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North Carolina Sasquatch

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Sasquatch Mystery

Mystery / Thriller
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North Carolina Sasquatch

Taking a trip with with Samantha Rebecca and I researching for Sasquatch may be a 2day trip with two drivers,we rent out a cabin for the three of us. Nice cabin Lake nearby a place to fish and swim. It was a second week of October we made sure there was enough wood for fireplace we unpack car. It was Wednesday morning it was getting toward lunch time sandwiches chips cola to cold to go swimming. I belive we can go researching for Sasquatches in the woods. They say you can hear than from miles. We took all oùr equipment with us and plenty of water. For us to drink and use for plastered castings. It was a long day we stop and ate a brunch. On a flat a area of the mountain. We went on our way Rebecca found the tracks they were 20" inches long 8" inches inches across the largest tracks yet, Rebecca took plaster paris castings. Waited for a hour than she dug them up wrap in bath towl that would protect them from breaking. We went to the area where the indecent happen found the hair hanging from tree branches Sasquatch hair. Human hair on ground, I Went into the area by myself Samantha and Rebecca didn't want to enter the area. So I gather the samples But still kept my eyes on them. I had A 45 semi automatic hand gun with me. To protect my wife and daughter and myself. WE are safe now not letting the Sasquatch get the best of me this time.we heading back to cabin for supper we had to hike to the car first headed to drive to cabin. Ate supper and relax I put wood on on the fire watch tv than showered.dry off Rebecca went to her room read a book than took a shower went to bed early. Next morning was Saturday Samantha cook breakfast bacon eggs toast Coffee made before breakfast. We got ready to go on research hike to find more evidence took a new trail into the woods Samantha seen new tracks same size. We heardbreaking of trees in the forgoing maybe a quarter mile away than we could smell it time to do a quick casting. Move out of the are but the creature was comming from behind us I turn around and seen it it show up in the glow of lights standing 10'ft tall it try to grab my daughter, I was angry than I brought up my pistol shot off three rounds to scar it off Samantha and Rebecca stood behind me Beleive did it want to make my it wanted to kidnapped my daughter. It didn 't move so I open fire ,it was about 10' ft in front of us by than belive it will be his wife. I change it mind It drop down to the ground. I believe it was dead it disappeared the same way it show up we got back to cabin before dark and clean up the castings , Iheard a scream howl in the mountains I must not have killed the creature we ate supper barbecue steak, corn, garlic toast. That night was like the night Gallery comming true Sasquatch return in revenge to get to Rebecca about three in the morning while Samantha an I was out of the cabin to lure the creature away from the cabin Rebecca came outside to look for us that's when the creature grab Rebecca and walk off with her to the mountains I head her screaming I chase it down it drop Rebecca turn around and headed my was I empty out my gun twice drop him off the cliff down on the rocks below crush it skull.I ran over and pick up Rebecca and carried her back to the cabin lock the doors till daylight she was ok scratches bruises. We had breakfast early loaded car clean cabin lock cabin dooraI drove half way Samantha drove the rest of the way back to McPhersonKansas.

The end

Star Writer Jerry G. Smith

June 18, 2020

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