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This is a story on how the life of a girl changes when she encounters the dark truth of her life where many revengeful minds are waiting to capture her.

Mystery / Drama
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With a cloudy weather and sizzling wind of the town, if any thing was famous is it's ever green forests which is spread all over the town and wild animals but the most is The Chronical Will College, not only because it is the only college for the students to complete their graduation but also that from different towns many students come here to complete their graduation.

At Chronical Will College

It was a cloudy day as usual but the different thing was the college ground, which was filled with many new comers from different towns and the sound of sobbing......

"Why are you crying dad?

I am not alone here. "said Lara.

" And why not... " he said.

" You are my only child and..... "

" Stop it dad I am 18 now and I am not afraid of anything. "

" Okay Fine. I trust you but..... "

" Ah! Do you have a doubt on me? Please dad it's enough now. I know myself very well and also that nothing will happen to me. So please stop taking this tension. "she said very gently.

" I think it's time to go Lara. Everyone are going. "

" Okay Dad see you soon. "

" Might this happen but now you have a very different destiny with.... "

" What are you saying dad? "

" Ah! Leave all this. Bye Lara I am getting late. Have fun and I hope you will enjoy the company of your new friend. "

" Bye Dad. I will miss you. "

" I will miss you too. "

After this she went inside the college and...

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