Cases gone cold

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Rae Berg has always wanted to make a difference in her job. When her boss opens up a cold case unit she knows her chance has come to be seen. She picks up the case of a 14 year old girl, who vanished before school one morning in 1984, never to be seen again. Will she be able to help the family get closure and prove to her boss that no case should ever be forgotten?

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Chapter 1

Rae awoke from a dream with a sudden jolt, like an electrical current had travelled from the tips of her painted toes to the top of her red head. She was always awoken this way when she had experienced a worry dream- as she called them.

Today was the first day of her new role within her job. After much convincing and persuading and annoying, she had successfully encouraged the set up of a cold case team in her local Wiltshire station.

Unwillingly she secured her hair in a tight bun before entering the new office which was located in the basement of the station. It hadn’t been set up properly and so far only consisted of tables which most likely came from a school with scribbles and dents covering the soft wood top, and paperwork on messy metal shelves. The lighting was dim and there wasn’t a window to let in any of the autumn colours of the trees outside.

Kyle was here already which surprised Rae, although it most likely was deliberate to impress the bigger bosses at a desperate hope to grab a promotion. He wasn’t seated and instead was routing through seas of loose papers and files.

“Morning sir.” Rae said, although he wasn’t listening.

Kelly came in next, breakfast bar in hand and her hair in a messy bun.

“Morning love.” Rae returned a small smile and placed her coat on the back of a chair.

Ady wasn’t far behind her, and came in full of smiles and warmth alongside the youngest member of the new team- Jake. He gave a warm smile in Raes direction before sheepishly greeting the rest.

“Alright gang, welcome to the new Cold Case Room. Don’t worry, it won’t be like this forever.” Kyle said finally turning his attention away from the files. Everyone stayed standing up, it appeared nobody wanted to sit on the cheap and stained plastic chairs that were offered.

“I’ve been going through some of the old cases we are going to go through-“ he picked up one from the top of the pile and glanced quickly before tossing it to one side. It slid across the table and in front of Rae who looked down eagerly.

“- and I’ve found a few from recent years that show potential.” He picked up some different files and put them in a pile

He continued, “Quick and easy I reckon.”

Rae gave a small frown as she read the name on the file, Julia Hammond.

“I’m excited to start, its going to be so good doing this-“ Jake sounded like a school boy excited for a field trip with his mates. His gaze flickered to Rae who was still mesmerised with the pale file in front of her. Her fingers almost stretched trying to touch it and get a closer look.

“That’s the spirit, son.” Kyle smiled up at everyone and passed a case file to Kelly and Ady.

“I trust both your local knowledge for this case. 3 years old, I reckon some DNA retesting can be done for a quick result.”

“Yes sir.” Kelly said and Ady picked up the file and opened it, skim reading the contents.

“Let’s close some cases.” They smiled at each other as they took to a desk in the corner and spread the contents of the file across the table.

“I’m not sure which one to give you guys but this one looks easy-“ Kyle began and without thinking Rae blurted, “Sir, I don’t want easy. I want a challenge.”

Jake cleated his throat almost thinking of something to say but Kyle beat him to it.

“We can build up to challenges, Rae. I just want cases cleared quickly for now.”

Rae had now opened the file in front of her and glanced at the dates.

“This girl was murdered in 1984, her parents must be in their 70s now. I want to bring their daughters killer to justice for them to see.”

“We all want that, Rae.”

“I know, sir, but I don’t want to put it to one side.” She paused, realising how she was sounding to her superior. But having worked with Kyle before she knew he had a soft spot for her enthusiasm and he chuckled.

“You two can look at that case. But if you don’t get a lead in a month then I’m ordering you both to move on to a quicker case.” Rae nodded enthusiastically, “Yes sir. We don’t let you down.”

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