Slice To Kill ( Vexa Book 2 )

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Vexa continued her killing schemes along with her classmate who was familiar with getting away from her murder. A new serial killer rose as she continued her search for the person who was behind in exploiting her crimes at Tuson's River.

Mystery / Thriller
Eon Rowe
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Two months ago.

“One hundred and nine dead bodies were discovered in the Tuson’s River this four o’clock in the morning. They were chopped and wrapped in plastic wrappers like they were going to be sold to supermarkets. Every person’s body was in the disposable black plastic bags and the police didn’t have a hard time in identifying them because all of them were the missing students from Villa Rinne Highschool. Police states that—”

In the dark room, there was a dead old woman sitting on her reclined chair, blood scattered on the floor and her neck was sliced. The cat meowed as it jumped off from the old lady’s lap. It was about to ran away when a woman’s slim arms grabbed it then massaged it’s back. She gave out a sadistic smile as she stared at the television.

“This girl is interesting,” she said.

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