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The Witch Detective Series

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1 : The Breaking Bond

"You sure this is a good idea?" Alec said to his sister Lyla as they standing in the line of people who were waiting to pass the guard and entered into Byzantium Club that was located in Hollywood Blvd.

"At least we have to try this." Lyla replied to her brother with her hands holding a velvet box.

Alec nodded and doesn't talk to his sister about anything until they finally inside the club after showing the guard his identity card. Lyla watches surrounding as she smells smoke, booze, and drug airing in every corner of the club. The music is loud as if it makes her impossible to hear her own voice. She automatically drag her brother and slip into the crowd of drunken and high people dancing and making out when she finds what she is looking for. Alec follows Lyla with doubt but he knows that she's right. They don't have many choices and they need to try everything. Lyla stopped in front of a woman who was busy with her polished nails and drinks, she smiled at her but them woman seems not interested.

The woman appears very glamour with her black sparkling dress and shining jewelry. Her makeup is making her eyes even more sharp and fierce. Alec starts to think that maybe this is not going well at all. He pulled Lyla back but his sister refused and released his grip with force.

"Are you Amara Lockheart?" Lyla said with little smile and it caught the woman attention.

"I goes by many names, sweetheart." She said with a soft American accent.

"I've been told that you making people's demand. I have one in mind." Lyla's voice is trembling and Alec simply hold her shoulders.

"Look, sweetheart. I'm not in the mood right now. So you can ask someone else." The woman - Amara - replied with long breath.

"Just hear me out. Please. You won't regret it." Lyla said showing the velvet box she held earlier. Amara nodded her head once and give a sign to her to explain herself.

"My mother is sick. She has tumor in her brain and doctor says she will not live for much longer. I want you to cure her and this necklace is yours." Said Lyla as she opened the box and revealed a gold necklace with small diamond in the middle of the chain.

"Very well, since you were doing this for your mother I will help." Amara said as she stands up and smiles to Lyla.

"Follow me." She said again before she walked into the elevator that located in the corner of the club with her dress sweep the floor as she walks.

Amara let the girl and her brother to entered the elevator first. It took only a minute until the elevator door opened and showing beautiful living room that designed to be very classic. The furniture is black and gold heading towards the balcony. The yellow lights make it look mysterious. As they walked in, Lyla saw a massive book shelf on her left and circle stairs in the corner that makes it look like a little library from the past.

Amara led them into a room which filled with a long table in the center of the room surrounded by shelf that contains many jars filled with root, dried leaf, teeth, and many more bizarre things that sends goosebumps to Alec who are quite all the way to here. He grabs Lyla arm as Amara sit behind the desk and asked them to sit in front of her. The light is even brighter than the living room and they could see everything on the table. From a few pots of plant until a small container filled with powder or strange liquid. Lyla seems more calm than her brother. The smell in the room is very weird and Alec doesn't feel comfortable at all.

"So, tell me about you mother." Amara said as she pulled her sleeve a few inches and begin to take a jar of legs that seemed to be lot like lizard's in front of Alec and take some of it to the bigger bowl in front of her.

"She is very lovely and hard worker." Lyla said as she see Amara pour a tablespoon of black powder into the bowl.

"She always bought me a ice cream every time she came home after work and she also the best sandwich maker." Lyla continued to say even when her tears collected in her water line. Alec grabs her palm very tight, implies that he will always by her side.

"She sounds like a very good mother." Amara replied as she pour a half bottle of blue water into the bowl and suddenly the room smells like a garden as she starts to stir it with wooden stick.

"How about your mother?" Alec said after he knows Lyla can't continue anymore. He feel a little better after the smell in the room began more familiar.

"I don't know much about my mother. She killed herself when I was ten." Amara replied as if she was talking about weather.

"I'm sorry." Alec murmured while Lyla seems shocked.

"It must be hard for you." She said after a while.

"It's a long time ago, sweetheart. I've long passed it." Amara said as she pour the mixture in her bowl into a vial. She touch the side of the bottle and then snap her finger. A blue light seems to burst from inside the vial and make the mixture light up like a fosfor stick.

"Here, it can be drinks directly from the vile or you can mixed it with water or tea or anything else." Amara gives the vial to Lyla.

"You sure it'll work?" Alec said seeing the vial that light up in Lyla's hand.

"Are you questioning my expertise, young man?" Amara glares to Alec and he suddenly regret what he said.

"Thank you." Lyla said quickly as she hand over the velvet box to Amara.

She smiled shortly to Lyla before take them to the evelator again. As the door closed and send Lyla and her brother down Amara smiles very wide while she stretched out her hand and feeling better than before. Turns out she just need to do what she good at to return her mood. She walks toward the drink table and pour herself a glass of wine. Her dress sweeps the floor in every step she takes as she sit on the couch while she snap her fingers again and music begins to play. Fill the entire room with souls. Suddenly her memory takes back to why she feels so upset. It just a few hours before the siblings approach her with desperate on their faces.

Gregory. The most relentless people she ever knows. Giving her a visit just to destroy her time on human world by keep asking her to come back. She still remember very well everything he said.

"The elders has ordered you to return to the counsel." He said to her with pride.

"Well remind them that I quit at the first place because I'm tired of their rules. Except they want to apologize for what happened to Luciana. Maybe, I will be considering that option but until then you can put that request in your ass for as long as you want." She replied with a offensive tone. But then he strangled her with his magic and it just brings anger to her.

"You lucky the elders in the spiral labyrinth haven't incinerate you for disobeying their orders." He said to her with an anger an it makes her happy because somehow she could strike some nerve from people like Gregory. She giggled before she breaks free without huge efforts.

"Oh, is that suppose to scare me? You know I'm not afraid to them or anyone else." She replied while standing from the couch.

"You know they will not be patient for any longer and when they do I'll be in the front seat." Gregory said with his confidence before disappeared into thin air.

Amara blinked her eyes and relapse from her mind after hearing the elevator door open with a small ringing. She saw a woman with blonde hair and small posture walked toward her. She is holding a book in her hand and the look of her face is curious.

"Who are those kids?" She said as she sits beside Amara and put her book on her lap. "Are you seeing clients on your own?"

"If you must know my dear Grace, they came to me not the other way around." Amara explained slowly as she waving her hand as if it represents her words.

"Oh. What do they want?" Grace replied.

"A cure for their sick mom." Amara said as she walks toward the drink table.

"That's explain their desperate faces. Anyway, I got a new client for you name Ally, her husband is in some kind of a irreversible coma and she wants to pay as much as you want." Said Grace reads the book on her lap after receiving a glass of wine from Amara.

"You know that it can be cured with potion." Amara sat on the other couch and cross her leg.

"Yes, I know but I thought you can finally make your magic useful. Come on its been five years since I saw you really use your magic, it's time to come into the light." Grace said to Amara as she memorizing the first time she met her is also the first time she saw Amara used her magic.

"Okay. I'll come tomorrow to heal her husband and I'm talking about jewelry. Gold, silver, definitely a diamond." Amara said with a long breath and Grace smiled. She grab her phone inside the purse and make a call. Not long after that she pull something out again from her purse that has red cross logo on the bag.

"This is my gift for Julian." Grace said as she give Amara a bag filled with yellowish liquid.

"A blood plasma?" Amara said as she reads the writing on the bag.

"Yeah, I heard it's a powerful stuff for vampire so I got one." Grace replied as she tide up her stuff and stand up from the couch.

"I'll see you tomorrow at the hospital." She continues.

"Okay, be careful." Amara relied with a smile on her lips.

After Grace leaving she puts the bag in a small bottle with a single snap and go downstairs to the club. She walks into the bar across the dance floor. A few man approached her and give a small touch or a kiss as she walked. When she arrived at the bar a man with blonde hair and pale face smiled at her as his hands were busy cleaning glass.

"I never knew that your clients were a minor." Julian said to Amara that makes her aware that he saw Alec and Lyla earlier. She shook her head and giggled.

"They're not my clients. Stop making fun of me." Amara replied as she put the bottle in the table.

"Why you don't give me a shot glass and we make a toast for your birthday?" Amara said loudly because the music seems to cancel most of the noise that people's made. She then move her lips as she said 'blood plasma'. Julian nodded and reach under the table and put two shot glass between them.

He pour bourbon into Amara's glass in the same time she pour the blood plasma into Julian's. They clinked the edge of their glass before drink it and they closed their eyes as they were enjoying the liquid slide down slowly into their throat.

"This is a good stuff." Julian said after put his glass on the table. He looks awake after it.

"It will give you massive hangover in the morning if you're not careful. So, use it wisely." Said Amara with a small smile as she ask for refill.


A man with jeans, white shirt, and leather jacket shout from behind her. He sits beside her with a big smile and Julian slowly walk away to continue his job. Amara replied with a smile after take another shot of bourbon.

"Sebastian, what can I do for you?" Amara said to the man who own the club and also the penthouse she lived in.

"Oh, I just wish you still making your silverplate because it's sell like crazy and honestly I don't see any point of having a pile of coke or a bag of ecstacy if I have a bottle of your silverplate." Sebastian still screaming as he speaks.

"You don't have to worry about that, I already made another this afternoon and it's as powerful as before so I don't recommend taking two drops at once. You will be high for a whole week." Amara replied to Sebastian as she saw a few people coming to the bar and talk to Julian before finally they get a shot of tequila and a drop of silver liquid from an eyedropper in it.

"Yes, I still remember and you can't believe if people really want to pay a hundred dollar for a single drop of silverplate. Do you think I should increase the price?" Said Sebastian after getting a glass of whiskey.

Amara get reminded that three years ago she finally want to move from her little apartment thanks to Grace who getting in her head very easily and encouraging her to move out and met Sebastian in the club. She made a special drug known to be the silverplate for him and it was paid with the penthouse she lived in, as long as she able to make the drug she could lived in there for as long as she wants.

"I think you already wealthy enough without have to rising the price, look at all of these people, none of them are here who hasn't had silverplate." Amara said as she pointed her finger to the crowd in the dance floor where people are dancing, jumping, and making out.

"You got the point. Okay then, I will leave you here because that guy is staring at you this whole time." Sebastian stood up and vanish behind the crowd.

Not long after the guy that Sebastian was talking about approached her. His accent was very soothing and she was tempted to flirt with the man who seemed to be a very important person just by judging his suit.

"You are a beautiful sight for my tired eyes. What's your name?" He said sat on the chair that used by Sebastian before.

"Amara." She replied with seductive tone.

"Beautiful just like the person. Do mind if we go somewhere quiet? I have something to show you." The man whispered in front of her lips and she welcomed as he kissed her deeply.

Suddenly Amara felt like she can't breathe and pushed the man when she felt like someone trying to strangled her but no one was near her and literally does it. She screams for Julian's help when she fall to the floor as she felt like her life was drained from her body, the man was holding her as Julian approached and kneeling in front of her as he trying to figure out what is happening to his best friend.

Amara feel like she could finally breath again but in the same time she feel different as if something was incomplete. One thought strike her mind as she feel fine and then Julian whispered.

"Grace?" He said.

Her lips is shaking and she was unable to speak. Julian help her to stand up as she still trying to think that Grace is still alive but she felt like she was gone. Six years ago she met her when she was still broke and only made money from a ruthless drug dealer who almost took her live but then she saved her and since then they were a best friend. She even ties their soul with angelic bond so they could be even closer and Amara never regret that decision but now she felt like she was dead.

She felt the pain when her life slowly fade away and broke the bond they had that feels like a part or her soul burned out and leaves a bitter pain all over her mouth. As she could stand up with her own feet she starts to run to the exit door that located in the kitchen. She arrived at dark alley between the club building and a clothing store. She closed her eyes and raise her hand when suddenly a strong wind started to made few plastic bags and papers swirling in the air and as the wind grows stronger she runs toward the wind and thinking about Grace.

In a blink of an eye she arrived in a empty hallway just few meters from Grace's apartment that is in Hauser Blvd close to Park La Brea and Highway. When she walks toward the door someone opens it first in such a rush. A tall and skinny man who wears ski mask and holding what is to be Grace's book run out in rush and bump into her. Amara only take a few seconds when she realizes that the man is the killer, it didn't took long when she raise her hand and suddenly the man was lifted from the ground as he was unable to breath properly because Amara choke him.

"Who are you?" She said filled with anger but the man seems to refuse to talk.

"Why did you kill her? What do you want?" She yelled at him when her memory about Grace was running around her mind. Everything they've been through and how close their connection. Every good and bad memories that they shared.

"I did it for the money." The man reply as he feels something that choke him tightened. He grab a gun behind his back with shaking hand and shot Amara right in the gut.

Amara pulled back and her grip was released. The man running away as she was too shocked by then sounds that the gun made but the bullet was bounce back and fall to the floor. She was about to catch the man who was already in fire exit stairs but she remembered that she need to see Grace so she run into her apartment and seeing her best friend and also a sister to her was lying on the floor and doesn't move a muscle. Beside Grace there is her neighbor, a young African-American woman who holds Grace's hand.

"Grace." Amara whispered her name when she suddenly doesn't have any strength to keep standing. She kneels in Grace's cold feet and cries.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't save her. I will call the police and they'll find who did this." The girl said to Amara who still in silence.

"Thanks, Mary." Amara replied after a long silence.

When she left alone with Grace's body she couldn't stop thinking about her and what they've been through together. How she saved her and pull her out off her nasty drug business, everything Grace said to her that always goes inside her brain and affects her feelings or her decision. Now she is gone and left her alone.

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