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A teenage girl attend her brother's school only to find out that he might have been killed by one of his classmates

Mystery / Thriller
Nikky wild
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Chapter 1


Bukky’s Pov: “Life is nothing but a series of event, a moment ago, you could be studying hard to pass an exam, just because you want to impress your mother, or you’re just excited that you get to go home after finishing that exam. But life happens or how should I say it, life left”

Bukola stood up from her seat to submit the exam answer booklet, she knew she had done well, but as usual she was nervous. You know you’ll never be sure until you see the results.

As she was submitting the booklet to the exam invigilator, a male teacher came and asked “who is Bukola Adebayo from SS1 class?”

Everyone pointed at her, even she pointed at herself.

“I am Bukky sir” she answered

“Come with me, the Principal wants to see you” and he turned to leave expecting her to follow him. On the way to the office Bukky was worried because she had never been summoned to the Principal’s office before, she have been on her best behavior right from the moment her parents dropped at the school. She was worried but half relieved when she saw her uncle at the office.

She was about to smile but couldn’t when she saw the sad expression. The Principal excused them but on her way out, she tapped Bukky on her shoulder gently, she told her she was sorry.

As soon as Bukky and her uncle were alone, her uncle starts to talk “sit down” he placed the second chair opposite him

Bukky sat, but her uncle didn’t continue, she was starting to get worried, all the time she had known her uncle, she haven’t never seen him sad, he’s always had a stern expression but now sad. Could it be her dad, or her or mum or worse her brother? What could have happ………... “Bukola, listen to me” her uncle interrupted her thoughts “I was told you will finish exams today, you need to come home with me immediately, something has happened” her uncle placed his hands on her lap, then he continued

“Bankole died last night”

“Which Bankole?” Bukky had to ask, because it can’t be the one she knew, it can’t possibly be her brother

“Your brother, Bankole died last night, I’m really sorry”

Bukky’s Pov: that’s how life left.


Bukky was sitting at the Principal’s secretary office but this time, her parents; Mr. Bowale and Mrs. Bumola Adebayo were inside the Principal’s office.

“So, I think it will be best if she changes school, preferably a day school, where you’ll look after her properly” the Principal concluded.

“I still don’t understand this, how is she changing school has to do with her poor behavior” her mother asked a little rudely.

“Mrs. Adebayo, your daughter has been with us since JSS1 and I assure you she has been one of our best students, she excels in her academic, I assure you, she leaving us is a loss to us but as an educator and a mother, I will advise you to withdraw her and enroll her in a day school” the Principal concluded.

“But……….” Mrs. Adebayo wanted to complain but the Principal cut “You lost your son a few months ago, am I right? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to touch a sore subject but Bukky is still grieving her brother’s death, she hurting, she’s sad, she barely passed her subjects, she’s not her normal self. Her roommates said she cries at night at times, her teacher says she zones off during class, don’t you understand me, she hurting! She needs you, she needs her family! And at the look of things, you are also hurting. So take your daughter home and heal together. Or would you rather have me expel her?”

“We understand” Mr. Adebayo, Bukky’s father spoke for the first time. “Thank you, we really appreciate” He stood up to shake the Principal’s hand. His wife stood up too

“Darling, you’re seriously considering this” Mrs. Adebayo countered

“No, I am, it’s settled, from next term Bukky attends Bankole’s school” he replied her with a hard expression “it’s final”. He thanked the Principal and left the office with his wife.

At the secretary’s office, Bukky stood up as soon as she saw her father coming out of the office, her father walked up to her. “Pack your bags, let’s go home


Bukky was late for her first day at day school, she has to admit that she was happy that she won’t be attending a boarding school. It was hers and brother’s dream, but she was sad that he had to die for their dream to come true. As she was rushing down the stairs, her schoolbag fell, she picked it up and she discovered the rope had ride off.

“What’s taking you so long?” Bumola snapped at her

“Sorry mum, It’s my bag, it’s spoilt” Bukky tried to explain, it’s not a surprise to her that her mother is not happy that she will be seeing her face every day from now on but what did she expect from a woman who was raised by a man who thinks a female child is useless.

“We are going to be late! Bukky, go and pick” She paused for a second “your brother’s school bag and let’s go” Bankole death is still a touchy subject for her.

“Yes mum” Bukky ran up the stairs to her brother’s room, it looks the same. She went to where he kept his bag, some of his books were still inside, she emptied the bag carefully so not to create a mess but as soon as she did, a sheet of paper fell off.

Out of curiosity, Bukky picked it but her Mum called her downstairs so she left the room.

She went back downstairs, she transferred her stuff into her brother’s school bag with the paper.

The ride to school was quiet, when they got to the school, the school was a big school, also a lot of parents were dropping their children off, the driver found a safe spot to pack the car. Bumola and Bukky came out of the car, Bumola started walking towards the Principal’s office and Bukky follows. Bukky was checking out the building, she wasn’t looking where she was going so she almost fell down but she was caught by strong arms.

“Are you okay?” The owner of the arms asked

“I’m fine, thank you” Bukky looked up to see her savior, she felt his muscles against her skin, he had bright blue eyes with fair complexion, it’s seems like he is not from around here, his nose is perfectly placed between his eyes, his perfect lips ripe for kissing. He helped Bukky to stand on her feet and Bukky discovered that he was not just handsome but also tall.

“Be careful where you’re going” The boy told her

“Bukky, is everything alright?” Bumola asked, she had to look behind when she didn’t see her daughter

“Yes mum, I’m fine, I almost tripped, I was caught by this….” She wanted to point on to the handsome tall stranger but he was gone

“Who?” Bumola asked

“He’s gone, let’s go”

At the Principal’s office, Bumola told Bukky to wait for her at the reception while she when inside to talk to Principal. When she went to the office, Bukky wanted to check the time but she wasn’t wearing her wristwatch, she took her bag so she can pick her phone, then she saw the paper that fell out of her brother’s schoolbag that morning. Bukky unfolded the paper and read it, it wasn’t her brother’s handwriting and it said

“This is dangerous Banky, should Toby and the guys finds out, we’re dead.

You hear me, DEAD!”

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