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A step into a different world as a boy living a normal life is no longer going to ever be the same again as he meets a girl who is determined to deal with whatever it takes to help him save his future and solve the mystery. A mystery romance with a secret to unravel...

Mystery / Romance
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A knock on the door

It was a rainy, blunt, dark morning in England with nothing more to say than “did you bring an umbrella?” Yes Ostin was a normal boy coming back home from school as he held his head low and his thing long fingers over his head trying to protect himself from the showers. He looked around as all he could see was well...he didn’t actually know what he could see because the rain was so strong that all there was were a blur. He ran in different directions from left to right as he shouted for his mum as he sensed he was near his home.The rain slowly and gradually stopped as he searched with his eyes still blurry he stood and then sprinted tripping by the doorstep and banging his head. His dear sister Kristina walked to the door and peered over it only to find her older brother soaked in rain cramped and curled by the doorstep weeping. She called for her mum and she instantly can running as Kristina slowly opened the door trying not to hit Ostin. He sat up and said “mother?” He lay down carefully in bed dreading another clumsy school day he checked his phone, carefully scrollling through the pictures until he turned of his phone to rest...

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