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Chapter 19

Alex’s POV: That fateful day Mum introduced him to me. She told me he will be her husband and my new dad, he will take care of us, make sure I go to better school, buy me good stuffs and most importantly provide good food for me. All I could think of was ‘all this for free?’ imagine how I felt when I found out that my mother pays for my comfort by being her new husband’s punching bag almost every day.

The feeling is always nice, almost rewarding. The scared junior student was held against the cafeteria wall, Alex’s hands was held against his neck, his cloth and face would be really rumpled after Alex was through with him.

The boy was trembling; Alex doesn’t even remember his name. he just knows that the boy borrowed some cash from him and it’s way pass his pay time, normally he would let them off with a quick reminder and a terrifying pat on their shoulders or a heavy knock on the head, which ever way it was, but his boy was unlucky because Alex was in a really bad mood.

“Are you done?” Dami called out behind him, she has been watching Alex bullying the junior, Alex didn’t need to turn his head to know it was Dami’s voice so he just held the boy with more aggressiveness, and scare him more by saying

“Today is Wednesday, by Friday I better get my money, if not, bad things will happen, now disappear” Alex let go the boy’s shirt and the boy ran away still shaking in fear.

Alex turned to Dami before he went his way but Dami cut up with him

“Seriously bad things are going to happen?” Dami joked

“You caught me off guard, I wasn’t even ready to let him go yet” Alex voiced clearly annoyed

“Who’s he?” Dami asked

“I don’t remember, all I know is that he borrowed some cash and he hasn’t paid, who do rich kids borrow money? I mean don’t their parents give them enough?” Alex asked

“I wish I know” Dami shrugged “Are you okay? The way you handled that boy wasn’t really you” Dami asked

“It’s nothing” Alex sighed “it's always nothing”

“Your step dad?” Dami asked. Dami was the only friend Alex had, she was the only person that knows about Alex’s family, knowing Alex won’t share She decided to change the subject

“Aren’t you applying for prefectship? The registration ends on Friday”

“I have told you about a million times already. No” Alex answered then, he saw Florence “by the way, how well do you know her?” he pointed at Florence.

“Who?” Dami asked as she followed his hand's direction to Florence. Florence was talking to a senior “the prefect or the fat one?”

“Who cares about prefect? The fat one, what’s her name again?” Alex frowned

“Florence, what’s up with her? Is she one of your borrowers?” Dami asked with curiosity

“As if I will ever do business with her” Alex scoffed “how well do you know her? Do you think she will be a problem”?

“I don’t know what you’re taking about but Florence, she’s harmless, she’s a bit fat as you can see but she’s smart. And if you think she will mess with you I don’t think she has the mind to do it” Dami told him her honest opinion about Florence, she doesn’t know the girl much but she knew Florence to always know her place “why are you asking?”

“Nothing, just wanna know” Alex shrugged, he didn’t want to tell Dami the reason is related to Banky. Not trying to bring up an unconfirmed rumour.

“Why were you at the hall way earlier, were you looking for me?”

“Yeah, you’ve got a job? I’m broke” Dami answered and Alex smiled, he was going to tease her about her inconsistency. She disappears on every job she got, but he just said “Let’s find a quiet place to talk”


The school day was over, the students were going to their respective cars, Kels was standing at the school gate, Shola was in the back seat of her prado jeep and her driver was driving out of the school when she saw him. She figured she had better try to talk to him so she told her driver to stop the car beside Kels and she rolled down her window “Do you need a ride?”

Kels looked behind him to check if Shola was referring to someone else, there was no one, he looked besides him and there was nobody, he frowned and pointed at himself

“Yes, you Kels do you need a ride?” Shola asked again thinking it was a terrible idea

“Nah” Kels answered “I um my grand ma is picking me up”

“Okay, what are you doing later today” Shola blurted out without thinking.

“What?” Kels asked because he was confused as hell, he didn’t even understand what was going on

“Hum I asked what you’re doing later today Kelechi” Shola asked again, she might as well try

She must be serious for using his full name, the only person who does is his Nene (grand ma) so he answered “Bible study, it’s Wednesday. Why are you asking?”

“Don’t you attend Debby’s church?” Shola asked purposely avoiding the question Kels asked

“Yes” Kels answered, he looked down to his phone to check the time, Nene was taking longer than he expected

“Okay, see you at church. bye” Shola smiled nervously “Driver let’s go” she commanded as she rolled up her window.

Kels frowned as he watched the car go and all he could think was what the hell just happened?


Bukky already asked for Bumola’s permission to go out on Wednesday, Bumola didn’t say anything when she told her she will back before eight.

Bukky arrived at Toby’s house a few minutes to six that evening, Toby was waiting for her at the gate, Bukky smiled.

“Hi” Bukky hugged him

“Hello” Toby replied with an accent when they left each other’s embrace

“Have you being waiting long?” Bukky asked

“Yes” Toby answered honesty as he gestured to the compound “shall we?” he asked

“You know you’re the first person I’ll have a first date with in his house” Bukky teased as she walked right behind him

“The last time you were here I promised you a tour, but don’t worry we will get to the date part” Toby told her.

When that got to the front door, he led her inside the house, “Wow!” Bukky said out loud.

“I know right?” a wide grin spread across Toby’s face, he is so proud of Eve “so, are you ready?”

Toby offered his hand and Bukky put her hand on his “Yes”

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