Sasquatch Mystery

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Searching for Sasquatches Rebecca and Samantha and I pack up the carton Tuesday morning after breakfast hoping to arrive in Pennsylvania by Thursday morning searching for our camping grounds with cabins fully furnished with furniture,appliance, electricity,and water fireplace I gathered up some logs branches kindling,brought on porch,We empty out what we needed from the car. A friend living not to far from our cabin He knew His way round being He live there for many years. And I never been there beforeI had all the equipment I needed to do my research compass, G.P.S, plastered of Paris for casting of foot prints surgical gloves for handling hair and scat samples plastic bags ziplock .hiking boots for both of us. It was time to eat dinner did the Sasha did the cooking and I clean up the kitchen. We relax before hiking up the mountain trail, Didn't know there were apple trees around the campsite another cabin a quarter of a mile away no one rent this time of year of September I had my friend I could call if I had any trouble. Next step is to get water and a old bath towl plaster of Paris hiking boots on head out on trail to research Sasquatch. I had a 45 caliber pistol in my holster to protect us form predators bear or sasqsuatch found some caves might be bear, and saw some tree structure built by a Sasquatch. FSasha found some long corse black hair hanging down from som branches we bag it , with our surgical gloves and tweezers Sasha Saw a bigger cave not to far with larger opening bear den Or Sasquatch ? She waited outside while I took the flashlight inside the cave with another flashlights ways smell a rotten foul smell, saw some large bones seen those glowing red eyes looking at me I back out slowly got out of cave grab my sweetheart Sasha by the hand headed out to the cabin I didn't want to scare her about the human bones and skull It was Friday evening late supper hamburger,chips, beer.I took a short nap than went fishing I check over the camera and found One not to far from cabin We clean up after supper and listen to radio. Sasha like reading booksSha said she would stay at the cabin, I told herit wasn't saferemenber what happen the last time, You got kidnapped by the SASQUATCH It wanted you to be his wife So she went with me after I lock the cabin. Went to the lake She read her book while I fish I told her how much I loved I caught fish for Saturday meal. We went back to the cabin It was 6:50 P.M.ET Sasha cook fish on the grill after I clean them .corn on cob bake potato. I belive the Sasquatch could smell it in the mountains we watch the wildlife right before dark than it got real quiet. It was about bedtime I lock up the cabin Shut the shutters. She showered and went to bed, I was checking the outside of cabin there was howling must be coyotes she could't hear it for the radio was on leader than usual to block out outside noise.aAt 3:00 A.M There was heavy footsteps outside I peak out out the living room window to dark to see anything got a flashlight I had and my 45 caliber handgun with plenty of bullets. I heard another howl that woke up Sashathe Front door knob started to turn back and forth it was smelly I knew the Sasquatch was here,looking for food.? It pick up large rock and throwing at the cabin to drive us outside she lock herself in the bed room I went out on the porch He was only about 15'ft from me I shine the light in its eyes. Sasquatch stood 7'ft tall almost as tall as the upper part of the porch . I took to shots in the air to spook It turn around ran to the porchI block the door way,He was within 7'ft when he stop I empty my pistol twice he scream in pain than hit the ground I got inside the cabin and lock the door I took pictures of it , within 5 minutes it vanish in thin air.Sunday morning arrived we were both still alive I clean up cabin went into bedroom to comfort Sasha she was nearly frighten to death. She belive I was hurt badly or dead she got dress gathered up the thing she brought and wet towels and bedding sheets pillowcases lock the cabin. And headed back to Kansas.

The End.!

Star Writer Jerry G. Smith


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