.

H-he never yelled at me...

"Damn. Sorry. Just. Promise me. Kay? Promise me." I nodded and held out my pinkie.

"Pinkie promise." He then relaxed a little and smiled, hooking his pinkie to mine.

After around 2 minutes, I opened my mouth.

"So. What's the thing you wanted to say. I won't be mad even if you stole my ice cream." He laughed at my use of words and finally seemed to calm down completely.

"Well... I... Erm... You..." I giggled amusedly at the rarely flustered Alex.

"Come on! Tell meeeee!!!" I whined and clung to his arm.

"Well... You know how I have been calling you sweetheart these two days?" He started.

"Yup!" I thought for a while and nodded.

"...li... You..." He said, but I didn't catch it.

"Huh? Sorry. Can you repeat??" He sighed and rubbed his face.

"I like you, Jonathan Adler. I freaking like you. Like. Romantically. Your not what those rumors say. Instead, you're the complete opposite. Your always line and caring. Cute and acts tough even though you're not that tough and is a big adorable, crybaby..."

"Hey!" I playfully yet softly slapped his chest when he said that, the steaming fact if mine long forgotten.

"Sorry kitten. Let me finish?" His voice was gentle yet deep, capturing me, leasing new into his trap.

"Mmhmnn..." I agreed.

He pulled me onto his lap and stroke my hair.

"I.... Will you go out with me...?" He had this look in his eyes that made it hard to reject. Not that I was going to anyway.

"..." I stayed silent, thinking, my brain yet to finish processing all these new found info.

"I- I mean if you want to! Only if you want to I swear! And if you don't want to or think that it's disgusting and stuff then can we at least be friends? If we can't be best friends anymore then can w- mmpphh!..." His eyes grew wide as I jerked on his collar, kissing him.

"*Pant**pant*... D-d-does that mean..." I pulled away.

The kiss was just on the lips, no making out and tongues and stuff but... It was...

My first kiss!!... Uwahhh!!!!!

I blushed and covered my small face with my tiny hands, looking at the sleeping bag I was sitting on.

"Yes... I-i... I'll go out with you... Eeek!" I timidly nodded, looking up at Alex through the strands of my hair.

I squealed when he suddenly pulled me into his embrace, giving me a big hug.

"That's so good! Thank you! Jonathan I swear I'll be good to you! I love you! I love you so much! Muah!" He pressed multiple kisses on my cheeks, and stared into my eyes gently, before kissing my lips.

30 seconds passed before he pried my lips open, and we fought for dominance. It was sloppy and weird to me since I wasn't familiar with the whole thing, but it was heaven.

"Nghh..." I let out a moan and I could feel a boner pressing against my thighs.

Damn. He's big... I blushed brightly and tried pushing away since I was running out of air, but Alex only pulled me closer.

"Mmnnn... Ngghhh!.." I gasped when he pinched my ass and a sudden bit of strength surged through me, giving me the power to push away.

"*Pant* Alex! *pant* You idiot! *Pant*" he chuckled and pulled a small piece of mirror from nowhere, showing me my flushed face.

"Hmph." Pouting, I turned my back to him, my legs not really working since they had turned into jello.

"Sorry sweetheart. It's just I was too happy you know?" He cooed into my ears, wrapping his muscular arms around my small build, as if wanting to merge me with himself.

"M'kay." It was a quiet reply, but there was only the sound of our breathing at the time.

Sighing, I leaned into him slowly, a sudden wave of tiredness washing over me.

Right... I haven't had dinner... Forget it. Sleep comes first...

Hey guys! Well... I'm not good at writing confessions and stuff so... I hope this is ok? My friend is giving me ideas and says that I should have smut a few chapters later... Comment?
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