broken hearts

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*broken hearts*

Mystery / Action
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That night

Why me?

Was I that ugly?

He left me?
For her?
These were the thoughts that she was having.Just like any other girl she wanted just a little bit of him because thats what he give.Nothing more Nothing less.She would do anything to get him but she cant she wont. Her life is already beyond miserable to think about guys especially him.
“Hey beca c’mon join us”.She was sitting in her school cafetaria alone because she is new and she have to act shy and all that goody two shoes so that she wont get much attention.Especially not from him.
“Hey!! Are u coming or not?” Lexi ,the blonde, and the most beautiful girl she have ever seen.
“Umm yeah sure just wait a bit. Let me just finish my lunch”
" galll what I meant was come eat with us”
Lexi laughed and beca politely smiled towards her.
" uhh yeah I am coming”
Zachary POV
Yeah I am that guy who broke her heart and I dont fucking regret it. Why should I ? Was she pitiful? Yes fucking yes. Was she beautiful? She was not beautiful she was hot as fuck. She is the type of girl who is easy to talk but who I love is not her.Although I do wish I could love her but I guess the heart wants what it wants.
“Hey zach!” My guys the only personas that I could trust. Josh and mike.
We have been together since kindergarten. They are the only ones who knew what happened that night.
" we should go to cafetaria.I ’m starving”
The three of us went to cafetaria and thats when I saw her and sitting beside her was the girl that I hated. The girl that i wanted to love but couldn’t. She looked in my eyes as if I am the only one here.I gave her my usual my cold stare.
I knew that after all that happened she would come here. I had already guessed it.
“Do you really love me Or is it just your another game?” She looked in my eyes hopefully that she would get the answer that she wanted.
“I have already told you I love someone else” I walked in the opposite direction of her knowing that she would follow me.

Flashback end

Beca POV
Today was hell. A hell that I dont want to visit again. My school is hell. My home is hell. What I did notice today was his hatred for me?
Why do I love him even though he destroyed me, someone’s life too.

That night,


“I dont love you. Stop texting me I mean it. It was really good talking to you but I am sorry. I love someone else” that last word felt like a poison. someone else.

" But I love you. I have been loving you since 2 years. The first time when I saw you-”

“I have heard that before” He gave me his usual cold stare. I was looking in his eyes and he looked away like he was embarrassed by me like I humiliated him. To be honest I was the one who was being humiliated right now.

After hearing what he said , I didnt talk. He moved back to go when we heard someone screaming. A girl screaming. We both chased after the screaming.. We saw two men trying to rape a girl who was probably my age-17.

“we have to stop them” I whispered to zach. He was not moving an inch. I have to do something I cant let that happen to anyone. Only when I decided to go and help her. He pulled me into him and kissed me. WHAT!?. Zachary richards is kissing me. And then I forgot about everything except him and the fact that he is kissing me. Just when I thought that everything was going right everything was actually going wrong.

“stop why are u kissing me? You love someone else and let me help that girl” I have stopped hearing that screaming .

“go home!!” he went on his way but that girl is haunting me and he actually stopped me from helping her.He would never really kiss me otherwise. I want answers. What the fuck happened?


Thats what happened that night. He is not replying me back since then and that’s why I came here to this hellhole. Rivers high school.

Zachary POV

Beca was the reason why I am in this position now.... I hate that bitch because she fucked up everything that day.


" She didn’t saw us right?” he said with his quite a petrifying voice.

“she did but dont worry she wont tell anybody” he pulled the collar of my shirt.

“you know what I can do, right?” I want to fucking punch him but I cant. I have to stop myself for her.

“I know what u can do” I gave him a cold stare.

" by the way that girl alexia right? how is she?” I hate it when he says her name.

“DONT FUCKING SAY HER NAME from your dirty mouth!!!”

“fuck off” he whispered to his mate”he’s scary” well fuck u”


“hey zach I haven’t seen u since yesterday. where were u” alexia aka lexi my love and the only girl that I have loved and will ever love. I just looked at her.

" I guess u are in a bad mood. Do u want me to go?” she is so fucking sweet.

" no babe lets just bunk this last class I am tired ” I smiled at her and enterwined my fingers with hers. I want to fuck her.

" umm yeah suree.. I guesss” lexi smiled nervously. see thats why i love her she is always so nervous around me even after a year of our relationship.

“hey lexi” where did she come from? I stiffened at her voice.

“oh hey beca do u want something” little did she know she wanted me. I acted like I didn’t know her.

" urmm so this is your boyfriend ” I could see her heart breaking into hundred of pieces.

" yeah I am her boyfriend. do u want something from her” lexi smacked at my chest and I raised my eyebrows at her.

“I am sorry beca. just text me okay we’ll talk tomorrow” lexi pulled my hand and dragged my ass to the parking lot.

“you are rude”′

" and u are cute” I ruffled her hair and she smiled like a cute little child.

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