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Chapter 15

Tito’s POV: I gave Kels my phone at the cafeteria, he opened the camera to record a video. He followed me to where Mr. Jason was, “Hello Mr. Jason” I greeted him. He looked at me suspiciously “What do you want?” he asked. “I want to ask you a question sir” I told him “What is it?” He asked, I smiled and I asked “if I buy a fish for my cat, does is make it my cat’s fish (catfish?)” I ran away when Kels and the rest of the students shouted ‘don’t leave me don’t leave me!’ and I think Mr. Jason also took off after me.

“Hey” Toby greeted Bukky at the cafeteria as he sat down beside her


“Where’s Florence?” Toby asked

“She had to do some stuffs, something about her club” Bukky answered glancing at his well chiseled jaw.

“Okay, cool. I see you survived your mum” Toby joked

“Yeah, she didn’t notice I was gone. Thank God” Bukky smiled exposing her upper teeth only

“So, about our date?” Toby asked

“Yeah, how about this weekend?” Bukky replied

“why not today, tomorrow, next tomorrow or next? Are you afraid of what really happened that night that you’re postponing your judgement day?” Toby told her and Bukky laughed softly.

“As if, I have plans today I don’t know for the rest of the week. I suggested weekend because we won’t have to worry about homework and curfew, you know so we can spend all the time together but since you made it sound like this, how about I will let you know tomorrow” Bukky rapped on, with Toby smiling like a sheep all along.

“Okay, I’ll be awaiting your response ma’am” Toby smiled

“So are you applying for prefectship?” Toby queried.

“I don’t think so, considering what the Principal said this morning, I doubt the students will vote for me” Bukky said jokingly.

“Why? Because you’re new? Don’t think about it, all you need to do is campaign, don’t worry I will help you” Toby said offering a helping hand.

“Thanks but I’ll have to think about that too” Bukky replied smiling.

“You must be one hell of a thinker” Toby said and they both chuckled.

As Tito entered the cafeteria, all the students were shouting ‘don’t leave me’ some shook him, some patted him on his shoulder. Many of the junior were looking at him with admiration as he sat down beside Toby.

“Yo what’s up” Tito greeted them

“What’s up my ass, where is Kels?” Toby replied indignantly, Bukky waved at him distantly.

“I don’t know; he ran off immediately he gave me my phone. Did you know how much stress I went through before he agreed to help me with the “don’t leave me” challenge? He just doesn’t want to be in the spotlight” Tito explained.

“Really?” Bukky asked looking interested.

“Yeah, that’s how he is. He only listened to Banky” Toby stated

Tito raised up his head searching for someone within the crowd at the cafeteria

“Who are you looking for?” Toby asked, looking around too.

“Have you seen Debby?” Tito asked

“That her” After a few second of looking around, Bukky pointed at a girl who bent over at her table.

“Thanks” Tito stood up, he strolled to where Debby was.

“I’ll be back” Toby said as he stood up to catch up with Tito before he could get to Debby’s table

“Tito?” Tito turned to talk to Toby


“What are you doing after school?” Toby asked

“Nothing why?” Tito replied

“Let’s meet up, I’ll also ask Michael and Kels let’s catch up and we have to talk” Toby answered

“Okay, just text me the location and I’ll meet you guys there” Tito answered “can I go now?” Tito asked impatiently and Toby just raised his hands up

“I’m not stopping you” he answered and Tito took off hurriedly.

Tito sat down beside Debby carefully without waking her and then he tapped her gently on her “Hey” he talked softly

Debby raised her head, she looked her Tito, she smiled and answered “Hi”

“I have been calling you, but it didn’t go through” Tito said and Debby explained the nightmare she went through during the weekend which wasn’t even over yet.

“Ouch, that explained everything, you look beautiful today” Tito stated

“Come on, I only slept for like four hours I look like shit” Debby blushed

“No, you don’t” Tito answered honestly “can I ask you something?” he asked after a few minutes

“Yes, what is it?” Bukky yawned

“Will you go and a date with me?” Tito requested and Debby eyes went wide but Tito continued “you don’t have to answer now. I know it’s random and unexpected but I have had this on my mind for a long time but I don’t know how or when to tell you” Tito explained

“Tito, I really……” Debby was interrupted by Tito

“Don’t” Tito said “Just promise me you will think about it. Look on the bright side you don’t have to answer me till your parents unground you”

Tito tried to joke but they both knew it’s not funny.

The school bell rang, break was over! Every student made their way to their respective classes “let’s go” Tito stood up and he offered Debby his hand and she took it. As they walked, Tito was measuring their heights with his hand “What are you doing?” Bukky asked

“You’re a bit taller than me” he laughed and Debby joined him.


Bukky wore a green tee under her cardigan, she sported a dark coloured jean, her bag was crossed over her shoulders, it was already five in the evening, she was waiting outside the street where the murder happened according to the police report but as much as she wanted to go there and get it over with she had to wait for Florence.

After a few minutes, a figure that looked like Florence came out of a car, she was wearing a black rode with a white hijab. The more she got closer to Bukky, the more Bukky thought about how she looked like a Muslim.

“Sorry, my father was around by the time I got home. I had to pray” Florence explained as she hugged Bukky and Bukky replied as they let go of each other “Don’t bother, I haven’t been waiting long”

“Let’s go” Florence suggested

“Yes” Bukky answered heaving a sigh of relief.

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