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"It wasn't dark and scary as it sounds." She stated. "But why are we here?" The guy replied. "Because I wanted to see how it feels to kill that bastard."

Mystery / Adventure
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are product's of the author's imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locals, livinbeg or dead, is entirely coincidental.

It's all just imagination based content for entertainment purposes. Don't take this seriously. It's written with no intention of hurting any person, community, or place.

Read at your own risk, this story is not perfect and unedited so error exist.




Nyxella's POV

"Ella baby, are you ready for tomorrow?" my mom said while combing my long hair.

"Don't you worry mom, I'm not longer a child anymore. I've grown up na kaya." I replied to my mom showing my muscles.

Yes, my muscles. I am working out even though I am just in the 8th Grade. And also yes, I'm just in the 8th grade. They say I'm young. Well, My body is young but my mind is not for a Grade 8 student. I'm much more responsible and matured than them. Well also, I'm spoiled. I can get whatever a I want.

Many peoples are scared to me even though I'm just a 14 year old girl. Oh well di ko sila masisi. When I was young, maybe 8 years old. I started learning martial arts. Well, it's important to me learning that thing. My family is always in danger. Maraming may galit sa pamilya namin. Well, di ko naman sila mapipigilan na magrevenge sa amin. My father is the boss in our Mafia Organization after all.

Now you know why I am learning martial arts in the old of 8. By the way, My name is Nyxella Theia Davis. My mom named me Nyxella because of the Goddess of the Darkness and Theia for the Titan Goddess of Sight. My hobby is cracking codes. Yes! I love codes very much! When I was young, there are many death threats given to my father. Death threats, but in a code. My brother, Ares is always the one who can decode it that time. But now I've learned some codes na kaya I can decode some of it.

Well, for me and my brother, we never experience a normal life. I'm not saying na abnormal buhay namin ah. Not that. What I'm saying is we are different from many people around us. Hindi gaya nila, kaming dalawa ni Kuya Ares ay may personal teacher. Pumupunta nalang sila sa bahay namin para turuan kami because that's my dad's command. Well, di ko naman masisi si dad. Threats are around us. Even though we're not learning in a school, I'm confident na mas matalino pa kami sa kanila. Well, unlike them, advance ang itnuturo sa amin ni kuya simula pagkabata.

Even though shopping is prohibited. Well, not that prohibited but we can only buy our clothes or shop in the mall only Monday in every week. For some people it's okay but for me, it's never okay. Like duh, para saan pa yung pera niyo para hindi gastusin.

Oh wait- did I say to you that we are no longer studying in the house? Well, kaya ako pinapa alahanan ni mom dahil bukas na ang first day of school ko. Yes, in a REAL school. We can shop na rin everytime we want. For me, this is like freedom!

Now, I on my way to the mall for changing myself. Yes, my dad accepted this favor but in one condition. And that one condition is we will change ourself. Yes change! My physical appearance, my name and etc.

I've planned na pumunta ng salon at magpashort hair. Well, my hair is long so that's why I'm going to cut it short.

"Good morning Ma'am! How can I help you?" the staff greeted me as I enter the salon.

"I just want to shorten my hair. Can you do that?" I said. Well, obviously they can do that.


"Wow! You look different Ma'am!" the staff said after shortening my hair. Well yung buhok ko na hanggang baywang ay hanggang shoulder ko nalang.

"Thank you" I mouthed. I walked to the counter and pay. As I leave the salon, I put my shades back. Mahirap na, baka may sumusunod sa akin.

I next go to the clothe section and pick my clothes according to my nerd but chic get up.

Well, while on the salon nakaisip na ako na pwede kong gamitin na pangalan. Well, is Serene Aphrodite okay? I think so.

When I got back home, I texted my dad to inform him na nakaisip na ako ng pangalan. Well, madali nalang naman yung documents para sa newself namin ni kuya dahil maraming connections si dad dito sa country.


"Nxy, Ares I already passed your document to the school you are transferred." Our dad said in the middle of our dinner.

"For the other people not to be suspicious, Nxy you are going to act like a nerd while you Ares you're going to be part of the Student Council."

"Dad, Can I be a nerd but chic? You know, I hate wearing big uniform." I said

"Sure baby but you need to be on the top always. Understood?" My dad said and I just smiled at him. Well, it's so easy to be on the top.

"Sa dorm kayo ng school titira. No one can know na mayaman kayo. You need to act poor so one can suspect you. And I've prepared your bank accounts. Dun nalang ako sainyo magpapadala ng pera if you need some, just text me. And last but not the least, please do not involve in a fight." My mom finished what my dad is saying.

"Yes Dad and Mom!" Kuya Ares and I said. I kissed them on the cheeks. "I will miss the both of you."

"Finish eating and go back to your room na and prepare for tomorrow. Don't be late!" pangaral pa ni mommy.

After finishing my meal, I go back to my room like my mother said.

I am now preparing my clothes for our stay in the school. Well I bought many new clothes for the nerd but chic get up. Almost of them are sweaters and hoodies. I also bought dress, all black clothes, etc.

Well I have two bags now in my front. One of them is for school get up. I put my notebook, ballpens, pencil, highlighter and any other school supply I need. Well some of my school supplies inside that backpack is not the ordinary one. Some of them is use for self defense. My two ballpens are actually pen size stun gun. One of my highligter is a laser.

My school bag also have a secret pocket. Not the usual secret pocket like the other bags have. This secret pocket is special, di mo mapagkakamalan na secret pocket pala yun. Only I know where is the secret pocket in my bag. Inside it, it has poisons. Well, that poison can kill you in a short period of time.

The other bag is for safety purposes. I hid inside it my guns, knives, silencer, metal stick, poisons and other tools need for killing someone in emergency. Yes, I've killed many people at this age. Well, I kill them because they needed to disappear in this world. I kill them because they deserve it.

After I prepared the things that I have to prepared, I kept thinking of what will happen if I enter school. Would I enjoy it? Maybe. Well, let's know tomorrow.

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