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Ciara's POV

"Hello Tito?"

"Yes, Ciara? Is there something happened to my childrens? Is Nyx and Ares okay?"

"They are okay Tito. I'm here because I have to ask something important." I said and his bodyguards left us.

"What is it? I think it's really important that make you go all the way here."

"Tito, do you know someone named Andrew Louise Silvenia?"

"Andrew Louise Silvenia? I haven't heard of that name."

"Stop kidding me Tito. I know that you know him. Aurcel Zephyr Davis. That's his real name Tito. Is he your missing child?"

"Lower your voice Ciara. Someone might hear you."

"So am I right Tito? Is that Andrew is the real Aurcel Zephyr?"

"Yes, but please don't tell this to Ares and Nyx. I've found him in Bicol last year and I've given him some mission like your squad."

"He likes to join our squad Tito. Ares and Nyx know him as an enemy. When Trous is having a background check on him, he found out that his real name is Aurcel Zephyr Davis that happens to be your lost child."

"Tsk. Aurcel is bad at hiding his identity. I need to train him." Tito stated.

"I'll help him Tito since he will be part of our squad. Only Trous and I will know that he is your lost child. I have to go now Tito, maybe Nyx is already finding me." I said and leave Tito in his office.


Serene's POV

"Where is Silvenia?" Kuya Shan asked. We're all here except that Silvenia. We are here in Room 503. Dad gave us this if we have some meeting with someone we don't trust.

"I think he's on his way." I replied and suddenly someone knocked.

"Sorry, I'm late." Silvenia greeted us as he enter the room.

"Please take your seat." Kuya stated and Andrew seated beside me.

Kuya Shan - Ciara - Andrew - Serene - Trous

That's our seating arrangement.

"Why does it feels like I'm being interrogated here?" Andrew spoke.

"Why? Aren't we interrogating you?" Ciara replied.

"Oh sorry, my bad."

"From now on we will start to ask you questions. Don't you dare lie about it." Kuya Shan said.

"Sure. What's the first question?" Andrew asked and sit like a boss. How dare he? Is he not ashamed? It's not his room for damn's sake.

"What's your real name?"

"Andrew Louise Silvenia. Do you think I have other name? I'm not like you guys." He said like we've done something wrong. Tsh. We hide our real identity because it's too dangerous. Like duh.

"Where are you from?"

"Bicol. Specifically Camarines Sur."

"Bicol? It's quite far. How come you ended up being here?"

"Uhm my father's friend found out that I am in Bicol and he also found out that I am living alone so that's why he adopt me but I'm not living with him."

"How did you know about my sister's real identity?"

"Well, I've accidentally see her tattoo in her fingers. The tattoo says DAVIS in a cursive way. I've found out that her name is Serene Aphrodite David. Not Davis. It's the time that I started to be suspicious. I've search some informations about the Davis but I could only search some. Gladly I know some things about hacking and it helped me. I've found out that your dad is part of a Mafia Organization." He stated. My dad is part of a Mafia Organization? My dad is actually the boss not a part only. I think he only knows some information.

"But how did you know about our secret name? It's somehow private and not all people knows about this even our friends."

"Don't you truly know who I am? I'm good at everything. I can know what I want to know. When I started being suspicious around you guys. I started stalking you from afar. I've known that you four are quite close. When I found out that you two are the child of one of the highest rank in that organization I started being suspicious of who is Black Shadow, Midnight Queen, Blue Phantom, and Dark Light. Well, your names are beautiful and attracting."

"How did you find out about that Black Shadow, Midnight Queen, Blue Phantom, and Dark Light? We are known by people but they only know are name's not are real identity. No one knows about this because that's confidential. You're the only one who approached us because you know about this. Don't you think that we will be suspicious about you? I know you're not just an ordinary people so please just drop the act and tell us!" I've already lost my temper just why I said that.

"Ehh? I'm saying the truth here. You people just don't trust what I am saying here. And what? How did I found out about your secret identity? Tsh. Of course I do something to know that. I'm smart that's why I find it out. Do you really know why? First, that Davis tattoo. Davis is such a famous surname. How come will you not get suspicious if you found out that someone is hiding her real identity? Second, when I searched about that Davis, it turns out that one of a Davis is part of a Mafia Organization. Third, that Mafia Organization has a squad that they trust. That squad do what the leader of that organization said. That squad has 4 members known as Black Shadow, Midnight Queen, Blue Phantom, and Dark Light. When I started following some of you, I've found out that you four or somehow close. That's when my suspiciousness starts. Lastly, I'm not sure that you four are really them until I met Serene at the gym these days. I thought she will gonna deny it. Yes, at first she deny it but she tells the truth after I said about your secret identity." He spoke.

"I'm sorry but I have to go now. I have to meet some of my acquaintance." Andrew said and leave us in the room in daze.

"Ako na maghahatid sakanya." Ciara stated and follow Andrew leave the room.


Author's Note: Sorry for the short update! I'm just so busy these days. Enjoy reading!

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