Different Version of Myself

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Serene's POV

'Ciara, I need you in my brother's room right now. Please bring Trous with you. This is important.'

I sent my text message to Ciara. I did not tell it already to my brother. I want to tell it to them when we are complete. Suddenly someone knocked in my brother's room.

"What do you want to say Serene?" Ciara asked.

"Do you remember the guy who left a message on my room? The one who knows my real identity?" I asked them and they just nodded.

"He's name is Andrew Louise Silvenia. 14 years old. My classmate. He knows my real identity as Nyxella David and as Dark Light." I said that made their eyes widened.


"The fuck?!"

"Trous, make a background check on him. Maghanap ka ng pwedeng pang blackmail. I think Andrew Louise is not his real name." Kuya Shan stated.

"He also know about our squad. He knows that Kuya is Black Shadow. Ciara as Midnight Queen. Trous as Blue Phantom and I as Dark Light. He wants to join our squad." I said that make their jaw dropped.

"What the? What does he wants?" Ciara asked.

"I don't know! I don't know also how did he get our secrets."

"Somerc Gray Torres" Trous stated while looking at his gadget.

"Trous, did you hear us? We are talking about that damn Silvenia! Who the fuck is that?!" I irritatedly said. How come do he state someone's name in the middle of our discussion?!

"The fuck are you talking about? His my new found friend in this school. Duh." He said and rolled his eyes at me. He looks like a gay. Eww. He barely gets a friend.

"Oh really? Sorry for over reacting! But rolling eyes is not suited for you. You look like a gay Trous." I said and laughed at him and he just raised his middle finger at me and mouthed 'Fuck You!'

"Stop arguing! What did you find out?" Kuya Shan stated while we are in the middle of our argument.

"He's the one behind the fake bomb incident and no other. He doesn't have a family and friends. He's living alone." Trous said.

"Do you have an evidence that he is behind that fake bomb incident?" Kuya Shan asked.

"Of course! It's Trous Angelo your talking about bro! I can do whatever I want." He said and showed us some CCTV footage.

"Now, we have some card against him but it's too light. We also don't know what is he planning to do. There's only one choice that we can do." He said and sighed. I think it's a big decision. When kuya is sighing it means he really think of that a hundred times before deciding.

"What's the only chance?" Ciara asked.

"We have no other chance but to accept him. Don't you know the quote 'KEEP YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER'? We need to have an eye on him." Kuya stated.

"Serene, be friends with him. Try to know what he's capable of. Try to know what he's scared the most and his weak point."

"Sure. I can do that."

"Trous, keep searching an information about him."

"Yes sir!"

"Ciara, let's talk later. I'll tell you about my plan." Kuya said and Ciara just nodded.

"Meeting adjourned. Go back to your dorm and please do your mission safely."


"Serene! Wake up! It's already 6:45 in the morning. You'll be late in your class." Kuya Shan shouted.

"What?! Why did you not wake me up?!" I said and run to the bathroom. I need to take a bath for 5 minutes.

I will gonna eat my breakfast while walking nalang.

"Hurry up little sis." Kuya said. He's already wearing his uniform when he wakes me up earlier.

"Mauuna na ako. Baka malate pa ako gaya mo." He said and laughed.

"Kuya just shut up and leave!"


"Serene, why are you late?" I'm now on the class when suddenly Andrew just popped out. He likes popping out of nowhere.

"Andrew, why do you care?"

"Chill. I'm just wondering kaya. Hindi ka pa kasi nalalate." He said and laughed.

"You don't care." I said and rolled my eyes. How did he know? It's only the first week of class though.

"How about our discussion yesterday? Did your brother approved it already?"

"He approved it already but I don't want him to."

"Why? I'm good at defusing bombs."

"Defusing bombs? Do you mean fake bombs?" I rolled my eyes at him again. He's irritating me.

"You already know that I am the culprit behind that incident? Nice. I choose the right squad to join with." He said and smirked.

"The fuck are you talking about? What else are you good at?"

"I'm good at hacking, fighting, I can also crack codes like you. Uhm, I also know how to pull a prank without noticing that I am the culprit behind it." He proudly said.

"Prank without noticing that you are not the culprit behind it? Tsh. We already know that you are the culprit behind that incident idiot."

"I don't care. But I'm just happy that I am now part of your squad. When will be the meeting?"

"Later. After class. Room 503. 4pm." I whispered at him.

"You'll be ask many question before you officially joining our club. Be ready." I said and listen back to the teacher.


'Trous, make an eye at that Silvenia. I have something to do. Thanks.'

I messaged Trous. Stephanie and I will talk about my punishment thing at the cafe.

"Serene, You're too early!" Stephanie greeted me as she entered the Cafe. I'm always early when meeting someone. I've always make sure that I am the first one who will arrived. Why? I've meet many people before but some of them try to poison me.

"I'm just always early. What's my punishment?"

"You're so straightforward. Why don't we order coffee first?"

"I have many things to do Ms. Queen Bee. I'll ask you once again, what's my punishment?" I tried not to lose my temper.

"Oh am I wasting your time? Probably yes.

Base on your look. Sorry for that."

"Stop ignoring my question Stephanie, you are like the person I met yesterday. I hate wasting my time. What's my punishment?"

"Don't talk to me like that! I'm still the Queen Bee bitch."

"You're still the Queen Bee but the title is not suited for you so act like a real Queen Bee."

"Stop! I want you to be my slave. For 1 month." She said. What?! Slave?! The fuck?! If daddy will heard this, Stephanie the frog will he dead by now.

"Sure. When I am gonna start?" Kahit labag sa loob ko ay tinanggap ko na lamang ito. I have no choice but to accept it.

"How come you agreed in just a second? Kidding aside. You'll start tomorrow." She said and leave me at the Cafe. Is leaving her thing? She really likes it.


Trous Angelo's POV

"Ate! You need to see this." I said and pointed my finger on my laptop.

"What's that?"

"Do you remember Andrew Louise Silvenia?"

"Yeah. How about him? Do you find out something?"

"Unfortunately, I find something unbelievable." I said that make her look at my laptop.

"What the ... fuck?" She said as her eyes widened.

"Should I tell this to Shan? or I'll keep it in just the two of us. I think it will be dangerous if they know about this." I said at napatango na lamang si ate.

"Just keep it to the both of them. Ako na ang bahala dito. Titignan ko kung may alam si Silvenia tungkol dito." Ate Ciara said.

Do you know why that's ate Ciara reaction? Well we've find out something that you can't tell if it's really true.

Andrew Louise Silvenia is the missing sibling of Nyxella and Ares Davis.


Author's Note: Sorry kung sabaw ang update. It's just that I'm too lazy right now. Please understand. Thank you!

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