The unknown truth

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David lost his wife, years ago . Now he is all alone, in grief n sorrow. He was old enough n waiting for death to take him with him. But God wanted something else... He found a reason to live.. For someone...

Mystery / Other
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Chapter 1

It was late evening and sun was falling down the horizon. As usual I was sitting on the park bench , with my coffee and evening news paper. This bench was at the farther most part of the park, almost near the woods. Other people ignores this place, as they are constantly afraid of the beast which might be living in the darkness of the woods. But this was none of my concern, as loneliness was my constant companion for life. I was sitting there all on my own and I got dragged by the past.

It's been 12 years since my wife,Emma died, bravely fighting her breasts cancer. She won the war against cancer but after one and a half year it came back... This time she lost the battle. And left me in this world of strangers. I still can't get over her death. How can I? Since every single thing around me reminds me of her, reminds me of our days when we were together. I Bitterly regret her death.

Many times I tried to get over her death and tried to accept the cruel reality, but it's like, everytime when I tried to stand up, I fall back even harder than before.

I cut off myself from this world and started living this sorrowful life alone. Emma would not have liked this. But what options I was left with? no one seems to understand me the way she did. She can sense my worries by just Glancing at Me.

But the thought kills me that she is no more beside me to hold my hand and walk me through this darkness. She was my other half, but now all I feel is emptiness in my heart and soul.
A tear fell down from my eyes . She was a comly women. With dark brown eyes, chestnut skin and Long black hair falling at the middle of her back with natural curls, she was a piece of ravishing godly art,her soft voice always calms me down, she always care for others. She was a gift came from heaven itself. And that's why God took her back.
I felt a tap on my arms, and look beside me for the source. I was astound by seeing the same dark brown eyes, I used to admire 12 year ago....


Author 's note~Hey guys this is my first story... And I want to know is it plz comment n let me know if u have any suggestions.... 😇🖤

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