Different Version of Myself

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Someone's POV

'What do you want from me? Why do you know my real identity?'


I shrugged when I read the letter. I've know this would come. I planned this actually. This letter is probably from Miss Serene Aprhodite David. Let's respect her, I would not call her in her real name in one condition. If she did not agree with my favor, I have no other choice but to spill the beans.

You know? It's so boring these days. I need something fun and gladly I'm one step closer to it.


Serene's POV

"Did you already delivered the message?" I asked Trous.

"I already delivered it safely. I think he's reading it now." Trous stated and shrugged. He's not interested at all.

"Thank you for your help but I am going now, It's already time. Ma'am Santiago will diss me if I am late." I said and leave my brother's dorm.

As I entered the room, I immediately go in my seat. The culprit who knows my real identity, Andrew is on my front. I can see what is he doing. From what I see, he's a fan of reading books. I also think he is an avid fan of Sherlock Holmes. I saw him watching some of it. Well, he's not boring after all. I think he gets the code that I gave him. For an avid fan of Sherlock, It's so simple.

"Hey, You've been staring me for 5 minutes. Do you want something?" I was shocked when suddenly Andrew stared at me.

"Oh! I'm sorry! Where did you by your shoes? It's nice." Ugh! I'm doomed! Why the shoes? I didn't know, I just stared at his shoes for some unknown reasons.

"This? It has logo Miss. It's from Nike." He said and turned his back from me. Tsh. I've noticed it now. It has logo for damn sake. Why am I so dumb? Ugh! It's so embarrassing.

I just played at my gadget. Maybe Ma'am Santiago will not come today. Maybe there's an emergency meeting about the fake bomb.

"Oh. Look who's here!" I suddenly look up when I heard the frog's voice. No other than Stephanie. I have no time for her. I will just get myself into fight.

"Hey, Why are you ignoring me? I'm so beautiful to be ignored." She said. "I'm sorry, I'm so busy today Miss Queen Bee." I said trying myself not to be sarcastic. Yuck! Miss Queen Bee? Di bagay. I just said it para matapos nato. I need to act like a nerd and this is what a nerd acts.

"Oh, that's true! I'm the Queen Bee. No one wants to fight with me or else they will be punished. Do you remember what you did last day? You should be punished you know?" She said. Boasting.

"I'm sorry for that. I will accept what's my punishment." I said and smiled. Nyx! You need to do this for your safety! I've cheered myself.

"Oh! Where's your pride? Kidding aside. Meet me at the cafe tomorrow lunch. I'll tell you what is your punishment." She said and leave me. I want to grab her hair and choke her.

"Good morning class! Sorry for being late!" There's a suddenly emergency meeting lately about the fake bomb incident." Ma'am Santiago entered the room.

"You know class, if one of you is behind this incident, I must told you that what you do is wrong. Pranks can kill a person you know? The school head fainted when he heard about this. If you're planning to do a prank or what so ever you called it, please don't try to." Our adviser said. Hmm she's right though.

"I'm now giving the chance to the culprit to turn yourself. Meet me tomorrow at the cafe, lunch time. I will not tell the others to know that you are behind this. Just spill the truth that you are behind this. I know that one of you in this class is behind this. Don't try to hesitate to tell me. Okay. Class dismissed." Ma'am Santiago said and left the room. My classmate startes talking. Chismis. Ugh! Some rumors are not even true. They are believing it without an evidence


"Trous, let's meet" I talked to the phone.


"Tsh. Wala akong kasamang kumain ngayong lunch. Kuya and Ciara is not available."

"Basta libre mo ah. I will order many foods." He said. How come na hindi siya nabubusog? One time nga, we ordered 10 boxes of pizza in our house and Trous ate the 8 boxes and still wanting for more. Where did the food goes?

"Yeah. As always Trous." I sighed. Even though he has many money, it's always me who pays.

"Okay! I'm on my way!" Basta pagkain palaging okay eh.

I went to the cashier and ordered 5 boxes of pizza and 2 spaghetti. I want to eat light lunch now. The 5 boxes of pizza is not mine. I can't eat that. Only Trous can.

"Serene!" Someone called me. Trous. Girls are staring at him. I can't even blame them. Trous is handsome and has a built body.

"Woah! Tinupad mo talaga yung sinabi ko. Nice. Yan ang gusto ko sayo eh!" He stated and laugh.

"Just eat your food. Pinagtitinginan tayo dito oh." I said because many girls are glaring at me specially the frog.

"Di ko sila masisisi. Ang gwapo ko kasi." He said boasting. Yuck! Disgusting.

"You know? You're too mahangin. Stop saying nonsense cause it's not even true." I said. I can't tell him that he's handsome, magyayabang lang yan lalo.

I'm eating my spaghetti when Stephanie the frog came. Probably he likes Trous. As what I think. She really likes my friend.

"Hey Serene! You don't tell me that you have a friend like him." She said preferring to Trous. Trous look at her and look back at his food. I laughed. He doesn't seem to like the frog.

"Hey, I'm Stephanie. I'm the Queen Bee of this school." The frog said and lend his hand to my friend. Like what happen lately, Trous just look at her hand and look back at his food. He loves food more than anything. I cannot stop myself from laughing.

"I'm sorry for laughing. It's just that my friend loves food more than anything." I said when Stephanie glared at me. She's probably embarrassed.

"Be a gentleman Trous. Shake hands with her and apologize also." I whispered at Trous. He knows that this is part of my plan so that no one will notice me acting like a nerd. Trous lend his hand to the frog.

"I'm sorry for what I did earlier. I just don't want my food to wait." He said and forced a smile. They are funny.

"No, it's okay. Here's my card. Call me if you want someone to talk with." Stephanie lend her card to Trous and left. She really likes walking away.

"Is she the one that gets you in trouble?" He asked.

"Definitely. Be nice to her or else our plan will get ruined."

"And also, I'll get going. Finished that pizza before you leave. It's expensive Trous and I buy 10 of them so make sure to eat that all or I'll kill you."

"Sure. Duh, don't you know who am I? I'm Trous Angelo Alonzo who loves food. I can't waste them Serene." He said and I just stared at him and leave while waving my hand.

I need to get prepared. I went to my dorm and get my gun and put a silencer on it. I don't know how dangerous that Andrew is. I put the gun in my secret pocket and leave my dorm.


The class is already over so I am now behind the gym waiting for someone. Do you get the code that I gave to him? Well, It's called QWERTY Code.

Plaintext letter


Ciphertext letter


You can construct a secret message from the above table. Every time you see an "I" you would substitute the "O" beneath and so on for the other characters. The message "DTTZ DT QYZTK LEIGGS WTIOFR ZIT UND." would read " MEET ME AFTER SCHOOL BEHIND THE GYM." So I am now currently waiting at him. Andrew Louise Silvenia. Where are you?

"Did I waste your time waiting? I suddenly did not remember that you are waiting for me." Andrew suddenly popped out of no where.

"I'm Andrew Louise Silvenia, Miss Serene David." He said and lend his hand at me but I just look at it. How would I know if it has poison? Just kidding, if his hand has a poison he's probably have died now.

"What do you want?" I asked him straightforwardly.

"You're so straight forward Serene. I like it." He said but I just raised my brow at him.

"How did you know my real identity?" I asked him again.

"Why don't we have a coffee near at the cafe? I'm tired standing." He said and I just glared at him. How long will he ignore my questions?

"How long will you ignore my question? Say what you want and just keep your mouth shut. What do you want?" I asked him again as always but he just shrugged.

"Why the fuck aren't you answering?! You'll answer or I'll kill you?!" I said at him and pointed my stun pen at his side.

"Oh! Just chill Serene! I don't want anything." He said and raised his two hands.

"Don't try to make me angry idiot. What the fuck do you want? I'm losing my temper here. Say what you want or I'll kill you?!" I said and glared at him. This time it's not my stun pen at his side but my gun in his head.

"O-okay! O-kay! I will say it now. Just put your gun in the ground." He said like a scared cat. I don't know that boys are scared at a gun. Well, this gun is not true. It is just a fake toy gun. I did not brought my real gun here, safety first.

"What exactly do you want?" I said and glared at him and he just smile in a creepy way.

"You've said that you will do whatever I want right? What if I asked to be part of your squad? Hmm, I think it will be wonderful right?" He said that left me shock but I suddenly keep my shocked face before he notice it. How did he know about my squad? Who's exactly he is?

"What are you talking about? I have no squad for damn sake! Stop talking nonsense idiot." I said making him believe with my acting skills. I'm good at acting if you didn't know.

"Nonsense? That's absurd! I'm not talking nonsense Miss Serene. Black Shadow. Midnight Queen. Blue Phantom. Dark Light. Do you know who are they? Well, I know them." He said and my eyes widened. Why the fuck on Earth did he know this?

"Do you believe me now? Dark Light?" He said while pronouncing my secret name that's why I glared at him and look in the gym if there's someone hearing us.

"Shut the fuck up! Don't you dare call me like that!"

"So do you now accept me in your squad?"

"I'll ask my brother about it but please keep your mouth shut or else you'll be dead." I said and leave him behind the gym.

What is he planning to do?


Author's Note: Some of my codes I used here in my story is from the Google so if you are familiar with some of it don't misunderstand it. Thank you!

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