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Chapter 10

Debby's POV: Daddy won’t let me throw a birthday party this year. Not only that, Mum woke me up around 4am, to pray for me. My mother’s prayer as usual, takes hours, thank God I was born around 4am, if she had given birth to me around 12am I would have been stuck in my mother’s prayer for hours. The classroom was quiet when I entered, Banky was sitting on a table with a guitar. He performed a ‘happy birthday duet’ then slowly the rest of her classmate entered the class to sing along with him……just like that it felt like a birthday.

Debby was tired already, as usual her mother woke her up around 4am for her birthday prayer, unlike last year she had been getting wishes from almost everybody, through text messages, from Facebook, Instagram, even from the school’s gate, everyone had hugged her and wished her happy birthday. But Banky wasn’t there, that made her sad.

Debby took her phone to text Joseph

Debby: Are you in school yet?

Joseph: yes, I’m on prefect duty

Debby: meet me in the toilet

Joseph: why? are you upset? f*ck it D! it’s ur birthday

Debby: are you coming or not?

Joseph: I’m on my way, wait 4 me

Debby walked quietly to the toilet, everyone was wishing her well for her birthday and she smiled to everyone like it’s okay.

Joseph was already waiting for her at the toilet, it was the toilet, they were not worried about being caught, it was the toilet meant for school prefects and at these time prefects are usually making sure the students are getting ready for assembly. They got into one of the toilet, lips clashed, hands were everywhere, belt loosed, skirt raised, they held nothing back until he released.

They got dressed quietly, Debby knew Joseph was dying to ask her what made her upset but he didn’t, he just took a stick of cigarette and put it in his hands, that’s why she chose Joseph. He never asked any questions, he’s always there for her whenever she needed him. Joseph left her at the toilet space to go outside where the mirrors and waited for a Debby to come outside, when Debby came out, Joseph was already smoking, she was about to speak when Dami came in.

“Jeez, Senior J it’s early for a smoke” Dami said “and what are you doing here?” Dami asked Debby

“This keeps me same” Joseph smiled at Dami, then he put off the cigarette.

“Nothing, I was just talking to Joseph about church” Debby answered Dami “Why are you here?” Debby asked Dami.

“church huh in the toilet” Debby asked looking at them both very suspiciously, first Debby’s lipstick was smudged, Joseph’s tie was rough and who talks about church in a toilet “well, I’m here to check out the toilet” Dami answered.

“Why?” both Joseph and Debby asked

“Mum just told me that we will start contesting for prefectship from next week” Dami told them excited

“oh” Debby deadpanned

“After all I said, all you can say is ‘oh’?” Dami asked

“Maybe, she’s not as excited as you are, Dami. Not everyone is like you” Joseph said remember the stress he went through when he was contesting the previous year. The school bell rang which meant it’s time for assembly “Well, shall we?” Joseph asked while signaling to the door. Debby walked out first, followed by a very suspicious Dami, then Joseph followed.


Shola wore the gown Michael choose for her, she had hired a makeup artist for her makeup, she had put on her wig, she also used her body perfume. She was satisfied with who she’s seeing in the mirror but worry laced on the girl’s face on the mirror, she was worried that Toby might not like what he sees.

A text from Toby telling her that he was already outside came on her phone, Shola quickly picked her purse, she ran downstairs in haste, but she paused when she got to the front door, she took a deep breath, touched her hair to check if everything was okay, she put on her confident smile before she opened the door and she stepped outside.

Toby was leaning on his car outside, he was on his phone texting, Shola stood beside him but Toby didn’t notice she was already there, Toby was on jeans, and a black jacket which he had to wear because it was still harmattan. Shola cleared her throat, then Toby looked up from his phone.

“Hi” Shola greeted

“Hey” Toby answered “Shall we go?” Toby asked

“Sure” Shola answered. Toby entered the car and Shola walked to the other side of car, she was pissed that Toby didn’t tell her how beautiful she was, he didn’t open the door to usher her into the car like he used to.

All through the ride, she tried to start a conversation with Toby but he never paid attention to her, he was just busy on his phone, she looked over his shoulders to find out who he was busy texting with and the contact was saved as ‘BUKKY’.

Toby and Shola entered the party, because it was cold outside, and the party was in the living room and Shola wondered how Debby convinced her parents to let her throw a party in their living room. Toby left Shola to go greets his friends, but many people already waved to him on his way.

The room was filled with teenagers holding red cups, some were sitting and some were standing up, jazz music was playing over the speaker, Shola rolled her eyes at Debby’s choice of music. Shola didn’t remember Debby inviting people this much and she didn’t recognize most of them, then she remembered church members might have been invited, Debby is a pastor’s daughter.

Shola scaled through the crowd until she sighted Dami and Debby and she walked up to them. “the look on your face shows that your date didn’t go as you excepted” Dami hugged Shola.

“I’m so pissed right now, happy birthday once again Girl” Shola hugged Debby

“Thanks” Debby smiled

“Why, you got your ‘date’ right?” Dami asked

“Long story” Shola dismissed the conversation, she knew Dami would make fun of her.

“You look stunning by the way” Debby told her.

“Thank you Debs and I see the gown Michael picked for you fits” Shola turned to Dami, Dami smiled but it didn’t reach her eye.

Some people came over to wish Debby a happy birthday, some gave her presents and some didn’t, after a while Dami yawned.

“What?” Debby asked

“No offence but this party is boring” Dami told Debby

“Oh, come off that Dami, you have been saying that since, the party just started” Debby snapped

“She has a point though, the party is kind of dry, it could use a little livelier music other than jazz” Shola supported Dami

“What’s wrong with jazz?” Debby asked

“Nothing, just that we are young, we need pop, afro pop, hip pop, foreign pop you know? We are too young to listen to trumpets and drums” Shola answered

“I can’t believe you two” Debby hated it when they unite to go against her and she walked away

“where are you going” Dami asked her

“To get you some pop” Debby snapped

“Well. She’s angry” Dami said “and I need to excuse myself” Dami told Shola.

Dami went to the library where she was very sure Alex will be dealing, she spotted him at the corner talking to a boy from school, they shook their hands but in that course they exchanged money and drugs.

“I knew I would find you here” Dami said

“It’s like you always have a magnet for me” Alex smirked

“I need a few doses” Dami whispered to his ears

“I thought you don’t do it” Alex whispered back

“This party is boring and I need a few dose of happiness to add to it” Dami explained

“Does Debby know?” Alex asked

“She doesn’t have to know” Dami told him.

Alex smiled as he took out three pills from his pocket, he covered Dami’s hand with hands and he discreetly put the pills in her hands. Dami put the pills in her purse, and she took out some money but Alex stopped her

“No, it’s on the house”

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