Different Version of Myself

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Nyxella's POV

'Goodmorning World!'

It's already 4:30 in the morning. Am I too early or am I too excited? Well, I think both. Sino ba namang di maeexcited, I'm free na kaya! I can do whatever I want!

I faced myself in front of the mirror and one thing is all I can say. I look different. Yes, different! If kakilala mo ako, di mo ako masyadong mamumukaan. Maybe I look familiar to you pero di mo ako makikilala in this look. My long hair is now short. My mole in my right cheek is gone. My fashion has changed.

I immediately take a bath and wear my school uniform. The school uniform is not bad. The color of it is sky blue. As I request to my dad, it's not big! My uniform is actually fitted for me. After wearing my uniform, I take out my glasses from it's place and put it on my face. I literally look like a nerd now. But before I forget, I put my stun pen in my secret pocket in this uniform. In case of emergency, I'm always ready.

"Good morning people!" I greeted them. Napatingin sa akin ang aming mga maid kayat nginitian ko lang sila at kumain na kasama ang aking pamilya.

"Why are you so early baby? It's only 5:30 in the morning. Your class is 7am. Are you too excited?" My mom said while eating.

"I'm not that excited mom. It's just my first time in school kaya dapat lang na maaga ako. Saka dadaan muna ako sa dorm namin para ilagay yung gamit ko." I said as I started eating my breakfast.

"Ah ganun ba? Basta please keep safe. Kung may napapansin na kayo na parang may mali, please be ready. Naturuan narin naman kayo ng self defense. And please try not to kill. You're too young to kill." My mom said. Di ko masisi si mommy, I've killed hundreds of people in this age. Well, they deserve it though.

As I finished eating, I immediately hop in my car. Well, I have my own car but I will not use this in school. Don't you remember? I'll act like I am poor. No parents. Plano pa nga kahapon ni dad, ang gagamitin daw ng panghatid sa amin ni kuya ay yung limousine namin. Buti nalang pina alahanan namin siya na mag aacting kami ng mahirap.

"Kuya Ares! Where are you na? Malilate na tayo!" I shouted. "I'm on my way to the garage na!" he shouted back.

"Ang tagal tagal mo kuya! Ano bang ginawa mo?"

"I assembled my gun first Nxy. We need to be ready." he said.

We are on our way to our school. Open Skies Academy. Now I know why the uniform color is sky blue. Well, the guard will not suspect us even though we have guns, knives, and poisons. They are hidden here in the car.

Nagpunta muna kami ni kuya sa aming dorm. Well, magkatabi lang kami ng room but my secret passage na nagcoconnect sa room namin. My dad requested that. He and the owner of this school are friends. I heard that the owner is also part of our Mafia Organization. That explains why. Our room looks like we are VVIP in this school. We are on the 5th floor. Room 501 and 502.

When I enter my room, Room 501. Whoa. That's my reaction when I enter the room. The room paint is color gray. When you look at the window, makikita mo ang full view ng school. My bed is a queen size bed. I have a big closet. And also inside my closet it has a secret room. Yes, it's a mini room. Maybe I can put inside it my guns, knives, etc. Hindi mo mapapansin ang secret room dahil pag nalagyan na ng damit ang closet at matatakpan ito. Well, I love my room.

I knock at my brother's room and said that I am going na to my room and he just said that magkikita nalang kami pag lunch time so cafeteria.

When I reached my room, I seated at the front seat near the window. Well, I am acting like a nerd. Dina nasa unahan ang mga nerd? If I were Nyxella, sa hulihan ako uupo but I am Serene Aphrodite David kaya sa unahan ako uupo. Well, I'm on time lang naman kasi after 5 minutes, dumating rin yung teacher namin.

"Good morning class! Welcome to Open Skies Academy! Especially to those transferees. I am Ma'am Eunice Santiago, your adviser and your Science teacher. So before we start our lesson, Can you please introduce yourself at the front?" As always. Introduction sucks. It's boring. Well, I have nothing to do but introduce myself.

"Starting from you, miss near the window." My teacher pointed at me. Napaturo nalang ako sa sarili ko. As I said, Introduction sucks very much. My brother knows how much I hate it.

I walked to the front and started acting like I am a nerd. I lowered my voice in a few octaves. "Hello! My name is Serene David. I am just new here. My hobby is reading books."I shyly said. I only said Serene David but the my name in the document is Serene Aphrodite David. I also don't said that I love codes and ciphers. I'm just playing safe you know.

The class started to introduce their selves but I don't care. I just look at them like I am not interested.

"I hope that we can get along soon. Di ko pa kayang imemorize name niyo ngayon but I promise I'll memori-" naputol ang pagsasalita ni Ma'am Santiago ng biglang tumunog ang cellphone niya. Haist. Dapat prohibited ang cp pag may class. It can disturb kaya. The students will just waste the pay sa school kung hindi magtuturo ang teacher.

Ma'am Santiago excused herself and read the text message. I followed her with my eyes. Bale nakatalikod siya sa akin ngayon dahil nasa part ako ng may window na malapit sa door. I standed para tignan ang text message. Di naman sa chismosa pero I think something is wrong. What caught my attention is the text message.



As I read the code,I've found out that the culprit behind this is so dumb. Unang tingin ko palang sa code, nasolve ko na agad. The code is too easy. I think sinearch lang to sa Google.

Ma'am Santiago started to tremble after reading the message. She started running to the faculty room. Maybe she will report it.

I walked away at the classroom. So this school has many comfort room. How come that I can found the bomb? Oh wait, did I tell you that the bomb is on the comfort room? Well, the code used is Caesar's Box. That's a common code! It's too easy to decode it.





When you read at from the top then down, then ulit pa you can know what's the message. It says IN THE COMFORT ROOM. That's why I'm on my way to the comfort room to see the bomb. When I arrive at the first comfort room, I found already the bomb. Am I too lucky? Did na ako maghihirap na hanapin yung bomba.

I checked the bomb and found out that it's fake. It's fucking fake! I waste my time for this and ugh! I hate it. I hate wasting my time for nothing. My time is precious.

"Students! Students! Please evacuate now! We find out that there's a bomb inside this school. They send us a text message that there's a bomb here but we don't know where is it. For those who know how to crack a code, Please come to the faculty office." It was the voice of Ma'am Santiago. Some of the students are panicking and started running in every direction. I think it's a wrong decision to tell the students that there is a bomb here. They will surely panic like what is happening now.

I started walking to the faculty room. Well, I will not solve the code. Titignan ko lang kung masosolve ba nila.

"You're one of my students right? Are you here to crack the code? Do you know how?" Ma'am Santiago asked me but I just smiled at her and said. "I just wanna know Ma'am who can crack the code." Maybe that wasn't suspicious. I hope so.

I am waiting now for someone who can crack the code when someone knock at the door revealing a girl. The girl is beautiful, tall, her skin is white, she doesn't have a pimple, blackheads or so whatever you called it, her boobs is big but I can sense that she is a bully. Well, I think my deductions is right. She entered the room with her two minions behind her with their camera. Alipores niya ata.

"Hello Ma'am! I'm here to crack the code po." the girl said in a plastic tone. I'm just kidding with the plastic tone. Well, she sounded like a frog. Oh wait- she looks like a frog too.

"Do you know how to crack a code Miss Stephanie?" Stephanie? Her name sounded like a bitch. Bagay sakanya.

"Of course Ma'am! I'm so smart kaya! Even though I am 14 years old, I can solve codes in just a minute." She proudly said. Well, I just solve the code in a second.

Ma'am Santiago passed her phone to Stephanie bitch. She stared at it. She's trying to decode it. Kinukuhanan pa ng dalawa niyang alipores yung pagsolve niya ng code. Tsh nakalive pa nga ata eh. Mga kulang sa pansin. Sana magkamali siya.

"Oh who is she Ma'am?" she stared at me like she is going to kill me. She can? I don't think so.

"She's Serene, my student. She wants to know who can solve the code." My teacher said and I just smiled at her sweetly. Well, I just wanna tease her.

"Oh, I'm the one who can solve this code!" she stated proudly.

"Really? I don't think so." pang aasar ko pa

"What?! You bitch! I'm going to prove you!" she said shouting. She definitely sounded like a frog.

"Oh sure! Wait, I thought you can solve the code in a minute? 3 minutes has passed but how come you did not solve it?" I said teasing her again.

"Well, I thought the code is easy but this is hard. Eh ikaw nga, di marunong magsolve! Duh, stop messing with me kung wala ka rin namang maibubuga." she said and rolled her eyes. I just laughed at what she said.

"Why the fuck are you laughing? Do you think it's fun? A bomb is inside this school! Baka mamatay tayo pag sumabog yun." she said and acted that she's nervous.

"Oh chill Stephanie! You know what? Ang ayoko sa lahat ay yung minamaliit ako. You thought the code is hard? Well, it's freaking easy! I think you don't know nothing about code. The code sent by the culprit is common. It was the Caesar's Box! The code is so easy! It says IN THE COMFORT ROOM. 10 minutes has just passed and how come you cannot crack it? It took me only seconds to solve it." I said and rolled my eyes at her. What I said left them shock. Ma'am Santiago's jaw dropped.

"Bravo Serene! Call the security and check the comfort room!" Ma'am said but I refuse her not to.

"Don't worry Ma'am, after I found out that the bomb is in the comfort room, I searched every comfort room here in our school and I found out that the bomb is in the comfort room near our room and the bomb is fake." I said that leaved her surprised.

"Magnificent! Thank you Serene!"

"It's fine Ma'am. I have to go na po, I'm late in my next class." I said and leaved the room.

Many students are staring at me. Maybe they watched the live show of Stephanie the frog. They watched kung pano napahiya yung Idol nila.

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