Hazes Blearing the Liberation of Moon

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Zimal Hayat is a forensic psychologist who fell in love with a man who is a culprit. Arsh Meer is involved in the disappearance of his father. Has he kidnapped his stepfather? He uses Zimal for liberty. An entrepreneur fell in love with his employer’s wife who is happily married with a 12 years old son. What awful gimmicks would he use to get the love of his life?

Mystery / Romance
Zany Shah
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Her eyes were on the screen. She was silently moaning. She was lost, helpless and frozen. She was a beautiful woman around 41. Tears dropped down into her wide eyes. Her cheeks flushed red. She found her body shivering vulnerably. She was devastated. She had a mixture of many emotions; fear, trusting a wrong man and living with him madly. How could she be so crazy? How could she live with a killer for so long? The man who had killed her dear husband, the love of her life, she was living with him for four years. She supported him and let him achieve his goal.

She was living with a wrong man. "Oh my God! Oh my God! Poor me! He is a jerk. How the hell I never knew him? He is the culprit. How can I be so dumb? I am a fool!", she screamed.

Many memories were floating into her wet eyes. She remembered the day when she received some random call informing the death of her husband. She thought it was the worst day of her life but now she realized until that day, her every day was worst, gradually worseness of her life increasing and this day is a lot more painful. She missed him so bad and wanted him like crazy. Ala, she could never come back. Whenever she was upset, he was always there and shared her pains. "Please come back I am so alone. I am a culprit too I never realized that. What is the difference between me and that jerk? He killed you and I got married to him. I let him fulfill his desire. I never knew that. I am sorry please forgive me my love. I am so doomed it was just you who guided me, who always tell me what is good for me or what is bad. Look! I am empty handed now.", she whispered and lifted her trembling hands. Once she lost him when he died but truthfully, she lost him today by being with his murderer.

She shook her head, took a deep breath and said to herself, "No more foolishness! Let my son leaves the country tonight. I don't want to spoil his career he should go. But I would not let you come close to my son anymore. You will pay for all of your sins.”

She was not in her senses. She ran in her room crazily. She opened the cupboard and grabbed a paper and pen. It seemed like she was in a big hurry. She wrote something on paper hurriedly and folded it and then moved towards her son's room. She opened the drawer but then closed. "No, no, no! It is not suitable place that jerk could find it.", she thought. She put the note into front the pocket of the suitcase which her son packed for his departure.

She heard a voice which made her more nervous and scared. She could feel that her husband and her son came home. She got so scared and moved her step forward suddenly she got slipped and fell. She screamed with pain. The pain she felt by falling was less than the pain in her chest. She was so badly hurt deep down her heart was beating so fast. She felt that she would die with this pain today.

Her husband came into the room asked, “My love! What happened to you?” She pushed him against her and looked around with red eyes, there she saw a plate with apple and knife on the table. Her eyes stuck on the knife; she ran towards the knife…

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