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Chapter 18

Toby’s pov: Are you sure you want to do this? What if Banky or anyone finds out? We will be in big trouble” I tried to explain to her but Debby wasn’t hearing what I was saying, her hands were already pulling off my shorts, it was like her life depending on it. I should stop this, I have to think about Banky and Shola, we are not official but they don’t deserve this but all of my thoughts were cut off when she started to blow me

Tito walked up to Toby, he grabbed him by his collar but Toby didn’t struggle with him “What did you say?”

“Banky wanted to know if it’s true if she has been cheating on him, so I suggested I sleep with her and she did. It was too easy, she didn’t even bother that I was her boyfriend’s friend” Toby explained and next Tito punched Toby’s face and Toby stumbled on the floor.

Michael and Kels walked in, Kels grabbed Tito while Michael went to check on Toby “What’s going on” Michael asked “have you been drinking” Michael as he helped Toby back to his feet

“Just a bit” Toby answered Michael,

Tito struggled out of Kel’s arms, and he went for Toby again but Kels was sharp to hold him down again

“What had gotten into tonight?” Kels grunted “have you always been this strong?” it is a surprise that Tito cab fight against Kels strength

“Let go of me” Tito hissed

“Not until you are calm” Kels answered

“What have gotten into you tonight? I have never seen you like this?” Michael asked as he left Toby who was a bit thanks to Tito’s punch

“Let go of me” Tito stopped struggling “I won’t do anything”

“I don’t believe you” Kels answered

“Let him go, they clearly need to settle this issue even though I won’t recommend fist” Micheal replied, Kels sighed, he loosen his hold on Tito.

Tito walked away from all his friend in annoyance, he had to think fast even if what Toby said is true he wasn’t ready to let go of Debby and with his current condition he don’t have to play with his life. He had made up his mind!

Tito returned, walked up to Toby, grabbed him by his collar again but Toby wasn’t struggling against Tito, Kels went toTito “Come on man, what’s going on?” Kels asked. Michael just sat down looking bored, he knew since Tito wasn’t throwing a punch and Toby wasn’t struggling, it’s a done deal!

“Leave them Kels. You’re only stressing yourself” Michael advised Kels, Kels looked from Michael to the two boys, he finally got it and he left them alone.

“How many people knows about you, her and Banky?” Tito hissed

“Just us” Toby answered honestly

“It’s stays that way, if I hear you spreading rumors or anything……” Tito was talking but Toby cut him off “I was going to say anything and I won’t. I’m not proud of my actions too but why”

“Because nothing in the world can make me stop liking that girl and life is too short to stay unhappy” Tito arranged Toby’s shirt which still looked wrinkled upon his efforts “so we leave it at that, understood?”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you though” Toby shrugged.

Tito went for his water and drank a lot of it while Toby threw himself on one of chairs in the bar and it was over.

“What were you talking about?” Kels asked

“Boys stuff” Tito answered

“Which boy stuffs involved Toby getting drunk, we all know he get tippy easily and you punching him in the face?” Michael questioned

“I don’t want to talk about it” Tito answered

“Well we better take Toby home before he starts being acting weird, remember what happened the last time?” Kel stated which made Michael and Tito laughed

“I don’t act weird when I’m drunk” Toby snapped

“We know, now let’s go. We have school tomorrow” Kels guided Toby towards the exit “and beside don’t you want to ran for senior prefectship. It won’t be good if you’re late to school tomorrow”

“Wait for me” Tito told them

“How about the bill? Kels asked

“I took care of it” Toby answered

“I was hoping to hangout today, can’t we just put Toby in a car and have a nice time here?” Michael suggested

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that Michael, you’re my friend” Toby rolled his eye

“I didn’t tell you to drink alcohol” Michael fired back

“We can still hangout at Toby’s house, the ride back to his is enough to clear his head” Kels proposed

“As nice as that sounds, I have to go home now. I’ll see you guys in school tomorrow” Tito told them as they stepped outside “Goodnight guys” he waved at them as he approached his car while Michael, Kels and Toby waved at him as he car drove off.

“So, how do we do this?” Toby asked

“We all enter one car and the rest of the car follow” Michael answered

“Which car?” Kels asked

“Michael’s” Kels and Toby answered simultaneously because he’s cars is the biggest and his dad has a security team following him around so they will be driving behind them.


During break period in school the next day, Debby was trying hard to stay awake and concentrate on what Shola was talking about but all she could hear was Kels, Toby, date and stuffs and lastly when Shola asked “What do you think?”

Debby yawned “Yes, do for it” and she went back to sleep.


“What do you think?” Florence asked Bukky at their table

“It’s good” Bukky looked up from the form “I don’t think you will have any problem with the midterm test or the election, you’re very popular”

“I know, right” Toby butted into their conversation as he sat down “even if she wants to be head boy, I can’t win against her”

Florence glared at him but she was also feeling herself.

“What’s up Toby” Bukky smiled

“God” Toby answered and Bukky smiled

“Ha ha, genius” Florence answered sarcastically which made Bukky laughed “What are you doing here, don’t you have a friends or better things to do?” Florence asked very pretty irritated

“I can’t help it Flo, it’s like I have a magnet for Bukky” Toby answered

“Enya mtcheeewwwww” Florence hissed as she stood up to leave

“Where are you going?” Bukky asked

“I have to submit this, see you in class” Florence answered before leaving.

“She’s really out of it today, I wonder what’s going on?” Bukky murmured

“Is she on her period or what?” Toby asked

“Why do people ask that question?” Bukky signed “what happened to your face? Bukky asked

Toby grimaced

“Did you get into a fight?” Bukky asked clearly worried

“Oh this” Toby touched his lip that that bleed the previous day as a result of Tito’s punch “It’s nothing”

Bukky signed “Okay” Bukky not wanting to press further decided to change the subject “how about we meet tomorrow?”

“Works fine with me”


On Wednesday, at the school counselor’s office Bukky was siting opposite her, unlike last week she just asked for basic information about, she asked “Why aren’t you contesting for the prefectship?”

Bukky shifted uncomfortably in her seat, she thought about giving her a vague answer but she concluded that it wasn’t necessary “Because I don’t want to”

There was silence afterwards, the counselor was waiting for Bukky to continue so when she didn’t, the counselor asked another question.

“Is it because of your grades?” the counselor pressed on

“Maybe” Bukky shrugged “and besides the students here don’t know me so it will be difficult to win and I hate losing”

The counselor laughed softly “We all hate losing Bukky, If it’s about your grades, a little studying will solve that. I have seen your school breakfast and you’re catching up at a really fast rate and about being know, a little campaign will help. I heard you’re pretty close with Toby you know he’s contesting to be the head boy. You can help each other” Bukky didn’t say anything so the counselor continued after a few seconds of stillness “I learnt you kept your connection to Banky a secret, is there a particular reason for that?”

‘now it gets serious’ Bukky thought, then the bell rang which met Bukky has to go to her next class

“Saved by bell” the counselor laughed “I’ll look forward to see you next week. I have a feeling we’ll have an interesting chat”

“And I have a feeling I will hate every second of it” Bukky countered “I have to go, thank you for everything”

“You don’t have to be polite I know you were forced to be here” the counselor answered.

“Well it’s been a comforting chatting with you, bye”

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