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Chapter 14

Michael’s POV: I took the poster from Debby and I read it out loud “Vote Joseph for head boy” “Yes, vote Joseph as head boy” Debby repeated after me “Okay” I told her. “Guys, next year will be our turn to contest for prefectship, Banky which post would you go for?” Toby asked Banky, all of our attention turned to Banky waiting for his answer.

The class was turned in to the Principal, everyone was excited. “As you know, the current prefect will be starting their final exams soon, and we need to replace them before this term runs out. So, let me explain how it will go, first you have till Friday to fill in the forms with Mrs. Akin, Mrs. Akin will explain everything about the form. Second, as you all know that all the presidential and governor candidates in Nigeria undergo an exam to be able to contest, you also will be tested so the results of midterm tests will be used for that. Thirdly there will be a debate where the student body will be coordinating, and lastly voting, we practice democracy here. So whoever has the becomes the winner and thus the prefect office. Any question?”

A few students raised their hand including Florence, the Principal picked Florence “Yes Miss Dikko?”

“Good morning, I will like to ask about how the midterm test will be used for the prefectship, because some of us are good at some subjects than the other, where as we are shared into science, art and commerce class. It doesn’t add up” Florence asked while standing

“Thank you, you may sit” Principal answered and Florence sat down “hmmn I understand where you’re coming from, trust me the midterms test will be graded in respect of the division you are, all you have to do is to get 50% of the score and of course more than that, any score less than will be disqualified” the Principal explained and most of the students were relieved. “Next question?” the Principal asked and a few students raised up their hands, this time the Principal picked a girl.

The girl stood up all confident “Ma, can new students contest?”

“Why not, as long as the person is a student of this school” the Principal smiled “okay, that’s all the question I can take, if you have any more question you can ask Mrs. Akin, that’s all ladies and gentlemen have a nice day”. The Principal left the class

All lot of hand are raised waiting for Mrs. Akin, pregnant Mrs. Akin took a deep breath before she talked “Okay, everyone I’ll answer all your questions I take your attendance” Mrs. Akin took the class attendance, answered all the necessary questions, the period before lunch breaks went smoothly and during break Bukky was nervous about what she might discover on the package.


Florence lead Bukky to the library where she gave her the flash drive

“What’s this” Bukky asked

“A flash drive containing the Banky’s police report” Florence answered

“But you didn’t say anything about having it till after the assembly and we talked this morning before the school breakfast” Bukky replied

“I know, that’s why it’s more suspicious” Florence answered

“What is suspicious?” Bukky frowned

“Michael, he gave me the flash this morning before the assembly” Florence answered

“How come he gave it to you?” Bukky asked

“His father is the minister of justice but how did he know about me wanting it? I think you can add him to your suspect list which you have one”

“He is already there” Bukky stated the obvious

“What? Am I on the list?” Florence asked

“No! the note said Toby and the guys so” Bukky shrugged “have you read the file” Bukky asked to change the subject

“No, I haven’t” Florence answered

“How do we know the information is real” Bukky asked

“I asked my source, he said it has a password that Michael can’t open or change any information on it. And I trust my source it’s legit” Florence explain

“Do you want to look at it with me or are you hungry so you can eat first” Bukky asked

“No, let’s do this first or are you hungry” Florence asked

“I’m fine, let’s see the report then”

Florence lead Bukky to a computer on the far end of the library where they opened the file on the flash drive. It was a pdf file, the logo of the Nigeria police department was on the first page, the case number, the date. The file entailed all the information about Banky’s death and investigation.

Banky was killed in an area which was known to be dangerous at night, he was still wearing his school uniform, his phone, wallets, his gold chain and his ring was reported stolen so the police suspected he was robbed but there was no sign of struggle.

The autopsy report was that he Banky died from being stabbed countless times, internal injuries, and excess bleeding. There were pictures in the file and many other information but what was shocking was there was no suspects and the investigation was concluded two days after Banky’s death.

“No suspects” Bukky told Florence after she removed the flash from the computer

“Even I think that’s strange, no suspect, a two-day investigation, that’s absurd” Florence frowned

“I’m not satisfied with his report” Bukky stated bluntly

“Me too” Florence agreed “It’s suspicious”

“Are you busy after school” Bukky asked

“No, why?” Florence replied

“I want to check out the place” Bukky answered

“It’s been over six months Bukky. I don’t think you will find anything” Florence told Bukky

“I know; I just want to try” Bukky sighed

“Okay” Florence squeezed Bukky’s hand “Now let’s get something to eat I’m hungry” Florence stated

“Yeah, let’s go”


The cafeteria was filled, which was because all of the students had resumed fully, Debby bowed her head on the table while Shola and Dami ate while talking about random thing then Shola asked Dami which post she’s going for

“The head girl na” Dami stated as though it was obvious

“What?” Shola scoffed “you, head girl?” Shola pointed at Dami

“What do you mean? Can’t I be the head girl?” Dami asked fired back

“You don’t have the look, the status and the brain for that position, I can’t believe you even think of yourself as the head girl, you wanna compete with me? Are you serious?” Shola rolled her eyes

“Shola….” Dami wanted to talk but Shola was quick to cut her off “So, you mean if I didn’t ask, you will go behind my back to fill in the form as the head girl prefect after all I have done for you, have you forgotten who the boss is here?” Shola asked angrily

“What have done that someone has never done Shola, every single time you always remind me that your father owns the school and my mum works under him, what is wrong with you?” Dami shouted at her

“I didn’t say that; you did. And I don’t care! all I know is that you had better not apply to be the head girl” Shola stood up and continued louder so all the Cafeteria could hear “I will be next head girl of this school!” and she left.

“Dami” Debby said softly “We both know Shola won’t let you or anyone contest for that position”

Dami scoffed “If I can’t, I know someone who will”

But Debby was too tired to comprehend what she said.


Michael was sitting in the class when Alex walked in “I called you twenty minutes ago” Michael snapped

“I’m busy” Alex answered as he sat down beside Michael

“We have a problem Alex” Michael whispered

“What?” Alex frowned as he moved closer to Michael so he can hear what he was saying

“Florence” Michael answered

“Florence? Who is Florence?” Alex asked still not getting it

“Florence is looking into Banky’s death” Michael whispered ignoring the question, Alex doesn’t care about anyone in the class unless he had done business with them. Alex sat straight, he looked up to the celling while rubbing his chin, after a few seconds of doing that he looked at Michael “Don’t worry I’ll take care of it” Alex stood up but Michael stopped him “No”

“Chill na, shebi it’s that Fulani fat girl that is Florence. Don’t worry I’ll take care of her” Alex assured Michael but Michael wasn’t having it

“What are you going to do, scare her? Make her suspicious of us? The last time you took care of something Banky died, so no you won’t take care of it. You will stay put and watch her closely” Michael hushed.

Michael walked to the door, he opened it and he turned to Alex “Our future depends on this Alex, you can’t fuck it up” and he left.

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