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Chapter 2

Bukky’s POV: You know what a treasure hunt is? It’s a journey with hints, sometimes tricky ones, until you get to your destination which supposedly has a lot of treasure or a lot of trouble.

Bumola called Bukky into the Principal’s office, the new principal is a woman who looks like she’s in her early 40s with a face which seems like she hasn’t smiled in decades. Bukky stood awkwardly while the new Principal scanned her from head to toe, then there was a knock on the office door, the knocker came in.

The new person was a Pregnant woman within her second trimester by the looks of it, very nervous, she greeted Bumola and the Principal in a shaky voice. Bumola nodded at her direction, when the Principal replied, her voice came out warm and soft. “Good morning, Mrs. Akin huh as I have informed you, a new student will be joining us today….” She pointed at Bukky and continued “and that’s her, she is the sister to the student we lost last year, and I trust that she will be well taken care of”

“If she is his sister, how come they are in the same class?” Mrs. Akin asked after gaining her little confidence. The Principal was about to answer but Bumola answered first “Bukky is an extraordinary student, she is so good that she spiked a class in primary school so she cut up with her brother, that’s why”

“Mrs. Akin it’s almost time for first period, I suggest you orient her about the school and other things she might need to know and Miss Bukky, please come to my office during the break period, I still have to talk to you personally” The Principal declared.

Bukky and Mrs. Akin simultaneously said “okay.” It felt like they were dismissed so Mrs. Akin turned to Bukky signaled to her to follow her and they left the office together.

Mrs. Akin lead Bukky out of the Principal’s office to the school. She was briefing Bukky about the rules “don’t come late to school, don’t use cell phones in school………” but Bukky wasn’t listening to her because she kept thinking about the note that she found in her brother’s bag, many questions were running through her mind ‘Who wrote the note? Why is that note found in his bag? Who is Toby and the guys? Why was the word ‘dead’ written, in capital letters at the matter? What’s going on?’ Bukky was so engrossed in her thoughts she didn’t notice they are in front of a classroom.

Mrs. Akin tapped her and asked her “ok, are you ready?” but she was asking herself not Bukky she took three deep breaths and she opened the door.

The classroom was moderate, with white marker board, a board for projector and separate chair and table at the front of class placed for the teacher. The chairs and tables were arranged in rows and columns, the students were so busy chitchatting with themselves that they didn’t notice Mrs. Akin and Bukky had entered the class.

Mrs. Akin walked to the table in front of the class, she cleared her throat, but the student didn’t still notice her, she had to hit the table two times to get all their attentions. When the students saw her, they quickly arranged each other, everyone went to their seats and the class was quiet.

“Good morning Students” Mrs. Akin said

“Good morning ma” the student chorused

“Happy new year, hope you had a wonderful holiday?? hmmm we have a new student, I will let her introduce herself” Mrs. Akin said while smiling sweetly to Bukky.

Bukky knew that it’s her turn to do the talking so she talked “Hi, hmmn good morning, my name is Bukola Adebayo but you can call me Bukky hmmn I just transferred from a boarding school and I hope to learn well while making friends, thank you”

“Well, that’s that. You can sit on that empty seat around the corner” Mrs. Akin instructed. The seat of on the third role and the fourth column according to the arraignment of the class, as Bukky was going to the seat appointed to her “and Florence?” A light-skinned girl with curly hair, pointed nose, thin lips, she weighs about 65kg stood up and answered “yes”

Mrs. Akin continued “you will show Bukky around school, orient her about the school rules and regulations, make sure she feels welcome, I would have done that but with my situation it’s a bit delicate”

Florence agreed, Mrs. Akin thanked her for her usual cooperation and she advanced to take the class attendance, as she was doing that a student came in, he was fair in complexion, was wearing his school uniform, bag and sun glasses but he looked like he was coming for a model shoot, his shirt is not tucked in, he was very tall but skinny and pale, he still looked very handsome

“The pleasure is all mine ma, happy new year” Tito replied as he removed his glasses. His golden brown eyes contrasted exceptionally with his light tone face, he blinked one eye at her, he waved to her and he walked to his seat which is right besides Bukky

“Just don’t come late tomorrow” Mrs. Akin warned him and she proceeded to take the attendance.

Bukky noticed that her knight that saved her from falling earlier was in the class, he was sitting on fourth row and the second column but a girl sitting on the third row and the second column was trying so hard to catch his attention, as if he knew Bukky was looking at him, he turned his face to her direction, smile warmly and he waved at her, Bukky waved back which gained her murdering looks from the girl in front of him.

Bukky quickly averted her face from them and she noticed Tito has been looking at her all this while with a sorry face, like he’s about to cry “may I help you?” she asked him

“You looked just like him, you have his eyes, you’re BANKY’s sister” Tito said looking sober

“Who is BANKY? I don’t understand” Bukky replied looking confused

“Banky, Bankole Adebayo’s nickname. Your brother” Tito answered

Then Mrs. Akin called out a name, not just any name, the name that has been on Bukky mind since she read that note “Van akin Toby!”

“Present!” Bukky turned to the voice and it was her knight.

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