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Chapter 12

Toby’s POV: there is something about this party, everyone seems happier than before, is it the music? Florence kept on stopping Bukky from taking more chapman, I asked her why. Florence answered “because the drink is drugged”.

Bukky looked like she was about to pass out, Toby scratched his hair as he laughed at the look on Bukky’s face, then his mother started laughing.

“Good morning b” Toby said as he walked towards the bed “I see you have met my mum. This is my mother Eve, mum Bukky” Toby did the introduction

“Good morning ma” Bukky greeted Eve

“Good morning, and please call me Eve, I’m sorry if I frightened you, I just answered your question. You are in my house and on Toby’s bed” Eve walked to the bed “how are you feeling?” Eve asked softly as she touched Bukky’s forehead.

Bukky looked from mother to son because she didn’t understand what was going on, then she remembered last night party, Florence warning her that the chapman was drugged but she already had a few drinks, she danced with Toby a lot and when it was time to go home. She insisted that Toby took her home but she fell asleep in his car.

“I’m fine, thank you” Bukky answered, her throat was parched, Toby offered Bukky water which she accepted.

“Well, I will leave you both to talk, I brought you things you might need, so I will leave you both to talk” Eve left the room.

“Are you okay?” Toby asked as soon as his mother left the room

“Can you put on some cloths” Bukky asked Toby, it’s hard to concentrate when he was so close to her half naked

“Oh, I’m sorry” Toby blushed as he went to put on a tee-shirt “I was exercising, I have to be fit” somehow Toby felt like he had to explain which made Bukky blush as well.

“Thank you for taking care of me last night I hope I didn’t bother you” Bukky told Toby as she stood up from the bed.

“It wasn’t a bother for me, it’s my pleasure” Toby answered

“I have to go, my mum will kill me” Bukky laughed and Toby joined

“You should freshen up, mum left some things you might need, the bathroom is that way” Toby pointed to the bathroom “I will be downstairs waiting for you. Take all the time you need”

“Thank you” Bukky smiled

“No worries” Toby replied

“Can you order an Uber for me” Bukky inquired

“Yes, but I want to drive you home” Toby offered

“NO, I don’t want to bother you, you’ve done enough” Bukky told him whereas, she didn’t want him to know her house yet that way Toby will find out that She is Banky’s sister.

“But I insist, it’s really not a bother for me” Toby persuaded Bukky.

“I know but it will be better if I go home in an Uber. I don’t want my mum to get a wrong impression about me. If I make any mistake I will be shifted back to boarding school” Bukky explained.

Toby didn’t want that to happen even though he wanted to know Bukky and what family she came from so badly he just agreed “Okay, I’ll do that, just get ready” he smiled before he left the room.

Bukky freshened up and went downstairs, she walked into a very bright sitting room, everywhere was white, the light bulbs were white, the sofa were white, the walls, everything was white and sparkly clean, Bukky wondered how much Eve spends on maintaining everything.

She heard voices coming from the dining room, she figured that’s where Toby and Eve were so, she went. “Hi” Bukky said as soon as she entered

“Hey” Eve greeted her “are you okay? Do feel any pain or discomfort? Toby told me what happened last night” Eve asked.

“I’m fine, I don’t feel any discomfort at all” Bukky answered as politely as she could “I um I have to go, my mother will be worried” Bukky told them

“I ordered Uber for you, when it gets here you can leave” Toby told Bukky “Why don’t you sit, breakfast is almost ready” Toby offered Bukky a seat which she sat on.

“Well, I better go check the food” Eve winked at her son as she left for the kitchen

“Did your mum just wink at you?” Bukky chuckled

Toby scratched his head “Yeah, she does that all the time”

“How many girls have you brought home? Because she seemed cool with the fact that a strange girl was sleeping in her bed” Bukky asked

“She was cool with it because she’s renovating the house, she started last week. My room, my parents room are the rooms ready so my bed is the only place any girl could sleep and to answer your question. A couples of girl but you’re the first this year” Toby replied.

That explained why the living room was sparkly white and clean “Thank you for your honesty” Bukky’s response was laced with sarcasm.

Then Toby’s phone rang, he picked it. It turned out to be the Uber telling him he’s outside.

“Can I greet your mum, she’s really nice” Bukky told Toby

“okay MUM! MUM! BUKKY IS ABOUT TO GO!” Toby screamed out and Eve came inside the dining room “So fast?” Eve asked

“Yes ma, the Uber has arrived” Bukky explained

“If that is the case” Eve pulled Bukky into a hug and she whispered into her ear “I can tell he really likes you”

“Thank you for everything ma” Bukky thanked her “Bye”

“I have to escort her mum; I will be back” Toby pecked his mum

“Okay, come again Bukky anytime you want, you are always welcome” Eve waved

“Thank you ma” Bukky waved as she left with her stuffs.

“Woah” Bukky remarked as she stepped into Toby’s compound, the house is really big

“I’ll show you around the next time ” Toby told her.

The Uber was waiting outside, “Well thank you for real” Bukky hugged Toby

“Why didn’t you ask what happened last night?” Toby asked

“Because you’ll tell me but right now I have to be alive to know that” Bukky smiled

“if your mother does not kill you as you said she would, how about a date. I’ll tell you what happened last night and you will tell me what my mum whispered to you inside” Toby proposed

“hmmmmmmm” Bukky pretended to think “I’ll have to survive my mum first before I consider that” Bukky replied

The Uber driver blasted the horn which meant he was running out of patience “Sorry” Bukky and Toby apologized.

“I have to go before…….” Bukky hugged Toby again

“Yeah, bye stay safe” Toby told Bukky as she entered the car, he told the driver to drive safely “call me if you survive” Toby waved goodbye and the car left.

“I cannot believe you left me stranded at the party for that girl” Shola came into Toby’s view

“What?” Toby asked

“Were you not the one who drove me to the party last night? Or do you have selective memory loss?” Shola snapped

“Shola, you didn’t tell me you wanted a ride back home last night. Don’t you, Dami and Debby usually sleepover at each other’s place after your birthday parties?” Toby asked and he was correct.

The trio always slept over at each other’s house after their parties either big or small, it’s tradition for them but after taking a couple of chapman at the party the previous night, Shola crashed on Debby’s bed.

Shola moved close to Toby and she whispered “Did you sleep with her?” Shola asked even though she didn’t want to know the answer

“Shola, it’s weekend and I don’t want any of your trouble. Please go” Toby told her as softly as he could

“Just tell me, did you?” Shola asked again

“You really………” but Shola interrupted him “I’ll leave, I promise. Just tell me the truth”

Toby sighed “Nothing happened, she was out cold. I put her in my room and I slept in my mother’s room”

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