Twisted Living

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It started in a day and ended in night. Then, I started living all over again not until I wave my final last goodbye.

Mystery / Drama
S.K. Reyes
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Twisted Living

Each day, after years and years of living again...

Dozen of pillows, handkerchiefs and tissues have tasted and drunk my tears as I mourned.

And my tears are now all dry.

Billions have heard my cry as I whisperly howl in the corner.

And I will no longer cry for her anymore.

At this very moment as I offer my final goodbye, as for the very first time that I will give her a pass and will be excused for not answering back to me and just give me no response.

---And I know that she will no longer hear me.

But somehow, somewhere ...

Just lie there, my friend. Take a rest for a while. No hardships for you anymore.


Morning is up and the sun is on its way to do its daily task. I woke up with a strange feeling within me. I can't point out what it is nor which is which. It just felt so odd ----very.

As time keeps on doing its job, I later did not mind the strange feeling. I forced myself to start the day with happy thoughts. I took a bath and changed clothes, ate my breakfast ---- my usual morning routine.

I , then, went out to go to elsewhere but my home. I went inside my favorite store to find my childhood gummies but there were out of stock so I went off and started walking. While walking staight ahead to fastfood resto I bumped myself into a crowded area. It was so unusual because people normally just pass by that abandoned 3-story motel as if it was not there. I wanted to find out what's going on but I'm too weak to make myself go in the middle of a crowd.

So, I walked away. I did not go to the resto anymore. I directly proceeded to my house.

Late at night, I decided to watch movies because I was bored so I made popcorn with a partner of softdrink. And suddenly, out of nowhere I wondered why my friends did not come by my home to spend our time together. I went upstairs to get my phone and texted them that if they're not busy, we'll be having a movie marathon and do sleepover.

I went downstairs with my phone. While I waited for their replies, I lay down the couch and opened the TV. I changed the channels continuously until the news flushed about what happened in the abandoned motel earlier.

I froze...

Tears went out of my eyes and began to feel the pain. I was schocked. So shocked.

Then, blood started on pouring out of my body, each second I feel weaker and weaker.

How fool can I be?

Little did I know that I fooled myself living for today.

The crowded people from earlier were the ones whose surrounding my corpse.

I'm the star, the topic of the news.

My friends who I assumed they were, turned out to be the suspects.

The news told it all. No wonder I felt so strange.

I was alive.

I cannot forgive so I won't. And if ever I break this promise I'll say my permanent goodbye.


I began on living again ---- but with death.

-----THE END----

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