Different Version of Myself

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Serene's POV

I immediately went to the secret passage of my room to my brother's room. Kuya Ares need to know this.

"Kuya! Someone left this on my desk while I'm on the rooftop. This person probably know my real identity." I said nervously.

"What?! How?! Don't you lock your door?" Kuya asked.

"I locked my door Kuya! Hindi ko alam kung pano napasok yung letter. Diba you know some tips for hacking? Can you please check the CCTV from 5pm to 5:25pm. That's the time I left my dorm." I asked Kuya. He somehow know hacking. I think his hacking skills is enough for hacking the CCTV.

"Wait, I'll get my laptop."

Linabas ni Kuya ang kanyang laptop at may pinindot na kung ano ano. I don't understand but there's many numbers and letters. I just call my assistant to go in my dorm to check the fingerprints of this letter.

Me and Kuya Ares have a assistant since someone gave threats to my father. Our assistant is always near us. They are like our guardian angel, palagi kaming binabantayan kahit saan kami magpunta to prevent danger. Sa totoo nga nasa Room 510 and 511 ang assistant namin ni kuya.

"Ciara, where are you? Can you please meet me at my brother's dorm? I have something to tell you." I said at my assistant. Well, she's my only friend. I treat her like my friend not my assistant. She's Ciara Angela Alonzo. 15 years old. She's too young to be a assistant but trust me, she's strong just like me. Sabay kaming nagtraining ni Ciara simula pagkabata. My dad saved his dad from murderers that's why Ciara volounteered to be my assistant.

"I'm on my way." She said and suddenly someone knocked at my brother's room. Probably Ciara. Ang dali ah.

"Ang bilis mo naman! Ah teka- bat kasama mo yan? Diba ikaw lang pinapatawag ko?" I asked her when I saw Trous. My brother's assistant.

"Pake mo? Gusto ko palang sumama eh. Ang boring sa dorm." He said while eating a cotton candy. San naman niya yan nakuha?

"Tsh. Someone left a message at my dorm when I go at the rooftop. Kuya is hacking the CCTV right now to know who left this. I want you to check the fingerprints here in the paper." I stated.

"Sure. Yun lang ba? Papabili kayo ng pagkain?" She asked.

"Uhm I'm suddenly craving for pizza and spaghetti right now. Trous, sumama kana kay Ciara pagbili. Para mas mapadali."

"How about mag overnight nalang kami dito ni Trous tas pagusapan nalang natin dito yung plano?" Ciara stated that makes me agree. She leave the room with Trous to check who's behind this.

"Come here Nyx!" Kuya Ares called me pointing at his laptop.

A guy went straight to my room and start lockpicking my door. 5 minutes has passed but di niya parin nabubuksan ang dorm ko. So he just slid it. I think he's not aware of the CCTV. He did not cover his face. He's about 185 cm tall. He's wearing a hoodie. He's muscular but he's wearing a glasses that makes him look like a nerd.

"Can you please zoom in his face?"

Kuya zoomed in the face of the culprit like what I said. When he zoomed it, the guy doesn't look familiar. I think I've never saw him. Even though it's blurred, you can see that the guy is cute. Wait- I don't like him.

"Can you please screenshot that Kuya and send it to me." I asked kuya and he just shrugged. I know someone who can help me to find this guy. It's no other than Trous Angelo Alonzo. The guy with the cotton candy. Ciara's younger brother. Like me, Trous is 14 years old but we're strong. Let me introduce to you our squad. Even though the Alonzo's are working for us, we treat them always like our siblings.

Ares Theodore Davis - The leader of our squad. 15 years old. Siya ang nakatoka sa pagplaplano kung ano ang gagawin namin. Siya palagi ang nagdedecision. Black Shadow. They know him for being called Black Shadow. Why? He's like a shadow when fighting. You'll never know kung andyan ba siya o wala. You can't feel his presence. Many people are scared at him.

Ciara Angela Alonzo - Assistant leader of our squad. 15 years old. When kuya is not around, she's there to plan. She's also good at planning. Midnight Queen. She's known for that. Why? Even though the lights are turned off, she can kill them in a minute.

Trous Angelo Alonzo - Hacking master. 14 years old. He is good at hacking, he can hack whatever he wants. He is also good at fighting. Physically and Mentally. Mind games. He's so good at that. Blue Phantom.

Nyxella Theia Davis - Cryptography 101. 14 years old. Good at cracking codes and ciphers. Also known for killing the secretary of a famous organization. Dark Light.

That's our squad. We still haven't decided our squad name. We're too lazy for that.

While I am telling you the story, someone suddenly knock at my brother's room. Maybe Trous and Ciara.

"Nyx! There's no trace in the letter. Maybe the culprit already know na ipapatrace natin kung andyan yung fingerprints niya. Wise." Ciara stated.

"It's okay, I already know na wala siya dyang iniwan na fingerprints. I just wanna make sure." I said.

"Trous, Can you please identify whose this?" I gave him my brother's laptop. " I think he's on the 8th grade like us." I stated.

"Sure. Give me 10 minutes and we will know whose behind this. Konti lang naman ang mga students dito." Trous said. He's right, students here are few. In our section nga, there's only 20 people. For the 8th grade, there are 3 sections. So maybe 60 students are in the 8th grade.

While Trous is hacking, Ciara and I are eating a pizza.

"Where's the spaghetti?" I asked Ciara but she just shrugged.

"There's no available spaghetti in the restaurant we ordered so we just bought a carbonara. It's delicious also." She said and pointed at the carbonara.

"Carbonara? Yuck! Don't you know that I don't like carbonara? It taste awful. Are you really my friend?" I glared at her. I really hate carbonara.

"Oh? really? Actually there's a spaghetti in the restaurant but we are actually craving for carbonara that's why we bought it. Peace!" She said at me. Kuya Ares just laughed. They all love carbonara except me.

What's delicious in carbonara? For me, nothing. It's so disgusting and it taste awful.

"Nyx! I've already found whose behind this!" Trous shouted so I run to him leaving Ciara and Kuya Ares.

"He's Andrew Louise Silvenia. 8th grade. Section A. Classmate mo pala to eh." Trous said. Classmate? Di ko siya napansin.

Andrew Louise Silvenia? What do you want? What are you planning to do?

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