Liar Liar

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One secret’s out....there’s many more to follow ••• Following the multiplying string of deaths at Vantrin Academy, secrets about the academy itself, along with its students and staff are revealed. The murderer causing the deaths is revealing truths left and right, leaving bloodied notes as a morbid reminder within the crime scene, just barely giving you a glimpse of all that is not what it seems at the academy. The more people that die, the more secrets that are revealed, everyone is a liar and the truth is just beginning to be revealed. Everyone is a liar and bodies are dropping like flies, speaking the truth no matter how gruesome is the only way out.

Mystery / Thriller
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RAIN DROPS PELTED against the window, the eerie atmosphere surrounding the academy increased tenfold by the thunder clapping outside of its castle like walls.

Lucy was in one of the dorms, hands rummaging frantically through the mess of papers on a desk. The lantern propped on the wall and a light on the nightstand her only sources of light for the time being.

Where would someone like Liam hide his secrets?

Her hands ghosted over the handle a of a drawer, jerking the handle to open it, finding it unsurprisingly locked, like the rest of the drawers in this room.

She squinted down at the wooden desk in front of her, looking for notes, carvings etched into its wood, papers that could give her any clue on how to open the drawer.

The door behind her creaked open, Lucy too distracted by the task at hand to hear the soft creak of the old door.

"What do you think you're doing?" Liam's gruff voice laced with annoyance made her flinch dramatically, whipping around and nearly launching herself out of the window trying to back herself away from the boy in front of her. She stayed silent, nervously fidgeting with the locket around her neck.

"Do you want me to get the headmaster and have you explain to him why you're out past curfew?" He asked sharply, glaring at the girl in front of him, finding the carpet more interesting than his direct questions.

Just as he fixed himself to tell her to get out, she spoke, softly but clearly.

"I...I wanted to find out what you actually know about, Serena's death." The sentence put Liam's tough act to a screeching halt, confusion latching onto him and seeping into his words. "Why would I know about Serena's death?"

There was a long pause in between them, the rain pounding relentlessly against the window was the only sound in the room before she began to explain herself, "You're always sneaking off somewhere and the last place I saw you, was where Serena's body was found."

Liam could almost laugh, almost. The obvious accusation she threw in his direction was baffling. As much as he disliked his fellow school mates, he'd never do that—especially not to the degree she was found in.

He wondered if his behavior really warranted her to believe he'd go as far as to murder someone.

"You think I killed her, is that how little you think of me, that I'd go as far as to kill someone?" He asked, whispering the last part as if saying it any louder would cause an alarm to go off. His jaw clenched along with his fists as he watched her go quiet.

"So, you didn't do it?" She finalized, glancing up at the storm of emotion swarming through those piercing amber eyes of his,mostly anger and disbelief winning the war between the emotions clashing in his mind. He scoffed, a dry chuckle leaving his lips before he stepped out of the door way and pointed out of the door towards the hall.

"Get out. Now."

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