Book 1- The Underground Mission

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Oakwood a silent and peaceful city stirs up when three teens -Amelia, Caleb and Winston go missing. They had a perfect day in mind but it turned out to be the worst day of their lives. That day changed their lives. They are now involved in something huge. A secret is unveiled placing the safety of their town in their hands. Join them on their dark adventure as they find their way through danger and death and find out all the secrets and save their city and themselves. A huge sacrifices lies ahead. Will they survive or will they lose something important!

Mystery / Adventure
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Oakwood a city nestled in a valley is full nature's blessings. It's a beautiful and peaceful town . In just one of its streets three best friends on bicycles rode along street after street , then passed by the vast fields and stopped at a clearing beyond which stretched the forest.

" Wow! This is such a beautiful place!! " Amelia says as she gets off her bicycle.

" I know right! " Winston says looking around with excitement.

" How come we never saw this place? " Caleb says in wonder. Amelia shrugged still in awe.

They walked around looking around at the flowers and trees and distant hills.

Suddenly as if out of nowhere a huge sound came like metal clanging against metal. The noise continued.

" What is this noise!! " Caleb shouted startled. They put their hands on their ears. The noise was unbearable.

" Whatever it is it's not good. I can feel it! " Winston says.

" Guys look there's someone over there! " Amelia shouts. The boys looked in the direction she pointed. They could see glimpses of a few men but not clearly and then they disappeared suddenly.

" Who could they be? " Winston asks and Caleb gives him a worried look.

" Let's follow them! "Caleb says and starts walking towards them.

" Caleb wait! It may not be safe! " Amelia shouts but because of the huge sound he couldn't head her.

" Hey Caleb come back! " Winston shouts when Caleb is out of sight.

" Aaahhhhhhhh!!!! " came a sound suddenly . Winston and Amelia looked at each other immediately widening their eyes. They nodded and ran in the direction from where Caleb shouted. They ran through the trees when they stopped suddenly at what they saw.

Right in front of them was a huge hole in the ground. So huge it could be enough to fit a whole house in it and all they could see inside was total blackness and the echoing screams of Caleb.

" Don't tell me Caleb has fallen into that?! " Amelia shouts worriedly.

" Well I think he has! But what the hell is this? It's so big! " Winston says. Amelia nods.

Suddenly a metal circular sort of thing came of the side.

" Look it's closing! " Amelia shouts in disbelief.

" Shit! Amelia are you ready to jump in? We need to help our friend! " Winston says.

" What what jump in? O okay. I'll do anything for my friend. On the count of three jump! " Amelia says as they hold hands.

" When you say three or after you say three?" Winston shouts over the noise.

" When I say three okay? Now come on! " Amelia shouts.

" One two.. Three! "Amelia says nervously and they jump.

" Aaahhhhhhhh!!!!! " They shout as they fall and they keep falling. It was as if they were falling into an endless pit of nothingness. Everything was black around and they were falling so fast.

Amelia's House 10:30pm

" It's ten thirty and she's still not home! It's not like her at all. " Beth Cooper says worriedly as she looks at the clock.

" Don't you understand mom she's not gonna come early now. She's going to change like everyone else. She's a senior now. " Katie Copper says with disinterest as she paints her nails.

" Katie your little sister is not like anyone else and I know that she'll never change, okay? " Beth says.

" Well you'll see yourself and then you'll know I was right. "

" Katie that is enough now! Enough lf all this rubbish! If you can't speak anything good about Amelia then atleast don't talk rubbish about her. " Jason Cooper says angrily.

" Oh Ya I'm the one who speaks rubbish always right? Amelia is your perfect little daughter isn't she so even she does anything wrong she'll still be your good daughter while I'll be the bad one. " Katie shouts and walks away to her room.

" Katie -"

" Beth stop it's no use talking to her now. "Jason says.

" Even Rebecca called me and told that Winston hasn't come home yet." Beth says.

" What about Drake does he know anything?"

" I called him but he's still at the cafe working and Caleb always calls him if he's home. I feel bad for Drake handling his brother, his studies and working ." Beth says sadly. Drake is Caleb's elder brother. Their father died three years back and their mother is too sick too work.

They sat down on the sofa waiting.


" Beth wake up! " .

" Huh what happened?! Did Amelia come? " Beth says looking around as she wakes up from sleep. " No honey she's not come and it's one I think we should go to the police. "Jason says.

" What! Oh my God! My baby where are you?! " Says Beth sobbing.

" Beth please stop crying! You need to be strong for Amelia! " he says as he helps her stand up. She nods wiping her tears but still crying a little .

The police station

" Any places you think they might have gone? " asks the police officer.

" They mostly go to Simpsons, the park or the library. " Rebecca says.

" Oh and even to the lake and to their tree house. . " Jason says.

" Hmm okay and did they tell you where they'd be going? ".

" No not exactly but Amelia did say that they were going to some new place. They wanted to go somewhere new and she even told me that she'd leave from there before sunset." Amelia says sniffing.

" And what did Winston and Caleb say? " the officer looks at Winston's parents and at Drake.

" Winston said the same thing. " Rebecca says. " Caleb said that he and his friends were going somewhere in search of a place dew near the fields." he said.

" Okay well that is quite informative. " the officer says noting down .

" Okay we will start the search for them. "he says.

Amelia's house

Katie's room

" Hey! Can u come over please. Had a rough night. " Katie asks her friend Sarah over the phone. " It's just the same you know.. Ya.. She's there perfect daughter... So can you.. Oh okay..... No that's alright... I understand.... Hmm... Bye! "she keeps the phone sighing.


Katie woke up slowly yawning as her alarm rang. She hated waking up early but she had to go for a walk everyday with her father.

" Oh the TV is still on! Must have forgotten to switch it off. " she was about to switch it off when she stopped when she saw -

" Three children of the age of seventeen -Amelia Cooper, Winston Smith and Caleb McKenzie have gone missing since yesterday evening. They were on their bicycles when they were last seen. This is a complete shock to Oakwood city since - she switched off the TV shocked. She breathed heavily still processing in what she just heard and saw. She walked slowly towards her door and opened it slowly.

She saw her parents sitting sadly with moist eyes on the sofa. It could be clearly seen that they hadn't slept all night. When they saw Katie they got up.

" Dad Amelia - "

" Katie please no more of your mean talks about her please. She's missing. She has returned home. We went to -"

" Dad I know. " she said as a tear rolled down her face. Even though she envies Amelia she did love her little sister. These few years she'd distanced herself from Amelia but earlier they were so close.

She hugged her father tightly..

" Oh Katie... " he says as he stroked her hair.

" Honey how do you -?" Beth asks.

" It's on the TV mom. " Katie says pulling away.

Beth sat down shaking her head.

" Mom come on don't cry you know she is fine and you'll see she will come home soon and them we all will scold her okay? " she says giving her mom a hug.

" I know honey she has to come. " she says sniffing.

Caleb's house

" Drake dear where's Caleb I haven't seen him all night?" his mother asks weakly as she sits up from her bed as Drake feeds her breakfast.

" Uh mom he.. He's at Amelia's house. They are having a sleepover. I.. I forgot to tell you he told me later in the evening. " he says holding back tears.

" Drake are you hiding something from me? Is he fine? I want to talk to him? " she says worriedly.

" Mom he's fine and now he must be in school right? Now come on eat all of this. Come on! " he says

Winston's house

" Alex -"

" Rebecca yesterday I shouted at him so much. I shouldn't have scolded him like that. Please Winston come back to your father and I promise I won't shout at you like that. " he says sniffing.

" Alex please don't think of yourself like that okay? And Winston knows why ykh scolded at him like that. He will be fine and he will come soon. " she says her voice cracking. He put his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder sadly.

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