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Chapter 11

Kels’s Pov: Do I have to go to the party? I’m so tired and what’s worse there will be people. Due to the fact that my grandma and I attend Debby’s church, my grand ma automatically knows about this party. But I don’t want to go……. ha I miss Banky!

Toby walked over to where Michael, Tito and Kels was sitting, as usual a number of girls was sitting with them. Michael looked bored and uninterested in what a girl was telling him, Tito looked very nervous, he kept looking at Debby’s direction and Kels tuned the world out by surfing the internet.

“What’s up fellas” Toby asked as soon as he got to their seat, and he got ‘hey’, ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ as a chorused answer from everybody.

“So, I can see you’re all busy. What’s that?” Toby asked Tito

“What does it look like?” Tito asked him

“Is it for Debby?” Toby asked

“Whose birthday party is this?” Tito asked

“You have to stop answering my question with a question man. If this is for Debby why is it still here and not with her?” Toby asked

“She’s busy” Tito answered

“That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard” Michael butted into the conversation, most of the girls had left when it was obvious the boys had no interest in them

“I think so too” Toby agreed

“Me three” Kels agreed “it’s really obvious you like this girl, Bro but I think it’s high time you let her know and it starts by giving her this gift” Kels advised Tito which shocked Tito, Toby and Michael because Kels was the quiet one among them, for him to speak that long is a miracle especially since Banky isn’t there with them.

“What’s the gift by the way?” Toby asked after recovering from his shock.

“It’s...” Tito took a huge breath

“What?” Michael and Toby asked

“It’s nothing big really” Tito answered nervously, Toby and Michael eyed him suspiciously, even Kels looked up from his phone. Tito brought out a framed drawing of Debby and he showed his friends. They were wowed by it, Tito's family were into art and showbiz, so Tito inherited some of the creativity genes, part of them was been an extraordinary artist.

“You asshole, I have been asking you for a portrait all year long, I even offered to pay you but you said you were busy. I guess you’re not too busy for Debby” Toby rolled his eyes, Michael and Kels laughed. They all knew how Toby had been begging Tito for a portrait for a long time but Tito always told him that he was very busy, Tito smiled apologetically.

“It’s beautiful” Michael said “but Tito, Toby is right”

“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry” Tito smiled apologetically

“Well, what are you waiting for? Go give this to her” Kels told Tito, Michael and Toby cheered him on. Tito feeling bold stood up, took the gift.

“Wish me luck” Tito told his friends, they shook him, tapped on his shoulder as they told him he could do it.

Debby was leaving Dami and Shola, she was walking towards the DJ. As Tito walked towards Debby, a hand tapped his shoulder, as he turned it was Toby

“Are you sure about this?” Toby asked

“About what?” Tito asked confused

“About liking Debby?” Toby asked

“Yes” Tito answered

“I don’t……….” Toby’s statement wasn’t audible enough over the sounds of excitement around them because the DJ changed to an afro pop song, it was very loud and everybody was shouting.

“What? I can’t hear you over the shouting” Tito was also shouting

“Never mind” Toby shouted back and he went back.

Tito went up to Debby “Hi” he screamed over the music, Debby pulled Tito to the kitchen where there is no noise “Hey” Debby greeted Tito

“Hummmmm, happy birthday again” Tito gave her the gift “here, I got you this” Debby accepted the bag, and she removed the portrait, she was wowed “Wow, thank you so much I love it” she placed the portrait on a chair as she turned to hug Tito.

“Thank you so much” She told him

“Well, I’m glad you like it” Tito scratched his hair

“Do you want to go out for some fresh air, it’s getting stuffy?” Debby asked after a while of total silence

“Yeah, let’s go outside” Tito answered

“Let me go put this…….” Debby picked up the portrait “……. upstairs and I’ll meet you outside” Debby smiled to him and they both left the kitchen as Bukky and Florence entered the kitchen.

Bukky and Florence waved to Debby and Tito as they entered. Bukky went directly to the fridge to take out a bottle of water.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea” Florence told Bukky

“What, being a normal teenager is a bad idea?” Bukky asked after taking some of the water

“It’s not that, I just want you to take it slow. We don’t know what we might find out from the police report, I don’t think it’s right for you to keep suspecting Shola and Toby” Florence explained

“They are the only lead I have while waiting for the police report but I still don’t know why texting Toby is a bad idea” Bukky answered

“It’s not a bad idea but the reason you’re texting him is wrong, come on babes, you’re not texting him because he’s cute or anything. You are texting him because you think he has something to do with your brother’s death” Florence accused Bukky.

Bukky sighed “Maybe you’re right about that but he is cute” Bukky smiled “Not just cute but very handsome” Bukky told Florence

“OMG are you falling for him?” Florence asked

“No, I’m not” Bukky answered

“Yes you are, you have been on the phone with him since I picked you up from home” Florence told her

“That doesn’t mean I’m falling for him” Bukky reasoned

“Falling for who, I hope it’s me” Toby’s voice startled them

“What?” Bukky asked while Florence rolled her eyes as she said “As if”

“I heard you both, she’s falling for someone” Toby looked at Bukky from head to toe “Michael was right, you look stunning”

Bukky blushed “Thank you”

“Why aren’t you at the party” Toby asked

“We were thirsty; we’re going back now” Bukky answered

“After you” Bukky, Florence and Toby went back to the party.

As they got to the party, the song ‘beginning’ by Joeboy came up on the speakers. Toby asked Bukky to dance and she accepted after warning him that’s she not a good dancer.

Dami added drugs to the chapman, everyone drank except Florence because she caught Dami in the art but before she could warn Bukky, Bukky had already drank about six cups.

As a result of the drug, the party was livelier, everyone was dancing even Shola forgot her problems after a few drinks.

The next morning, Bukky woke up in a strange bed, the bed was harder than her normal bed. When she finally opened her eyes, an English woman who was in her early 40s, she was putting on a white gown which made her look like an angel in the morning light. She seemed familiar to Bukky like she has seen her before maybe when she was younger or something and the woman was smirking down at her then Toby entered the room in his shorts all sweaty and still gloriously handsome.

“Good morning b” Toby greeted her

“Where am I?” Bukky asked

“My house and you’re on my son’s bed” the woman answered.

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