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Researching Sasquatch In South America

Mystery / Thriller
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Taking a flight to South America Samantha and Rebecca and I Take Private jet to Brazil. We be

there in about 7 hours we had a hur built of the ground hoping snakes won't be able to get in.

We had netting no restroom so the ladies said they rather stay In hotel.was a nice new hotel,we

Went shopping in the city. Enjoy the day what was left of it . Went back to hotel looking for a

English speaking guide. Ate supper attel went swimming. Next morning Friday we contact

guide headed to the jungle where the Sasquatch was to be. All kinds of wild creatures around the

Amazon no Sasquatch foot prints lots of jungle to walk through poisonous spiders, big cats.

Looking for sand bars along the river where there may be tracks of Sasquatch seeking for fish

and other animals . Found tracks on the sand bar so we stop and took plaster castings of the

tracks. We took a boat down the river with the guide. Went back in the jungle after we pick

the castings. It got hot and humid in the jungle. We had to watch for the wandering spider that gets

Up inside your clothes inside your shoes. It poisonous to. We' didn't know how big it was , It might

be while throhiking through the tropical jungle. Samantha and Rebecca got through the jungle.

With the guide. We had Good connections we did find our track. It was the second day of research

We did finally see the monster.Took photos of the creatur we found Haiti hanging from1 saw palm

bag up the evidence. Headed back to Hotel we had onemore day but it rain that Sunday morning

We went out that afternoon found fresh tracks of creature this one only had three toes like a giant

bird!1took castings there could be more of of them !

The End !

Star writerJerry G. Smith

June 17, 2020

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