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Being a manager of a famous boy band is delightful, thrilling and daring.As time passes she realize that she was the only person who was taking the job professionally. She never wonder why there are less percentage of women working as a manager for a boy band. She does not believe in romance or love nor in trust. She is the manager and that's all she thinks about. Every effort she put in her band is not a personal attachment. She merely does it since it profusely improve band faith and trust in her. But what will happen if her action are criticized and neglected? What if someone delebrately try to ruin her? She is not Korean but being a K-pop band's manager is a major impact on whole industry. Will she make out or drop out of her dream work? Will she able to handle the boys? After all she is a bit different from girls.

Mystery / Drama
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The sun was blooming brightly as if the anticipating day has approached. Busy foot steps can be heard far from the work place, people were rushing here and there to reach the place on time in early morning. Yet among all these hassle there was a lady standing in a fine clothes which perfectly identified her as an outsider and natural beauty. She was around 25 years not a lady nor a woman so to be called.

Among other busy heads, she was quite and observing the street at the cross pane as if she was waiting for someone to approach her. Couple of minutes later there was a beautiful black Chevrolet Buick GMC approaching her. The car stopped in front of her as the driver signaled her to get in. Good morning, Ms. Bree. Said the driver buckling his seat belt. Oh, Good morning, Mr. Lau said the addressed lady.

Mr. Lau worked for the entertainment for 20 years and is a most trusted volunteer in every area. His faith in his family and company are both unbreakable nor shatter able. He has 2 child working and a college girl who wants to do management. He is another sweet, old witty gentleman.

You always dressed this marvelous or is it only today? said the man jokingly, though the ladys face was still blank.

No, I think I just dress normally like other days, the lady commented with no hint of amusement but smile. The car started to gear to a known direction. All the street and lights are now familiar to the lady, sitting in the passenger seat. She quickly buckled herself. Ah I totally forgot to tell you that my daughter was accepted to that prestigious college I wanted her to be in, finally my saving came handy, said the man with enthusiasm. The lady was provoked to be energetic. Really?, I am so happy for her said the lady as she looked at the aged man who was in his late forties. Both became happy and the awkward atmosphere soon turned into a cheering one. After 30 minutes of sight viewing of monotonous people and places, the famous building came in sight.

The car halted in front of the building and the lady slowly came out the car. Thank you for the ride, sir said the lady as she smiled at him and closed the door of the car. The lady was in a maroon solid woven top with crochet details with boat neck and has bell sleeves with super trendy cropped denim jean.

A lady with fashion to be admired. With her skin tone, a little dark, mostly sandy brown. She lacked confidence at first because of her color but as her career bolstered with the syndicate she felt good and warm. FAX entertainment is quite established in far off country. It has huge connections but not as famous as KBS, POSCO, Hanwha group, etc. or other music industries but rising to fame at a rapid speed in Korea.

“I think I am ready”, said the lady with the confidence as she look at the company she works for. She is standing near the garden beside a tree and at few steps distance, there is a small pond. She remembers the first she stood there, feeling lost and hopeless. She started this job because she wanted to experience a unique life different from what she was living.

Lilith Aadya Bree, her native name which she got from her parent. The woman with nice and flexible attitude and a minor who does not speak too much. She is most wanted and talented girl in her compartment. A lady to be feared of, her nature is gullible but also timid. Her true which she herself not know yet. She is pure and untouched by evil paths. She has never dated anyone and not looking relationship either or it can be said that she got none to be loved by or to love.

“MS. Aadya Bree”, a lady who seem to speak her name a little wrong, called her from behind. She is light tone compared to her, simply, she was as white as frost and had short hairs to shoulder. “Yes, MS. Jang Seon-Rin”, she replied to her in monotone voice. The addressed lady went near to the other women, both seem to be equally heighted. “Vow, Bree-ah, you look smaller if I stand close to you”, the lady burst into laughers with the lame joke she made. “Ha, Ha, Ha”, Bree faked a laugh. “You are weird you know that unnie and I am the one wearing who is wearing heels”, Bree said in some reasoning tone.

“I am being me, after all you were the one who told me to pen up with you’, said Seon-Rin in defense.

“Your Korean has satisfactory improved”, complemented the lady with some enthusiasm.

’Thank you”, Bree said while bowing her head a little in gratitude. “Hey, there you again with being formal”, the other lady exclaimed. “But tell me, Didn’t you take one of the free ride of Mr. Lau, today too?“, asked Seon-Rin in curiosity, looking deep in her eyes to catch her in an instant when she lies about it.

“Yes, I did”, said Bree oddly bored by her senior colleague.

Bree started to introduce her unnie to herself as she thought, “Ms. Jang Seon-Rin, a native Korean lady, she is full of happy thoughts and enthusiasm. She is always get confess by some rubbish men. She is an ordinary worker like Aadya Bree at the same post but I always respect her. Well Koreans are really self conscious about manners. when she gets angry no one bothers her. There is a rumor that she punched a man with force that he ended up in hospital”.

“I surely don’t want to mess with her”, thought Bree as she looked at her unnie walking happily and dancingly. “Strange”, as she thought again. Seon-Rin gesture Bree to catch up with her, with hands. It has become her habit to introduce other to herself repeatedly or to remind her what is the difference between an outsider and a native.

Both started walking in same direction which leads to the front gate of the company. A lot of memories ran through her mind as she remembered her first arrival here at the age of 22.

“I have worked for this almost 3 years now. I have proven my importance and I think my success is near”, Bree babble again to herself.

Both of the women bow and greeted her seniors respectfully as their junior did to them too.

“Oh, do you know that our sonbae’s (senior) daughter is coming today to visit him from NewYork. She is an annoying brat”, said Seon-Rin in disgust. “Yeah, I still can’t believe she spilled coffee on you unnie”, Said Bree as se looked her sonbae’s office ‘Kang Lee-Ji’. “I still can’t believe that she was the one who made me do that”, though Bree sadly as she was regretting something.

“Ms. Lilith Aadya Bree and Ms. Jang Seon-Rin”, said an old lady in her mid forties coldly, as she walk towards them angrily. “I told you to pass ‘Mack’ boxes to fashion department yesterday, didn’t I?“, questioned the lady to the younger girls. “Mrs. Bae”, said Bree worriedly as Seon-Rin quickly shut her mouth with her hand. “Hey, that’s disrespectful”, as Seon-rin corrected her co worker.

“That’s Mrs. Bae Gyeong-Chae for you, little lady”, said the old lady in furious voice. “I am very sorry”, apologized Bree quickly as she bow down a little to show that she is sorry.

“Just send the boxes to their department, little brats”, said the lady in anger. The lady went to the opposite direction to avoid them. “I don’t want to get bad lucks on me because of you, especially you!, as she pointed at Lilith before leaving. Liliyth felt sad and remoted.

“Cheer up Lilith”, said Seon-Rin as she made funny faces to make her laugh but it did not prevail.

With that both left to shift boxes as they were demanded. “We could not tell that your mom was sick so, we could not shift those boxes”, complained Bree as she lifted heavier boxes than Seo-Rin.

“Nah, I didn’t even plan to tell her that. It is okay”, said the lady with voice full of maturity. “I am sorry that you are stuck with me doing this, apparently there was no fault of yours. How could you know where was Fashion department?, you are still new”, explained the lady with full of sonority.

Bree looked convinced but still her as she called her “new” to all this. The fact that the old lady hates her too was depressing. Without her knowing she started to have severe relationship with that old lay. “I don’t know what I did wrong though? why does she hate me s much”, asked herself in a whisper.

Bree and Seon-Rin lifted the boxes they were assigned to, they started walking. Bree followed her unnie as she started to take turns through hall way, they walked out the managing department.

“let’s move faster”, commanded Seon-Rin as the weight of the boxes started to feel super heavy for her. “Ok”, as Bree obeyed her senior. They sure were having hard time carrying those stuff. “Who the freaking person use iron bar in fashion?“, said Seon-Rin in frustration. “well, I am perfectly carrying them with ease”, said Bree to Seo-Rin.

“well, we do”, said a very husky voice. Both women turned their faces back to where the voice came from. “Ah, Mr. Kim Dae-Suk, I did not see you there”, said Seon-Rin as she was embarrassed.

" I am sorry that they are heavy but as you can see”, he pointed at his models who were inside the room which was filled with lights and cameras, ” We have male models to photoshoot today”, said the man in apologetic voice. “Here, let me help you with those”, said the gentleman as he carefully take the heavy boxes but surprisingly they were not as heavy as he thought it would be. “Let’s go”, said Mr. Dae- Suk, ignoring the other lady’s presence until Seon-Rin mentioned her, “Let’s go Bree”.

The man looked at the other woman and smirked as if he was judging her. Bree felt pangs of pain in her heart that she was treated like this after all she was the only lady who would always volunteered to take heavy things and equipment. That gave her sense of freedom and superiority.

The man didn’t even bothered to ask her if she was alright with those boxes. Neither he helped her nor asked his colleague to help her. The other ladies who were in the room noticed the situation and rushed to help Bree. “Those boxes must be heavy! Here let me help you”, said the lady who was well dressed. “Thank you’, said Bree as the lady helped her carry the box by carrying it by other edge.

“All the heavy equipment were in this box”, said the lady unpacking the boxes. “That jerk should have helped you with this”, said the lady in whisper to Bree, she knew who she was talking about.

“I never thought that the start of my day would be this difficult”, said Bree as her eyes searched for Seon-Rin who was completely distracted by the man. “That’s why I don’t want to have relationship”, sad Lilith to herself. “Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself”, said the lady.

“My name is Min Chan-Ri, Nice to meet you”, the lady said with sweet voice. Some how Bree was touched with the introduction. She was the first person who did not give weird look as she was exotic that what other would say. “Than you”, word slipped out of Bree mouth, full of gratitude a she bowed a little. “Hey, why thank me”, asked the lady, a bit confused with her actions.

" I am Lilith Adya Bree, thank you for not giving weird looks”, said Bree totally touched. “AH, other must have given you weird look because you are a foreigner”, reasoned Chan-Ri as Bree simply nodded. “Then let’s be friend”, said the lady. “But when were you born?“, questioned the lady. “Oh, I was born in 1994, 20 of June”, answered Bree as she knew birth year and month is very important and crucial to decide who is unnie or not

“Wow it must be fate. I was born 13 of April in 1994”, said Chan-Ri in total disbelief. “Then we can be friends” Bree lightened up. “Yes, thank you “, as Bree politely said. “But your Exotic name is hard to say”, said the lady wit disappointment. “Oh you can make one up for me though, right?“, asked Bree with her puppy eyes. “since you are born in 1994 with last digit ‘4’ and 20 of June” , as she put her hand on chin thinking hard, “It should be Gim-Ju-Rin”, said the lady happy with her evaluation from her phone. “How did you do it?“, asked Bree surprised. “Well there is a system where you see your name and surname through your birthdate and year. Month of birth becomes your surname and Date and last digit of your born yearn becomes your name. I did it through the system”, said lady with sense of pride.

“Let’s go Bree”, said Seon-Rin as she politely called her. Bree bid her good bye with her friend after she exchange numbers. “You look happy”, said Seon-Rin who as happy as Bree without reason.

“I made my First friend”, said Bree to her unnie as she happily walked not minding the behavior of the people towards her before. “Oh, what happened with Mr. Kim Dae-Suk?, you left me in an instant”, pouted Bree at the betrayal by her senior colleague. “You will know that later”, said Seon-Rin in a little bit off tune. Bree just shrugged it off. They continued to walk the corridor.

They rested for a bit at the management department where they felt belonged. “Ms. Lilith Aadya Bree, please follow me, Mr. Seo Ji-Bin wants to present yourself in his office”, said the man behind her. “Plase follow me”, said the impatient man. Bree quickly fllowed him. “Why does CEO sonbae wants to see me”, she questioned the man but he was rigid solid not to answer that but he chuckled as he heard her say “CEO sonbae”. Bree just frown as it found him creepy. Soon, she reached the office she acquired to visit.

“May co min sir”, asked Bree politely in soft voice. The old man kindly let her in. “why do you ask for me, sir?“, asked Bree, a little scared and confused. “Did I do something wrong”, she asked her senior.

“Ah, no you didn’t, it is nothing like that. You have been working here for past 3 years and proving yourself more worthy”, said the old man sheepishly. “Thank you”, all she could say.

“I know 3 years are small but I believe you that you would be fruitful to my company so, what I am saying is that I am giving you a post of a manager in a music group”, said the old man seriously as if the matter is not likely to be taken funny. Bree was shocked and happy, not only her allowance will increase but also her comfort. The man quickly read the mind of Bree and he smirked as if the plan was working.

“Come to my office tomorrow at sharp 9 A.M , I will hand you the details”, said the man as Bree quickly bowed and left the room saying “Thank you so much”.

“Ah, she was just a kid when she came who would have known she would be this useful. She will the reason and secret card I have wanting to use t get FAX fame”, as the man said to himself. “She is still stupid and admirable. I wish I had such an hard working kids like her, she is a completely a push over”, said the man smirking and chuckling.

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