Mirror of Darkness

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Janice is a 16-year old girl whose life gets turned upside down when her hand goes through her desk mirror.

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It was just a normal day. Janice and her best friends, Jesse and Heather, were walking home from a school day. As they stopped at Janice's house, Jesse and Heather waved goodbye and continued walking. Janice walked up on her porch and pressed her thumb against the door as she pulled it open. The cold air from the inside pushed Janice as she opened the door. The breeze was a good feeling after a school day. As usual, Janice walked in and threw her backpack on the floor beside the coat rack and walked toward the kitchen. Her Mom, Katie, was in there washing dishes as she spoke, "How was school, Janice?"
Janice opened the fridge, "It was good. I think I aced that math test today. It was a piece of cake." Janice grabbed the pickle jar from the door and turned her hands on the lid. "You studied last night so I knew you passed it." Katie said. Janice grabbed a pickle out of the jar and closed the lid. "I studied hard, too." Janice's sister, Aubrey, came down the stairs as Janice took a bite.
"Sometimes I think you study just a little too hard," she argued as she pushed Janice out from in front of the fridge.
"I do not," Janice raised her voice.
"Girls, stop arguing. You study a little much, too, Aubrey, so you can't say anything," Katie got onto them. Aubrey took a cheese stick out of the drawer and closed the fridge door.
Janice rolled her eyes and walked to her bag as she walked up to her room. She turned the knob and pushed and tripped over her shoe lace, falling onto her wooden floor. "Ow," She spoke as she got back up and closed the door. Walking over to her desk, she heard a voice. "Darkness," it echoed. Standing there, she tried to listen for it again, making sure it's just her imagination, but no, it repeated the echo, "Darkness." This time, the voice was more clear. She looked towards her mirror above her desk where she sat because it had sounded like it was coming from her mirror. She reached her hand on the mirror. Her hand went through the mirror. Startled to death, she quickly jerked her hand back to her body. She ran downstairs and screamed, "Mom! Mom! Help! My hand just went through my mirror!" She ran to the kitchen, seeing that was nobody in there. She looked in Aubrey's room. Nobody. She looked in her Mom's room. Nobody. She looked outside. Nobody.
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