Eria I

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A wonderful planet, where spirits of elements thrive, beings here are very much like humans, they are called Erians, unlike humans on Earth, Erians at the age of seven, through a ritual, a certain part of the brain awakes, which enables them to harness the power of Sprits, what Erians call the spirit of elements...

Mystery / Fantasy
Luke Levios
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Chapter 1 : Eria

In this part of the universe, quite the opposite of where the Earth should be, a spiral of light, gleaming with blue and gold, shining in the dark with all the stars, this is the Varion Galaxy.

17 planets encircle it's Sun, the first planet, the smallest of all, is orange mix in white whether is there an atmosphere, no one knows, but the colors of the planet moves as if you're stirring condense milk mix with coffee, while the white and orange remains separated. Then there's the second planet, crystal red like a ruby, it has two brownish moons revolving around it. The third one is blue like the sea, dark blue, light blue...etc ,as many versions as you would like blue to have , you may find it here..... Now finally the forth planet, Eria, it has continents, islands, seas; if you would like to picture Eria like the Earth, you should reimagine it, imagine it three times larger than the Earth, then imagine Antarctica is a sea of lava and volcanoes, wheres the other end of it, is frozen like the Artic. Only the center part of Eria, can you see a glimpse of how the Earth looks like. As for the other eight planets, they have nothing to do with the story so far...

Elements which existed on Eria are water, ice, fire, earth, air, light, darkness, space and time, all nine elements are the structures which holds up Eria, at the same time evolving herself. Animals, insects, reptiles and all other species, all have the ability to control certain elements, some only two, but those are rare, as for creatures who control more than two elements, they are either deep in the sea, or deep within the Frost and Fury Habitat Regions(the far north and the southern most natural regions) the two ends of Eria emits energy signitures into space, like a pillar of light reaching out to space, where Fury emits heat, Frost releases cold energy, forming a magnetic shield protecting itself, as for animals who lives in this two regions are nourished by these energies and that's how they grow and become more powerful, through these two energies as the base of their abilities, creatures are able to control more than one element. For example, in the land of Fury a tiger would control fire and wind, a bear can control fire and earth which forms lava, and for the wolves in Frost are able to manipulate water, ice, and other elements depending on where they love to roam.... If creatures like, and lives in the dark, they would adopt certain characteristics of darkness, and are able to use it for their needs.... All creatures have their own lives and experiences, when facing any creature, Erians would face them without holding anything back... Some weak some strong, some are dominent individuals while others are unchallenged in packs...

In the center regions where Erians live, are covered in forests, swamplands, canyons and so on so forth.... Even though there are wild beasts in the forest, but here no beasts on top of the food chain, Sprits rise above them all, Sprits named after spirit of elements, what Erians call the floating precious stones and rocks minerals, these are indeed very precious for Erians, some families in the long run have even formed alliances with each other to protect these Sprits, Sprits ain't just rocks and stones, in fact, they're alive, they roam the forest absorbing energy, nourishing themselves to evolve, from the standpoint of Erians, there are different qualities of Sprits, from the rare and never seen glass crystals bursting with energy and with a conscience full of knowledge, to a stone floating just a meter from the ground with only the basic instinct to defend itself and absorb energy to become strong, Glass Crystals, Crystals, Minerals, Rocks, Precious Stones...each type of Sprit represents certain class and quality of its energy.

Now for the primitively advance species, humanlike beings, a species which developed the sense to share, as any creature would adopt powers from the elements, Erians have also have abilities, early Erians long ago before time was recorded, under unexpected circumstances and pure luck, they found out that Sprits have a soul and spirit, the more powerful they become the more knowledge they would have, but most importantly they developed self-consciousness, centuries later, a ritual called "Awakening" was researched, through bonding of spirits, they were able to communicate with Erians, through bonding they gave Erians the ability to manipulate elements, to gain powers and great sense of surroundings, and these Erians are called "I have no idea" The awakening was widely preached and known, unknowingly opening a door to a wider and deeper world of "Eria"...

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