Searching For Sasquatch In The Mountains Beware!

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Searching For Sasquatch Inw The Mountain Beware !

Were here in the cascade mountains of Washington State . Samantha. and Rebecca I love researching Mystery Creature. They say their mean killers I say not all of them but some are protecting their family. We arrived in Washington on thursday3/4 of a day to the mountain brought food with us in ice chest my daughter getting better at researching and collecting Evidence, But it can be hard and dangerous work but you can learn from the research Collecting evidence.and bagging it without touching it which you don't want to destroy DNA Off the evidence. I taught Sash my former wife which has went to Heaven bless Her soul, than Rebecca took over a year ago I thought that we were finish with Sasquatch research until more SIGHTING came up in different parts of the United States. Live was getting better between Rebecca and Samantha I got in there and help much more being Samantha was new at this Her fir first research trip wasn't that great. But she got over it, decided to go researching with us instead of staying at home worrying about us getting hurt or killed by a giant Sasquatch I do carry a high caliber Pistol with me on a holster and loaded ready for protection I love my wife or daughter from dangerous situations. We got away from using tents so we settled with cabins furnish with furniture, appliances, water, bathrooms . fireplace . A lake close by. It was Wednesday morning. we unloaded car into the cabin. It was noon now time for lunch maybe some sandwmount--rrchips,and pop. Rested from the long drive, than we took a hike in a different part of the mount-ains new hiking trails using G.P.S. took our backpacks but left one empty to put foot print castings we walk for four miles eight miles miles round trip but didn't find anything special we went down by the lake it was in Middle of August we all went swimming in our underwear. No one near the lake but us we thought?. I felt that someone or something was watching us lake was deep in spots it was getting near evening, The mountains and forest not to far from lake Some big creature was in the lake,Nearly submerged than I look again and it was a moose.I was relieved we got out of water and dried off.

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