Foggy Mountain Sasquatch

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Foggy Mountain Sasquatch

It was a foggy weird night mountain valleys strange shadowsfollowing around below in the valley, where we stay in a cabin with a crystal blue lake, that was in the valley also. Where water run down into the valley from the mountainside. It was getting dark saw the shadow it was a full moon middle of September. We belive that the shadows are sneaking from tree to tree. Upon that to freak them outwe haven't seen them yet. I belive thereout there somewhere in the dark waiting for us in a dark cave. Only comming out at nigh,. I brought my lover Samantha with me. Were up in Oregon hiking the trail but never at night is our beautiful country, I belive we could spend a month up here no children with us this time. We love each other as we always had. We had our freedom now need no privacy. We can do the thing swe couldn't do with our children with us It was Friday morning she cook breakfas for the two of us we went for a walk the area for two hours but didn't see anything strange are cabin was furnish with furniture,appliances, electricity, radio,to keep us updated on the weather water Samantha and I hike up the mountain on Saturday looking for a cave in 4the s.e. part of Oregon we found one large enough to go inside it It might be the same cave I saw some belive to be human bones and a human skull Samantha didn't know the story of the cave not knowing what was in the cave bear or Sasquatch had a flashlight but batteries were low should have bought new batteries ahead of time it could have been a weirwolf but it was getting dark so we headed back to the cabin. It was time for supper so I cook up meals ate them than rested. Early morning about 3:30 A.M we heard noises outside the cabin put on some pants went outside the door a couple raccoons looking for left over food I went back inside lock doors again Sunday morning came, we had breakfast put on our hiking boots headed up to the cave wefound some scat but it wasn't Sasquatch belive to be bear. We found the large cave what was sleeping in there flash light that was much brighterI went into the cave bright light I entered the cave went a long way back .found bones more than the.last time . There were to human skulls look like a Male and female a young couple might have been hiking went back to cabin called 911 but I didn't tell them about the first time told them we were just tourist on a hike .they took care the law enforcement and I went back to cabin to have lunch it was Sunday.we collected the evidence we needed plus the photos of the bones and two skulls.sunday evening came listening to radio to hear local news and weather they spoke about the human bones skulls found in cave and found Sasquatch sleeping area in a large cave. That early morning about 3:45 A.M. Was in the area than I heard noises sound like large rocks hitting the roof of cabin we had window part way open I could smell itI look out the window but it was to dark out side step outside the door with a flashlight and pistol Samantha was still asleep I look around and there it stood 71/2 'ft Sasquatch with red eyes . I shot in the dark It scream out it have been looking for good. It got closer and closer like it wasn't afraid of me I open fire it fell to the ground and lay there we called 911 half dozen park rangers show up it was September no other people in the area Samatha took photos she went back in cabin law enforcement show up but it wasn't dead it try to get back up Lawenforcement finish it off they belive talk to us in the cabin we look out the door it had vanish they didn't know what happen . I told them their not human created by a Intelligence higher than ours they move between portals and dimensions don't know if they belive me .

The end

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June 19 2020:

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