Celling Hearts

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Quinn Devile is framed for murder. Can she prove her innocence? Will she find who really killed Tracy Martin? Read to find out

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

She was trying to sort out bills with her husband. As they sat there on their penthouse balcony trying to figure out if they had enough money to keep the Lighthouse running, the wind was blowing papers everywhere. They have finally found there breaking point l. They were in debt and couldn’t keep the hotel running. Suddenly there is a knock on the door. “Quinn Devile, you are under arrest for the murder of Tracy Martin.” She stood there in shock. The tall policeman turned her around and put handcuffs on her tightly. She looked at Joe, her husband to see him on the phone. Her world came crashing down all because of a knock on the door. “Joe, call my lawyer” is all she could manage to get out before she was escorted to a police car. She thought to herself “Tracy Martin, who is that?” Then it hit her. That is the woman who tried to buy out the hotel. “But who could have killed her?” She silently sat in her holding cell with that same question running through her head a million times. “Who could have killed her?” She couldn’t help but notice the overly handsome guard staring at her. “Excuse me sir.” She called out to him. “Yes?” he replied with an confused look. “I need out of here. I didn’t murder Tracy!” she exclaimed her point. Then a loud beep goes off and her cell door opens. “Mrs.Devile I need to take you for interrogation.” She was lead into a dark room with a table and two chairs. She sat down and stared straight into the officers eyes. “Quinn Devile did you kill Tracy Martin?” “No” she said not breaking eye contact. “When was the last time you saw Tracy alive?” She thought for a second and said “last week when my husband had a meeting with her.” “And Mrs.Devile what was the meeting about?” “She wanted to buy our hotel.” Then the officer looked out the door and got up and left. Quinn was wondering herself “Who would have killed Tracy?” now they have to find a new buyer for the Lighthouse. She was brought into a new cell. And once again the tall officer was starring at her. “Excuse me sir, what is your name?” she curiously asked him. “Officer Turner.” he replied. “Well officer Turner, why do you keep starring at me?” Quinn asked. “Well your just so pretty.” This put a smile on her face. No one has called her pretty except her husband. “Well thank you officer Turner.” she smiled to him but he walked away. Then she got to thinking about her husband. Where was Joe. He hadn’t called or stopped by the county jail. She saw a petite officer walk by and Quinn yelled “Ma’am, can I please have my phone call now?” “Sure follow me.” she said as she unlocked Quinn’s cell. They walked to a desk and the officer picked up the phone. “Who would you like to call Mrs. Devile?” “My husband Joe.” The officer looked in a phone book and dialed a number. “Hello, is this Joe Devile?” then there was silence. “Would you like to accept a call from the Washington prison?” then the officer handed Quinn the phone. “Joe, where have you been?” “I uhh I’m trying to get you out of there.” but she didn’t believe him for one minute. “How?” “Well i’m calling your lawyer.” she knew he was lying because her lawyer was already there. “Well Joe my lawyer is already here.” he stayed silent then hung up the phone. She stood up and walked back to her cell. A few hours went by and she never saw officer Turner until now. “Here.” he handed her a card “someone brought this for you.” She opened the card. It said “how does it feel to be framed for murder~CM” She looked like she saw a ghost. The shocked look on her face made officer Turner grab the card out of her hands. “Devile, who is CM?” She was so distraught. “-I I don’t know.” is all she could manage to get out. Officer Turner got on his radio and said “We got a code 10 lock down the building.” Then the alarms we off.

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