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Chapter 13

Banky’s POV: “Have you thought about it?” Toby’s said over the phone. “Yes and I’m still thinking about” I answered and Toby groaned which made me laugh “tell you what, I’ll tell you when I done with what I’m doing right now” I answered before ending the call. I can’t take the smell of this place anymore, it’s funny some places in this world can be identified by the air; hospitals, kitchen, dumpster. I walked back to the room where my friend was lying still and unconscious with life support “get well soon Tito, it’s hurts me seeing you like this”

Bukky texted Florence in the Uber


Florence texted back after a few seconds

‘hey, I had a flat battery last night but this morning I woke up to messages from Toby asking about your address, something about you sleeping off in his car last night?’

‘yes, I did. He had to take home last night’ Bukky texted back immediately

‘oh did something happen?’ Florence asked

‘no I don’t think so’ Bukky answered

‘did you meet his mum?’ Florence asked almost immediately

‘yes, she was beautiful and very nice, which makes it difficult that her son might be a killer’ Bukky frowned as she sent her reply.

‘I told you that getting close to Toby was a bad idea, see you’re having mixed feelings’ Florence pointed out.

‘I know, how far about the police report? I’m tired of waiting!’ Bukky asked because her next step depended on it

‘these things take time but my source promised that we will get it by next week’ Florence explained

‘that’s if I survive till next week’

‘are you’re in trouble?’

‘I have to get home to be sure about that’

‘okay, good luck’

‘thanks’ Bukky texted back.

It turned out that Bumola didn’t notice Bukky wasn’t at home the previous night so Bukky didn’t have to worry about being shifted off to boarding school.


On Monday, Florence was rushing to the school assembly when she was stooped on the way by Michael, she raised her one of her eyebrow and Michael drew her to the nearest class, he closed the door when he was sure they were alone.

“Good morning Florence” Michael greeted her politely

“It doesn’t seem so” Florence answered while trying hard to keep her cool

“I’m sorry if my approach is bad but it is necessary” Michael confessed as he used his handkerchief to clean a chair “Sit” he commanded

“I’m okay” Florence would rather stand “What do you want?”

“I want to know why you’re looking for Banky’s police report” Michael told her in a low voice which only the two of them could hear as he sat on the chair Florence rejected

“What does that have to do with you? And how did you know?” Florence asked him

“How do I know?” Michael asked a little bit surprised “Florence, my father controls the ministry of justice and I don’t need to explain to you. And to answered your first question Florence what it has to with me is what it has to do with you. Why you’re doing this?” Michael asked as he stood up

Florence had to think fast “I’m writing an article about Banky, he’s birthday is coming up and I need all the fact about this death to make it more adequate” Florence lied smoothly.

Michael thought about it for a few minutes, Florence hoped he brought what she said because she didn’t have another lie under her sleeves.

“I haven’t heard about that” Michael told her

“Yes. And that’s because it’s a secret. I want to write the article before I submit it to the writhing club first. I just want everything to be perfect” Florence explained “Listen Michael, it’s a sensitive case and I just want to write everything down, every fact, every lie, every truth and that includes Banky’s police report” Florence pressed on.

“Can’t you work on something else?” Michael asked after a few seconds of silences

“I’m working on other thing, come on Michael, do you think they publish all the articles we write?” Florence laughed

“Oh, that’s true?” Michael reasoned. After a few minutes, Michael brought out a flash drive from his pocket “Here, this is what you asked for” he gave Florence the flash drive.

Florence collected the flash drive carefully, she studied it and she looked at Michael “Why are you giving me this” she asked but Michael shrugged and left.

Florence was surprised by what happened and that made Michael suspicious, then the door opened and Michael’s head popped out from outside “Are you coming? We are late for assembly” That put Florence out of her trance as she left the class to make it to the school assembly.


After the assembly, all students were going to their respective classes, Florence and Bukky were walking side by side and Florence told Bukky “The package has arrived let’s meet during break period”

“Okay” Bukky replied, she didn’t know what to expect but she hoped she get some answers.

Inside the classroom before first period, Shola tapped Dami and she stopped pressing her phone and she looked at her “What?” Dami asked

“Have you heard from Debby?” Shola asked

“No, I tried to call her yesterday, her number was switched off, I figured she might be tired from the party of something. The party was very wild” Dami joked

“Yeah” Shola agreed “but I’m worried, she’s not in class, if she doesn’t come to school today, we will have to go to her house” Shola said

“That won’t be necessary” Dami pointed at a Debby as she entered the class and she proceeded to her seat. Debby looked so pale like she had aged over the weekend, she had wrinkles under her eyes, she yawned as she sat down on her seat.

Shola looked at Dami but Dami just shrugged “let’s go” Shola told her. Shola, Debby and Dami had always sat down with each other but when Debby started dating Banky, she moved to the seat on the second row and the fourth column in the class which was in front of Banky’s seat which Bukky currently seat in.

“Hey Sugar, you look tired” Shola said as she and Dami got to Debby’s table but when they noticed the expression on her face Dami added “and angry”

“Which of you added drugs to the chapman at my party?” Debby asked quite pissed but Shola and Dami laughed

“What are you talking about?” Shola asked

“I’m not joking girls, thanks to one of you after the party some of the guest misbehaved when they got home, Ruth puked on her mum after she got home, Gladys almost drown in their pool and Isaac stripped naked in front of his ten-year-old sisters” Debby snapped but that made Shola and Dami laugh harder

“Wait who are Ruth, Gladys and Isaac” Dami asked in between laughing

“They attend my church. Will you stop laughing?” Debby was angry

“Okay” Shola suddenly became serious “I get it that your party became pretty wild on Friday and we can say it could be because of a drug or something, why are you accusing us” Shola asked

“Someone saw one of my friends put something in the drink, so it’s one of you” Debby yawned

“Why are you yawning?” Dami asked

“Why am I yawning? I had the most terrible weekend of my life, apart from those kids that misbehaved at their houses, my house was destroyed you didn’t notice that because you left very early after morning devotion. After those children’s parent called my parents, my dad made me clean the house, grounded me, seized my phone and my mum thinks I was possessed by an evil spirit so we have been having a marathon prayer since Saturday” Debby explained

“That’s why your phone is switched off” Shola said and Dami added “and why you look so tired” The girls knew how strict and prayerful Debby parents can be, which meant they can’t do anything about changing their minds sometimes they pity Debby for being a Pastor’s daughter.

“But we didn’t put anything into your drinks, it’s not us” Shola spoked softly, Mrs. Akin and the Principal entered and they instructed everyone to go back to their and pay attention to their announcement “We’re sorry” Shola added before she and Dami went to their seats.

“Good morning students” The Principal greeted

“Good morning ma” The students answered in union

“Welcome to the new term. I’m saying this because last week was the prelude. This week the term starts for real” The Principal addressed the students “Students of SS2 class, I am here this morning to announce the prefectship competition”

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