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Here one second, gone the next here’s the reason why she really left... ••• After the last and final disappearance of her long term lover, Anihl decides to forget her altogether. Starting with forgetting everything that reminded her of the girl she still loved. Going through old things of her's is both a painfully nostalgic and eye opening experience as Anihl uncovers the true reason as to why she left for good. Follow Anihl on a journey to find her long lost lover while uncovering the secret life she kept from her for so many reasons. Letters, journal entries, ID's, bring her closer and closer to finding her lover and understanding why she left.

Mystery / Romance
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After her long term lover performs one final disappearing act, leaving her sad, confused and heartbroken, Anihl decides that enough is enough and it's time to forget her and move on. Starting with her belongings.

Her journals, her boxes full of pens and pencils, messy papers with scrawled notes, and piles upon piles of fake ID's, stolen credit cards, and a locked journal holding more secrets than Anihl can count.

She dives into the mystery that is her runaway lover, searching through entries and years worth of information about the secret life she never knew about.

These hold more than just secrets about her past life but the life she left Anihl for too, the entries tell her it was unwillingly but her sudden disappearance had her thinking otherwise.

Follow Anihl through this nostalgic and eye opening journey that has her learning things about her lover that she would've never thought possible and so much more. Follow her as she uncovers clues and secrets that help her get closer to finding Her.


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